Leifur the Ermine
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Leifur the Ermine (pronounced "lie-FYUR") is a member of the Artika Egg Army, and serves under Artika Sub-Boss Ivory the Leopard of the Subzero Glacier Egg Base.

Physical Description

A slim albino ermine who stands a fair bit over three feet tall, Leifur has a short muzzle with a triangular pink nose, somewhat small, rounded ears that are Cyberized, and a slim, medium-length tail.

His fur is almost completely white in color, save for his ears, the marks around his eyes, and the tip of his tail, which are banana mania in color. He has no hair on his head, instead having a tuft of longer fur, and his eyes are candy pink in color.

Leifur wears the standard Artika Egg Soldier fatigues, which consists of a bright navy blue parka that has white stripes down the arms and faux-fur trim in the hood, sleeve cuffs, and hem, as well as white gloves, black pants, and charcoal-colored boots that also have faux-fur trim cuffs. He also wears a pair of specialized goggles designed to protect his sensitive eyes from light.



Base Stats
Other Stats
EyesightGreat - w/ goggles
Average - w/out goggles

Reasonably strong in a physical sense, Leifur primarily relies on a hit-and-run style for combat, using his high agility to strike fast and hard, and to avoid counter-attacks. He wields a Chromatic Pulse Rifle equipped with a yellow Chaos Drive as his weapon of choice, and is a highly accurate shot with it.

The goggles he typically wears not only protect his sensitive eyes from light, they're also equipped with a specialized function that lets him zoom in on his surroundings; this not only improve his accuracy further, but also allows him to scan and scout his environment in great detail.

Being an ermine, Leifur has highly refined senses of hearing and smell, and is also equipped with sharp teeth and powerful jaws, allowing him to deliver painful bites. His Cyberized spinal column is incredibly flexible, and this gives him formidable reflexes when it comes to dodging; he is also an adept climber.

Extreme Gear: <unnamed>

The Extreme Gear that Leifur predominantly uses to get around in snow-heavy regions.

Genetic Ability: Limber

This Genetic Ability manifests in the form of an unusual muscle structure that does not lock up when hit by an Electric-aligned attack; while Leifur will still take damage from the attack, this makes him practically immune to the common secondary effect of paralysis. However, it does not protect him from any paralysis induced by severed nerves or a severed spinal cord.


Leifur has no specific resistances to any Elements or energy-types, although his thick, insulating fur give him some resistance to weak Ice-aligned attacks and cold weather in general. He is quite fast, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks.


Leifur has no specific weaknesses to any Elements or energy-types, although his thick fur makes Fire-aligned attacks more dangerous to him, due to the risk of heat exhaustion. His defenses aren't anything special, therefore he mostly relies on his agility (and high level of flexibility) to try and evade potentially devastating attacks. As Leifur is an albino, his eyes are especially sensitive to light, hence why he almost always wears his goggles; without them, he's easy to blind.

Friends and Foes







Intelligent and highly observational, Leifur always seems to be scanning his environment. He seems to have an innate desire to learn everything he can about the world around him, and has no problem asking questions and debating with others purely for the sake of learning more. He prefers to keep an unbiased stance on things, as he believes it's better to learn from both sides, instead of sticking to only one.

Leifur has a habit of being blunt, often speaking his mind regardless of how it might affect others around him; this tends to make him come off as tactless, as he'll say things that could potentially be offensive or hurtful without even considering the consequences of it beforehand. However, he generally tries to not do this around his friends... key word being 'tries'.

Positive Traits

  • Intelligent

Neutral Traits

  • Blunt

Negative Traits

  • Tactless



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