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"Whatever's wrong with me, I don't know...All I know is I can't let it go..."
—Lee, in his song "I Can't Let It Go"

Lee Adams is a recording artist from Neon City whose slow, mournful songs have earned him the nickname "Jeremiah". He is a depressed, aggressively introverted individual, a sharp contrast to his second cousin Lance the Wolf.


Lee is a tall and underweight Mobian wolf with mostly slate-gray fur. His muzzle and underside are silver, and his irises are blue. His hair is overgrown and unkempt.

His customary attire is a long-sleeved, undecorated black tee, dark blue jeans, white shoes and white gloves. He also keeps white tape wound tightly around his wrists, the reason for which is discussed below.

Occasionally, when his occupation demands he appear in public, he will clean himself up a bit.


Lee, as has been mentioned, is a very somber and anti-social person, though he did not always appear that way. When he was younger, he seemed serious and a little out of touch. But after a series of events in high school, his fragility was exposed as he fell to pieces.

His psychological issues have led him to take poor care of himself, and though he has no desire to die, he has little desire to live. He has found that the best method of expressing—and, to some extent, alleviating—his self-inflicted mental torture is through verse. Physical pressure, exertion, and pain also have appeared to help, thus his taped wrists.


Despite his slenderness, what flesh Lee does have is pure muscle. He comes from a strong family, and is himself slightly stronger than average. If you think about it, it's pretty ironic.


Lee began learning to play the acoustic guitar at a young age, and wrote his first "songs" at age nine. After high school, he focused more than ever on improving his musical skills, leading to his successful career.

Once upon a time, he was also a decent cook. However, he seldom (if ever) employs this talent in earnest nowadays.


Early life

Lee lived a very normal childhood, making his sudden mental decline in high school quite surprising. The only hints he showed early on were, as mentioned above, a tendency towards seriousness and getting easily lost in thought.

Lee began guitar lessons at age six, and soon displayed promise in the musical world. His first "songs" were written three years later, but according to him: "I wound up either shredding or burning pretty much all of them."

He was very close to his younger brother Zac, who would later become the primary person to attempt to bring him home. Naturally, they would play with each other like little boys do (namely, beating each other up). Lee was acquainted with his second cousin Lance, but never pursued much of a relationship.

Decline and fall

Still in development.

Rise to fame

Once he graduated high school, Lee was able to concentrate more on improving his music. By this time, he had figured out that songwriting helped significantly with his mental issues, and had received positive feedback for some lyrics he had sent to respectable producers. He wrote best about what he knew best, and that was his pain.

Interestingly, by the time his debut song was released when he was 20, he had forgotten just what had caused his psychological collapse. All he knew now was that he was upset and in pain, and he didn't know how to end it.

Listeners to Lee's music found it excellent—relatable like country music, but without the twang. Critics pointed out that his scope was quite narrow, but when has anyone ever listened to the professionals?

Eventually, Lee saved enough to by his own recording equipment and set it up in the old warehouse he called home. This way, he can stay in his dark little hole even more of the time and can interact with as few people as possible.

Concept and Creation

This character was invented in less than half an hour by LordWeirdo, and was fashioned from the depths of the creator's own depression. His first name is derived from Lee Brice, as "I Don't Dance" often plays in Weirdo's head for some reason when he's depressed. The other elements of the name are random.

For those of you not conversant in Biblical terminology, the prophet Jeremiah is often called "The Weeping Prophet". This was a random but convenient thought that had crossed Weirdo's mind while developing the character.

The poetic aspect of his character came from Weirdo's tendency to write long rants when in a dark mood. He wishes he could write it in song like Lee.

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