Lance Commander Lei Hedgehog is a Powered Armor Trooper in the Guardian Unit of Nations. Rumored to be one of the most skilled users of Powered Armors, he is also a renowned swordsman with the large claymore he carries in a special sheath in the back of his armor. He specializes in close-quarters battles, both in his battle armor and out of it.

Lei the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
AliasLance Commander Lei Hedgehog
Romantic InterestsErina Summers (girlfriend)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Orange
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Birthday: July 29th
  • Casual Clothes
  • Black T-shirt, with 7th Division Emblem
  • Dark blue jeans
  • White skate shoes
  • Blue fingerless combat gloves
  • Black-tinted Aviator Sunglasses
  • Armor
  • Style: Gold-type Battle Armor
  • Color: Black w/ gold trim
  • Emblems: 7th Division Emblem on upper arm plates & breastplate
  • Rank Markers: Lance Commander rank marks on upper arm plates
  • Customizations - 360 Degree Vision w/ HUD (helmet), Claymore sheath (backplate), Darkness Projectors (gloves), Jet Thruster Assemblies (backplate, grieves)
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations G.U.N, 7th Army Division (Powered Armor Trooper, Lance Commander)
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Skilled w/ Assault Rifle
  • Talented w/ Claymore
  • Skilled w/ Umbrakinesis
  • Heightened Strength (in armor)
  • Heightened Speed (in armor)
  • Flight (in armor)
  • Heightened Accuracy (in armor)
  • Heightened Durability (in armor)
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Lei is a powerfully built hedgehog with orange fur and a brown buzz-cut. He has moderate length quills, tanned skin and blue eyes. His musculature is biased into his upper torso, his arms and his legs, which is done to improve his strength and speed outside of the armor.


While off-duty, Lei normally wears a black t-shirt with the 7th Division Emblem embroidered onto it, and dark blue jeans. He also wears white skate shoes, blue fingerless combat gloves and a pair of black-tinted Aviator sunglasses to protect his eyes due to their increased sensitivity (due to the mental focus enhancing microchip embedded in his brain)


Lei's armor is a well-maintained set of Hammerforge Industries-produced Gold-type Battle Armor. Unlike the typical GUN-made gear, which more resembles Spartan armor from Halo, the Hammerforge-made Gold Type Mk. II has a more form-fitting helmet, with small rounded nodes dotted all around the helmet to allow for sensory enhancements to be fitted to the helmet, without leaving these enhancements open to damage. The armor is light but strong, with different possible upgrades available for higher-ranked officers. Typically, the armor is known as Steel-type, due to it's overall gray appearance, or it's matte gray lining on painted armor. However, Lei's Gold Type was painted black with metal flake to give it a more metallic look, and also has gold lining provided by Hammerforge - it's a proper Gold-type. Lei has had it modified with 360 degree visual sensors with Heads-Up Display, which is why he had the mental focus chip implanted to process the information of a 360 degree vision range with HUD, as well as a modified backplate with sheath for his claymore while not in use and a jet thruster set, fitted to the backplate and greaves, in order to fly in the armor. He also retained the Hammerforge standard voice-command module, instead of the more complex blink code or finger trigger command systems.


Early Life

Lei grew up as the son of wealthy farmers in Spagonia, who was content with school, younger siblings, and being one of the most talented Umbrakinetics in the city they lived near, a regular prodigy. He was also gifted with natural talent with swords, especially the claymore made especially for him, forged with iron mixed with moondust to give it greater conductivity to darkness. His life was more than just cool, it was perfect. Then came the "incident". A gang of crazed Mobians, lead by a single hedgehog, burst in, demanding money and jewelery from his parents. When his father tried to protest, he was killed by a villain with a spear, fashioned from a giant spider's leg. His mother tried to surrender, but the leader killed her in front of her son with a sword, before ordering his men to kill all of the children as they ransacked the home for loot. Lei snapped, grabbing his claymore and attacking, dueling the thug. Suddenly, a group of four GUN troopers appeared, all in powered armor. They fought their way to the struggling teen and protected him until the bandits were all killed. The very second the fight was over, Lei passed out, the last thing in his vision a pair of gray thruster-enhanced greaves. When Lei awoke, he was in the GUN Field Hospital in the capital of Spagonia, with nurses and doctors swarming over him, checking on his drip and his vital signs. He started to panic, but another hedgehog, this one wearing GUN officer gear, quickly calmed the boy. Introducing himself as Lance Commander Reflex Stutrai, of the G.U.N First Army Division Upon asking Lei's age, and finding the boy to be sixteen, the Lance Commander recommended that Lei join a training academy.

Training with GUN

Lei spent almost two months in the hospital, recovering from the wide variety of wounds he had picked up from the fight. As soon as he was healthy enough, though, he was sent to the Northern Tundra Training Base, where he was trained to pilot a Powered Armor suit and learning the different vocal commands required for the inbuilt radio, HUD and other helmet-based enhancers, as well as getting used to the weapons and the physical enhancements the armor provided. Lei was provided with a specialized backplate to store his claymore in while in armor, to allow him to use the massive blade while in the armor. He breezed through the two year training process, with his heavy blade and darkness skills, not to mention his new-found abilities with the standard assault rifle of a powered trooper, and upon exiting the training was the highest rank possible for a new soldier - a Lieutenant. The majority of his military experience for a while was fighting small cells of Black Arms, or even attacking Eggman's troops, but nothing had prepared him for the enemy that came next.

The Trolls

Lei, promoted to Major and placed into the Seventh Army Division, was sent with his team out to fight off a wave of Trolls off GUN territory. Most of the members of the 7th Division, the group known for the use of heavy assault weapons, were confident that they would get through fine. However, they weren't counting on the environment playing against them - the Trolls managed to create a powerful sandstorm which hit the GUN troops with sand, wind and heat, and as such were able to break into the and cause tonnes of damage, managing to kill Lei's commanding officer, a Lance Commander. Lei, however, simply drew that claymore and attacked, manipulating the shadows of each grain of dust to clear the air enough for his men to see, and then managed to disable the sandstorm projectors, allowing the rest of the Division to easily beat the rest of the Trolls. For his actions, Lei was promoted to Lance Commander. With his new command of Claymore Squad, Lei has sworn to serve GUN with all he had.


Lei is a sword-wielding prodigy. His skill with the claymore is to a point now where it is known throughout swordsman circles around Mobius. Part of that innate skill allows him to move the massive sword in graceful arcs and light patterns, even though the sword weighs more than twenty kilograms. He is also a talented umbrakinetic, with his sword's moondust-fused steel blade capable of channeling the darkness through it. He is also capable of using those dark powers through his body and his armor, and does so when required to. His armor grants him super strength, super speed and the ability of flight, as well as 360 degree vision, heightened durability and accuracy. In his armor, he carries a modified Hammerforge assault rifle, which he uses with the helmet HUD for some ranged firepower without using his Dark powers. However, the armor has a few setbacks for it's advantages. For example, while most elemental and physical attacks can't break through the specialized armor alloy, Electrical attacks and the advanced element of Magnetism in particular can easily stun, disable or even break through the armor. Outside of his armor, he is doubly weak to light abilities because his eyes can be overloaded with light due to that chip, which can trigger migraines and even temporary blindness. He also has a demon sealed within his body, Lettresh, who acts as his darker self. Lettresh constantly tries to escape, and techniques like Nasty Plot and Dark Rage both give the Demon openings to break free from Lei's body, and rejoin his leader.

Darkness Abilities

Elementless Abilities

??? Abilities

Friends & Enemies


  • Reflex Stutrai - Reflex Stutrai is his mentor and tutor of Powered Armor Combat, a legend now in command of the 1st Army Division.


  • 63rd Battle Group -
  • Bridgette the Magmar - His superior officer and the woman in charge of the 73rd Battle Group, Bridgette has always shown respect to the powered trooper and his three squads.
  • Claymore Lance - His team of powered armored soldiers, a lot of which were hand-picked by him to form a strong mixed-range unit. This is made up of three squads - Claymore, Nova and Phantom squads




  • The Trolls -
  • Lettresh - A demon sealed within Lei, who can allow Lei to tap into his substantial power


Lei has a calm and collected personality, which remains rather tempered. However, sometimes it gets out of control. Lei is not normally easy to annoy or aggravate, but thugs like those that killed his family send him into an out-of-control rage, where he uses his sword like crazy. However, he has a darker side in the form of Lettresh, a demon sealed within Lei through unknown methods. When Lei uses certain techniques, to unite himself with Lettresh, the demon can take some kind of control, although one where his mind has to work alongside Lei's. Due to this dual-mind condition, Lei is somewhat similar to Dismal the Hedgehog and his alter-ego, the soul trapped within Dismal known only as Demental. Unlike Dismal/Demental, however, Lettresh is more focused on escape than torturing his host, because he knows that if Lei dies, he does too.

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