The Leaping Eagle is the name given to a power usable by Metallico Prower. He used it in Metallico's Chronicles as a quick way to target climbing points, ledges, or even enemies. He gained this power from drinking a magic tea made from the boughs of "the Great Willow", and rapidly developed its strengths.


The Leaping Eagle is a power that has been used by several Native American tribes, but they kept its existence hidden from the rest of the world for a reason; for every power it bestows, a piece of the mind is removed as well, allowing insanity to be induced if too much of the tea is made.

Its powers were very much like Sonic the Hedgehog's Homing Attack. The user must lock onto an object (a ledge, climbable object, etc.) within a 45-meter radius, then he/she can transform into a translucent eagle in an instant, fly over to the target in a second and a half, and turn back, making climbing and jumping far easier. In real-world controls, locking-on requires you to hold L1/LB (PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/Xbox One, respectively), then a red dot with wings will appear on whatever you can fly to. Then, press X/A (PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/Xbox One, respectively) as your cursor is on the target and you'll fly over.

This power isn't just for jumping up to objects; you can also target enemies from afar with the Leaping Eagle. Metallico could transform and leap at enemy characters with his Hidden Blade (so long as the enemy was within a 45-meter radius). To do this, you must target like you would grabbing onto an object, but you must instead press Square/X at the target, making you leap at the enemy and stab them with your Hidden Blade. You can also do double-assassinations with the Eagle; if two guards are standing close-enough together for a double-assassination, you can turn into the Leaping Eagle and attack them both, if one guard is targeted. If you press Triangle/Y when you counter an enemy, you'll turn into the Leaping Eagle, jump at him with your sword and stab him through the chest.

However, as powerful as the Leaping Eagle is, there is a drawback in gameplay; use of it can deplete your health very quickly if used too much. As such, it is ideal to wait until your health is full until using the Eagle. Transforming requires that you be at full health, or else you can't do it.


Several Native American tribes have used the Great Willow tea's powers for centuries, but the first outsider to use it was Metallico Prower, who used the Leaping Eagle in a combat able way, combining the power and his retractable Hidden Blade to kill opponents.

The only other outsider to use it was James Finnegan, Metallico's friend. He drank way too much Willow tea, driving him to insanity. He would turn into a translucent red eagle and jump around the rooftops of towns and branches of trees while permanently keeping a red glow around his body while he would roar like a bear, suggesting that he drank a bear-based power tea. He fell to his death when Metallico turned into the Leaping Eagle and tackled him off a cliff, where he exploded into a red bubble of light upon impact with the ground, letting out the insanity and power the tea gave him.


  • Metallico didn't ever use the Leaping Eagle in Sonic: Revolutions, which is odd since it is the most powerful thing he can do.
  • When Metallico died in the Sonic: Revolutions Season 3 finale "Fury" from a pipe bomb, he exploded into a red bubble of strange light. This is most likely the Leaping Eagle power escaping from his body.
  • If you used the Leaping Eagle in Chapter 1: Hundrid City, which you could do after completing Chapter 2: The Betrayal, Metallico would turn into a translucent green eagle. You wouldn't be able to use it when running through the earthquake-affected forest or the bombarded Hundrid City levels.
  • In the "Pause Menu" of Chapter 2: The Betrayal, a video could be found in the "Database" section showing a demonstration of the Leaping Eagle's power among Native Americans. One could be seen turning into a translucent, purple bear and smashing apart a man's house. This likely means that there are more Great Willow tea powers than the Leaping Eagle. This is furthered by the fact that James drank too much and started roaring like a bear.
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