(As of now, this story has been officially considered noncanon.)

Legends of an Echidna is a short fanfiction story detailing Octavia-Ca's first plan to destroy Mobius.

Author: Julia Finitevus

Project Gaia, Part 1

"Isn't it funny... everyone thinks that I'm the enemy. Hmph... they'd rather live in a corrupted multiverse than live with purity. Well, that's not stopping me from doing what is right for all of reality! This multiverse will be purged... one way, or the other..."  


Rouge frowned considerably as she saw Shadow sleeping on the floor with a book on his face.

"Shadow?" Rouge addressed, crossing her arms and tapping her foot. No response. "Shadow, wake up!"

Shadow sat up in a flash, the book landing in his lap. "Maria... who... what...?!"

"Get enough beauty sleep yet?" Rouge asked sarcastically, not impressed.

Shadow glared at Rouge as Omega entered the room. "My sensors indicate high levels of adrenaline," Omega spoke as he scanned Shadow before going on to scan Rouge. "My sensors now indicate high levels of caffeine."

Rouge rolled her eyes and said to both of them, "Commander Tower is expecting us in ten minutes!  We have to get moving or we'll be late!"


"Dr. Dax!" A robotic voice exclaimed to a violet female Echidna. "Dr. Eggman just replied to your message. He says he is willing to meet!"

The Echidna girl smirked maliciously. "Good... very good. Tell him I'll be there with the package."

"Yes ma'am!" The robot turned to walk away when the female Echidna spoke, "One last thing. Tell Dr. Eggman... Octavia-Ca is going to end Mobius once and for all!" With that, Octavia-Ca grinned maliciously as the robot left.

"And finally... this multiverse will be pure."


"So... Egghead wants to meet some lady for information?" Rouge asked, disappointed. "Sounds boring..."

"Like it or not, it's Team Dark's job to investigate," Commander Tower spoke, "and you're a part of Team Dark."

Rouge scowled at that.

"Well, investigate we will," Shadow said simply.

"Agreed," Omega spoke, arming himself right away. "I will destroy anyone who stands in the way of completing our mission."

"Omega..." Rouge slapped her hand on her face. She'd have to deal with it later, after the mission. They had other priorities.

"Chaos Control." Shadow teleported the group to the coordinates that Commander Tower had given them.


"Ah, miss Octavia-Ca!" Dr. Eggman exclaimed, seeing the violet female Echidna. "There you are. I assume you have the package?"

"Right here," Octavia-Ca spoke, pulling out of her pocket what looked like a small data pad. "I'm assuming you have the key?"

"Yes," Eggman replied. He moved to take the data pad, but Octavia-Ca moved it away.

"No, the key first."

"You drive a hard bargain," remarked Eggman, but he took the "key" out of his pocket and handed it to Octavia-Ca. "Now the package."

"Hm..." Octavia-Ca pretended to think, which unnerved Eggman slightly. "Fine." She gave the data pad to him and disappeared through a Warp Ring.

"That lady reminds me of someone I met before..." Eggman shook his head and activated a teleportation device on his wrist. Little did he know, Shadow, Rouge, and Omega saw everything.

"Another Echidna?!" Shadow exclaimed. "I thought Knuckles was the only one..."

"Don't forget Dr. Finitevus," Rouge spoke. "He's still running rampant."

"But he's changed sides," Shadow spoke, "and besides, he's one of the old-timeliners."

"And that Echidna lady isn't?!" Rouge shouted.

"Sensors are indicating an incalculably large energy surge. It is coming from the ARK," Omega told them.

"The ARK?" Shadow asked. "Why the ARK?"

"Possibly someone is powering up the Eclipse Cannon," Omega said simply.

"That Echidna girl wanted some key thing from Dr. Eggman," Rouge spoke. "Do you suppose...?"

"She must be planning on using the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the planet," Shadow replied. "And that's not going to happen! Chaos Control!"


"Fourty-eight hours until the Eclipse Cannon is up and running again," Octavia-Ca thought. "In the meantime... let's wreak some havoc!"

"Xenbot!" Octavia-Ca addressed sharply.

"Yes, ma'am?" Xenbot asked shakily.

"Get me that fake Chaos Emerald we found here earlier... it's time for a little havoc!"


"No buts! Get to it!" Octavia-Ca shouted, already enraged at the robot. She had a horrid temper.

"Yes ma'am!" The harassed little robot retrieved the Emerald and gave it to Octavia-Ca.

"Now... time for this corrupted world to pay for its treachery!"

Project Gaia, Part 2

"Ma'am," Xenbot addressed nervously, "what are you planning on using the Eclipse Cannon for?"

"Legend has it that a dark being resides in the core of Mobius itself. I may be rushing the process a bit for this one, but every few million years or so, Mobius splits apart into several pieces. The creature known as Dark Gaia is unleashed upon the world, but is defeated by another being called Light Gaia. Then the process starts again."

"You mean you're going to-"

"Release Dark Gaia from his little hibernation? Yes. Yes I am," Octavia-Ca replied indifferently, much to Xenbot's horror.

"Is it true?" Xenbot asked quietly.

"Even if it wasn't, the corrupted inhabitants of that planet would eventually die anyway from the ozone field surrounding Mobius."

Xenbot literally almost fainted after hearing that part.


"Shadow, wait!" Rouge called as Shadow tore up the G.U.N. armory, looking for weapons.

"I'm busy!" Shadow retorted just before he tripped over a cardboard box and hit his head on a hard wall. "Owwww..."

"I still do not understand why we are not doing the blowing up of enemies yet," Omega spoke slowly. Rouge simply let out a sigh in response.

"Because Omega, we need to think it through." For the planet being at stake, Shadow was acting remarkably calm. But then again, Shadow was usually very silent.

Rouge scowled and picked up a rifle. "Why don't they ever put jewels on these things?" Typical of her to say that. The bat tossed the rifle aside, much to Shadow's frustration. 

"Be careful with that! You might blow someone's head off, including your own."

"Well, aren't you Mister Know-it-all?!"


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