Lei is the perfect Ventus created by Susano Yuki.
Ventus (takes the form of cat)



Lei was birthed from percipitation and wind as the first complete Ventus. Her creation was aided with the energy from a Malefic Gem Susano owned. Once she came to, she was given her first clothes. After she is killed by Loki and Mitos the first time, her essence merged with the air around her, and she was rebirthed in tight fitting clothes. After this, she is given her second guise and it sent to capture the second Malefic Gem.

Quest for the Gems

Lei finds Mitos in a forest, and she sensed his Malefic Gem. She instantly attacked him, though he protected it. As she did, she was hit from behind by Loki Reed, and is eventually "killed" by them both. Because her life energy still reamained, and Susano was still living, she created a new body out of the air and water in the air.

After this, she goes to a large museum towns away. Lei breaks the glass of a case containing the Corruption Map, a map showing the location of each gem. Police attempted to apprehend her, but to no avail. They passed through her, and she utilized the air to knock them out and eventually kill them.

She crosses pathes with Mitos and Loki again in a labyrinth. She was picking up the gem as they entered the sacred room. Her orders were to take the gem straight back to Susano, so she blows out the lamp protecting them, and summoned the master of the maze, the Tooth Fairy. She then turns into air, and recreates herself just outsie of the entrance, and leaves for Mt. Pi.

After this, she finds a haunted manor where the Corruption Map tells her a gem is located. After searching the house and avoiding three evil relics, she finds the gem in the cellar in the back lot. She takes the gem back to Mt. Pi, and gives it to Susano.

Powers and Abilities

  • Slight invulnrability - Being a Ventus, she bleeds air instead of blood. She heals via the air and percipitation, meaning she can regain strength just by breathing. However, if her body is put through to much, she will implode and will die.
  • Aerokinesis - Since she is the perfected Ventus, she can utilize the air around her with her will. Most other Venti cannot do this.
  • Slight (possible) Photokinesis - Lei can make blinding flashes of light, representing lightning.


  • Lei means "storm" or "thunder", though Puppy1 didn't know this in the naming, and simply named her this because he thought it sounded interesting.
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