Cquote1 Don't worry! I'm a pro cop, meaning I can arrest people easily! Cquote2

Lawcia the Porcupine (real name being Lucia) is a main protagonist of the series Sonic Fanuverse. She spent her whole life in the Sonic O' Central and was recently recruity by Randomicalz to join the Meme Teme in order to stop the bad users once and for all.


Lawcia's theme is a cartoonish look with shading. She is a blonde porcupine wearing a police uniform with additional red and blue gloves and socks. She wears a ponytail and has a bunch of quills on her back.


Early life

Lawcia lived in the Sonic O' Central in her whole life and studied law most of the time

The Raid of 2015

When Lawcia was overwhelmed by the number of bad-users, she encountered Randomicalz, who asked her to join the Meme Teme to stop the evil-doers, which she accepted after they destroyed the bad users around them.


Lawcia is an energetic and an arrogant porcupine. She claims herself to be a pro cop despite not being in a police department at all. 


Randomicalz ze Hedgehog

Lawcia considers Randomicalz as a friend, but mostly denies his requests to break a certain law to save the city.

Edgy the Edgehog

Lawcia rarely talks to Edgy.

Nooby the Rat

Lawcia always teaches Noobly about every law in the city, even if she told him the same deck of laws every single time.


Lawcia has the ability to high jump like Randomicalz, but doesn't have to code it out to do it. She also has a large memory of all the city's laws and rules.

Main Weapon

Lawcia's main weapon are her quill batons, which are actually the oddly long quills on her back. Each quill baton has a venom which gives the victim different effects.


  • Lawcia is a pun on the word "law" and "Lucia"
  • Lawcia was also originally going to be a hedgehog, like Noobly.
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