Layla is Bella's cousin-in-law. Layla is a young girl who has just turned twenty-one. She has the unique ability to attract a man to her by some type of dance. This power is believed to be able to be used for more than just attraction however Lalya seees no need in the powers beyond that.


Growing Up

As a child and in her teenage years, Layla was a very popular girl. She earned herself many friends though her grades were pretty good as well. She finished high school however with a regular degree. She was the first person in her family to ever go to college (despite it only being a comunity college) she there graduated after two years of studying in the field of nursing. She got here Associates Degree, and of course became a nurse. For the next year Lalya didn't mind being a nurse. However she was always bored.

Realizing A Calling

Layla quit her job after repeated sexual harrasment from her boss. Layla soon decided to take up something more intresting. She wanted to be a bartender as she was poring achohol since the age of about 14. Layla was pretty good at it. She was soon hired at Club Rouge. Here Layla became a very popular figure to the bar. On breaks or for a little while after her shift was over, Layla would go on the floor to dance. When she did guys would usually cling to her (figuritively). Layla soon realized that everytime she danced she would get much attention from the opposite gender. She began to use this to her advantage. Of course this attracted more business to the club, and Rouge developed a friendship with Layla. Layla still works at the club.


Layla is a very smart girl. She sometimes uses slang, but has a more developed dialect than her family members. Because Layla isn't from the same place as Bella she doesn't have a spanish accent though she speaks fluent french, spanish, and italian. Layla is a fun loving girl being compared to Bella at times. Layla is also very flirty. She is a very good dancer as well as a pretty down to earth person. She has somewhat of an anger problem, and can be known to explode in anger sometimes.


Layla has the ability to attract a person by her dance movements. The technique was said to be used in ancient times by viscious female creatures. However Layla isn't very intrested in developing her powers to any further extent. Layla can also easily name any type of alchohol that she sees, whether thsi is from her job as a bartender or not is unknown. Layla is a natural dancer, and it is believed to come with her abilities.


Rouge the Bat

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Nasty Girl

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