Leiko Satsuma (jap: Satsuma Leiko) is a crimelord and mother of Miho Satsuma, also known as Agent Shinu.


She is the spitting image of her daughter, although older. She has dark blue hair that has started to graying as well dark brown eyes. Her costume is that of a grey business suit with a red shirt. She also wears black shoes. Her right pinky finger has been cut off in the past and got replaced with a finger prosthetic.


Leiko is ruthless, calculating and cold when it comes to her criminal acts, rarely showing any mercy. The only things she ever cares about is money, her daughter Miho and her late husband.


It is known Leiko was born in Nagoya in Japan and at some point in the past she joined the Yakuza mob, doing many criminal deeds but at some point she was punished by having her pinky finger cut off when she failed a mission. Since then she has worn a finger prosthetic.

Years later, Leiko became the Yakuza mob's leader and met a male chipmunk and they eventually got married and got their daughter Miho Satsuma. They would raise her by teaching her many survival skills and many ways in combat like in Ninjutsu. While Miho was at school one day, Leiko's husband was killed by a rival mob causing Leiko to fall into depression, leaving her widowed to raise Miho on her own. By the time Miho was in her early teens, Leiko allowed her daughter to join her Yakuza mob until Miho was about 15, she left the mob.

Sometime later, Miho was hired by a rival mob of Leiko's and was hired to assassinate her. Unfortunately, Miho couldn't kill her own mother and instead rejoined her mob, killing the rival mob together.

One day when Miho took Japan's prime minister as a hostage and eventually brought down by G.U.N, Leiko was disappointed at hearing her daughter failing her. A year later after Miho's arrest, Leiko left Japan for good and started her criminal career in Station Square. At the same time Miho escaped and found out she left. Little Leiko knew Miho would join Eggman to become Agent Shinu.

Abilities and Skills.

She is very skilled in many ways of combat, that includes ninjutsu, karate and kendo. She is a good user at weapons and knows well how to use a sword or guns.

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