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"I don't care what others say, or what they think in general, I just do what I must. Even if it means breaking the rules that bind our existence."
—Lea the Arctic Fox


Lea is an arctic fox who can change her fur from white, blue in the winter, to brownish-grey, black in the summer. Her hair color is white and hangs down her back and shoulders like icicles, with pink streaks running down like water down the tips of the white hair. Her eyes are cyan. Her small, triangular ears stand to either side of her head. Her tail is soft and white, and is shaped like a plume.


She wears a pink lumber-jack style coat, sleek black pants, and pink and white boots. Underneath her coat, is a ice blue jacket with hood that she changes into on occasion. She wears ice-manipulation gloves that are snow white, with a cyan jewel incased inside of each in the center.


Snobby, arrogant, and sometimes referred to as an introvert, Lea is known for having a high respect for herself and for others who behave maturely, and often takes herself in high regard. Though she always sees herself as perfect, due to the fox genes that run through her Clan, she always puts others before her, and takes things seriously.

Though she often seems cold and unkind, feelings such as anger or sadness have a strong effect on her. Her feelings towards her brother Joseph and her Clan, especially are fueled by anger and grief.

If you asked her on her views of the Clan system she will say that she doesn't care for, and also doesn't agree with, the way of the Clan Elders and the system, believing that the Clan Elders and the system place restrictions on the people.


Early Life

Lea was born to the leading family of the Clan. For some years, she enjoyed living with them, until the time came when fate took them away from her. Her parents, along with others of their Clan, were slaughtered by their arch-enemies and rivals, the Arctic Wolf Clan, and while her parents never made it out, Lea and her older brother, Joseph, escaped the carnage. When they returned to their Clan, homes were destroyed, food and other necessities was plundered, and families were torn. The bodies of her parents were never found.

A Few Years Later..

When Lea was old enough, she was given strict training under her Clan. She was taught to be a hunter and a fighter for her Clan, but she had different intentions.. she was intent on leaving her Clan. Bound by the restrictions placed on her, she longed to escape these, to be free of her burden. But mostly, she longed to be free of Joseph's "tyranny" over her.

Ever since their parents' death, the Clan Elders readily made preparations that would permit Joseph to be the next future leader, knowing he was both strong and wise, just like his father before him, and would make a good leader. The current leader, an arctic fox named Kappa, agreed to this plan, even though he had no say in the matter. Joseph would be the next potential Clan leader!

Brother and Sister

Joseph wanted deeply to keep his younger sister safe, and made it clear to her his intentions to do so, whether they were restricting or not. Lea however, reacted differently, defending herself saying she can protect herself. But Joseph wouldn't hear of it. The two would get in constant arguments over their opposing views of one another, and they were often not friendly. Clan members were wise to not get involved in their sibling squabbles, even the Clan Elders stayed away.

Eventually, Lea couldn't take it anymore, and some how managed to run away from her Clan's boundaries undetected. Free at last, she journeyed away from the place of her birth, and eventually over time met Snow the Arctic Wolf and Ava the Harper Seal and became one of the first members of the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters.


Lea is a capable fighter and hunter due to her genes and also constant training while residing with her Clan, making her a strong and worthy opponent, but also quite capable of tracking.


Due to her arctic fox genes, she can change her fur color as the seasons change, which comes in handy at times to disguise her identity. For instance, when it's winter or when the climate is cold, her fur takes on a white and blue color, and when it is summer, spring, or when there is a warmer climate, her fur takes on a brownish-grey and black color.


  • Her ice manipulation gloves.
  • Her recessive arctic fox genes make her a skilled hunter and quite capable of speed and wit.


  • In a battle between fire and ice, fire wins. (duh..)
  • Her arrogance can get the better of her at times.
  • When her emotions take over, she can lose focus of what is in front of her.


Snow the Arctic Wolf

Though she views him as immature and of "low station", she does care for him and his safety. She highly disapproves of his Were-wolf powers, knowing he has little to no control over his mind, and can just as easily kill the entire team as look at them. Though it is often hinted that Snow has feelings for her, it is not yet known if Lea shares those feelings.

Joseph the Arctic Fox

Lea and Joseph never have seen eye-to-eye on any subject, and they are known to have the most heated sibling arguments, especially since Joseph is several years older. Lea hardly ever talks about him, or mentions him, and whenever Snow, Angus, or Priscilla mention him or his name, anger and sadness burn in her heart and she counters their words with seething fury and hurt.

Priscilla the Snowy Owl

Lea and Priscilla are termed as good friends, though they often see eye-to-eye on several subjects and experiences, since both have older siblings who are destined to become Clan leaders. However, Lea often gets annoyed or angered easily when Priscilla says something that annoys her, such as mentioning her brothers name. Lea has great confidence in Priscilla and her talents, and can count on her when she needs her.

Harriet the Snow Hare

Lea sees Harriet as her girl friend (in the friend context), and often spars and trains with her daily. Harriet, unlike Priscilla, doesn't pry into Lea's personal life, and the two often share each others stories about their lives, neither going too far or going too deeply. Harriet also can tell when Lea is stressed or upset, and will gladly allow Lea to tell Harriet her troubles.

Angus the Ermine

Lea sees Angus as a distraction and an accident just waiting to happen. The two often get in heated arguments on their Clans, their families, and their species genes. Lea can tolerate Angus's pranks to a degree, and is always coming up with a comeback when he says something mean or insulting about her.

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