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Lejilius Nemeliz Eligende Hymmnos Platina (Rejiriusu Nemerizu Erigende Hyumunosu Puratina) is a member of the Hymmnos Clan. He is an Alpha Ciela Dragon Hymmnosen who hails from Platina in Sol Ciel, and is the latter's representative and High Councillor.



Lejilius is a calm, cold yet mysterious individual who is usually strict and withdrawn from the rest of nobility. He exhibits signs of obvious arrogance and ego, which adds to his cold exterior.

In spite of his arrogance, he has shown some good factors in his behaviour, being good with children and exhibiting a strange unexpected soft side of himself to several individuals. It is later revealed by his Animardian in his Animasphere that Lejilius is a Kiredere, which means "Snapping-Lovey Type".

Lejilius has a temper, and can be usually easy to set off at times. He always has a harsh behaviour towards subjects, which causes many to perceive him as cold-hearted and emotionless. However, the truth is far from that. In reality, Lejilius dislikes showing signs of vulnerability and weakness, using his cold nature to veil this truth from others. This can be understood from seeing the type of childhood Lejilius experienced, and the experience he gained from meeting specific individuals in the past.

When in battle, Lejilius' behaviour becomes more darker and harsh, becoming sadistic and gleeful in seeing the pain of his enemies on the battlefield. His behaviour in battle is noted to be frighteningly similar to that of a killing machine.

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