Leaf Blade is a very strong, Nature-aligned slicing attack.


The user draws energy from nature, and focuses it into either a leaf-life appendage, in which case the leaf becomes sharp and blade-like (hence the name), or into a bladed weapon or appendage. This energy sharpens the blade and increases its raw power, allowing strikes to make clean cuts through solid rock. This attack is very precise, fast, and powerful. This allows the strike a high chance of hitting a weakspot, causing even more damage. What makes this attack even more effective is that it is not restricted to swords; any bladed weapon will suffice, making it an effective attack.

Due to the nature of this attack and its origin among the Treecko family; a naturally fast and strong species, more skilled users can slash with enough speed and precision to create a small vacuum, usually disrupting the air around them violently.


Pokemon users

  • Slash the Grovyle (Mobianised)
  • Rocket's Sceptile
  • Reecko the Sceptile (Mobianised


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