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Leland is a young resident of the Kingdom of Volhur who has recently entered into the specialist Night Hunters of the Volhur Military to hunt for those responsible for the death of his sister, Sile ('ʃiː.lə). Despite keeping in touch with his sister's spirit, the hydrohog feels it necessary to bring her killers to justice by any means necessary.


Leland's status as a hydrohog—a subspecies of hedgehogs with innate water affinity—gives him a number of useful but easily unnoticeable traits, including blue fur, dark blue eyes with good low-light vision and natural tolerance to salt water, and faint hints of the translucent eye covers and breathing veins on his neck that many of his subspecies have. Although Leland is not muscular or powerful-looking, it is clear to anyone who looks closely that he is in good physical shape. Likely the most obvious bit of Leland's appearance would be the bright red quill markings; despite their bright color in comparison to the rest of his look, Leland argues that these markings are part of his lineage, and that he would feel bad about hiding them.

While it was said that Leland was fashionable and "trendy" before the loss of his sister, his family members have noticed that, these days, he rarely dresses in a manner other than his Night Hunter uniform. This uniform consists of a suit of tight pants and tunic in mottled blacks and greys, with additional forearm guards and black boots, topped off with a similarly patterned quiver and black torso armor. This garb is designed to assist with camouflage and disguise in shadows or at night time, the prime action times for the Night Hunters.


As a child and early adolescent, Leland outwardly exhibited a fairly cheerful and lazy personality. Internally, he always wanted to achieve something big, but could never motivate himself enough to do so, thinking that he'd eventually get the motivation to snap out of his carefree lifestyle. Sile's death was a sobering snap back to reality for Leland, transforming him into the person who he'd always wanted to be: a hardworking and serious person who could and would strive to make a difference in the world. However, this came with the consequence that Leland could no longer control what he wanted to do, as he was now completely dedicated to tracking down his sister's killers and bringing them to justice. As a result, any particular hopes and dreams that Leland had were lost, as well as any decency that one could expect him to hold towards anyone who would interfere with his primary goal.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Hydrohog Genetics

Leland has inherited the physical attributes of a hydrohog, a water-aligned hedgehog subspecies that is fully capable of living underwater as well as on land. As part of being fully amphibious, there are faint patches under the fur on his neck that function similarly to gills (allowing the young hedgehog to breathe underwater), while his eyes have great low-light vision. This is topped off with an innate and natural relationship with the element of water, giving Leland skill in dealing with the element even if he didn't want it.

Night Hunter Skills

All Night Hunters are highly skilled archers, with many wielding the uncommon Briser Bow as their primary weapon. While he wields his weapon with fairly good accuracy, it is notable that Leland has only recently been assigned this bow; as such, his draw weight is occasionally off to activate the natural effects of the bow. Notably, while designed to be disposable, his arrows are all marked with seabird feathers, a remnant of his former fletching hobby.

Just as the Night Hunters learn archery to take down enemies stealthily and wear a uniform to help with the same, all of the Night Hunters are trained in stealth, with a knowledge of when to move and when to lie still, when to strike and when to wait. As an ambitious member of the Night Hunters, Leland possesses these traits to the best of his ability.


While it is not a common trait of a being with natural elemental alignment to show a second element, it is certainly not unheard of. Leland is one such example, possessing a controllable elemental power in the form of electricity (beyond his natural affinity to water). While risky to employ—especially around water—this power offers a certain amount of power that Leland's bow skills don't afford him. As such, some of his training as a Night Hunter has revolved around the use of these powers; especially in conjunction with the standard weapon of his unit.


As a minor strength, Leland is able to speak with spirits of the deceased, should they be accessible on the same plane of existence that he is able to contact. However, this is a time-consuming process for contacting anyone besides Sile, and Leland is completely unable to do this without the aid of a Soulglass, an hourglass-shaped device used for this purpose. His dependence on this device serves as a weakness, as its loss would cause Leland to track down the person to took it from him to take it back, blinding him to any obstructions in his path; as such, this becomes a good weapon against him, a fact that the hydrohog fails to realize.

Major Weaknesses

Being a being closely tied to water, Leland is mildly paranoid around other electrokinetics, despite the fact that his training allows him to nullify some of their strengths against him. In addition to this, his elemental powers actually lack the ability to truly threaten beings tied to the element of Nature. Finally, switching between his elements and his bow is not a skill he has fully mastered, with his transition lagging a little on occasion, while he has not shown the ability to manifest elemental arrows or imbue his own projectiles with his elemental strength.


Born in the Kingdom of Volhur into the Arganth Family—a semi-affluent, well-known trading family—Leland had a lot of opportunities in the world. So many, in fact, that he could hardly choose, yet he knew that he'd find one that worked. As a result, Leland found nothing. The closest he'd come was fletching, a craft that he'd taken up as a hobby that he thought surely wouldn't be his livelihood, but was interesting for him, as he was a bit of a bird expert himself.

That all changed when Sile quietly disappeared, leading Leland to halfheartedly start training to get himself into shape to look for her. He didn't get far before a mysterious trader gave him an hourglass that would let him communicate with a spirit, particularly the one that it was keyed to; in this case, his sister, who informed him of the violent means of her own death. Realizing his Sile's fate, Leland launched himself into the Volhur Military to avenge her, a project that he's still working on despite his sister's pleas to keep himself safe and be useful to the world as he would have been. Leland doesn't care any more.


This character's sixstat code is 152443

  • Health: 1 – Leland has a lot of fragile parts. His armor helps some, but not much, making him very susceptible to damage.
  • Damage: 5 – Leland's archery skills allow him to do quite impressive amounts of damage, should he hit accurately. If that fails, his electrokinesis can deliver a good chunk of pain.
  • Speed: 2 – Leland can move at average speeds, but his training for stealth means that he'll usually move slowly, making his movements clumsy if he is surprised.
  • Reflexes: 4 – While Leland's reflexes would be average by default, he's made a point of honing them to assist the Night Hunters, making his reflexes above-average.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Leland is quite tactical, but his weaknesses make it possible to sway him to the detriment of some of his finer strategic qualities.
  • Regen: 3 – Leland has average regenerative skills, letting him heal back from damage at normal speeds or recover from surprise attacks at a normal rate.

Fun Facts

  • Leland's article bypassed Mireya's record as my fastest article written, with Leland's article having been written in one-and-a-third hours.
  • I posted this article on the same day as I created a Demon Hunter in Diablo III, causing me to notice how very similar Leland is to a Diablo III Demon Hunter (a connection that was completely unintentional when this article was written, as I was then unfamiliar with Diablo III lore).
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