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Laura Jane Marguerite Carlyle is a female 17-year old Siberian Tiger who lives in a small hut in a mountain range. She lives and works alone, choosing to distance herself She will often use people for her own gain. Her goal is to live her life in peace.


Physical Appearance

Laurie's body is covered in thick, soft white fur covered in markings native to her species. Her inner ear and chest fur is black. Her muzzle is covered in short, silvery-white fur. Her eyes are midnight blue in color and she wears a near-permanent scowl on her face, her facial expression only changing rarely. Her sky blue hair is tied into a long ponytail that reaches her waist. Her fingers and toes also have sharp claws.


Laurie's attire consists of a sleeveless red down jacket with a short gray shirt under it.


Laurana is reserved and quiet. She is hardworking and she tries her best to lead a peaceful life. She is very loyal, but can be easily taken advantage of due to this, combined with her moderate naivety. She is usually serious about whatever she does, but she jokes around on occassion. Laurana has a tough time saying no to other people, so she usually ends up doing more work than needed. She enjoys being a leader, and can be brutally honest to others. She also shows discomfort in expressing emotions towards others. Laurana can be peeved by unorganized spaces and prefers to keep a clean workplace.


Laurana's father had left her at a young age (about two) because he was in an affair with another woman that was not her mother, which had caused their divorce. He then chose to move out, living in a town far away from where Laurana's mother lived. Soon after, her maternal grandmother and grandfather sold their own home and moved in with Laurana and her mother. She had grown very close to them, but had disliked her father for being unfaithful to her mother. When he did come to visit, Laurana would choose not to talk to him out of spite. She never was close to a lot of people on her father's side, except for her paternal uncle and paternal cousin, two people she cares about a lot.



Laurana is on relatively good terms with some of her family. She is very friendly with her mother, but she pushes her father out due to him abandoning her at a young age. She was raised by her mother, maternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather. She is extremely close to her grandmother and is extremely defensive of her.

Powers and Abilities

She has strong high legs and has super strength. She is also somewhat fast (can run up so speeds of ~40 miles per hour). She rarely uses these powers, as she sees no reason to. When she does run into the occasion where she has to fight, she will use these powers. She also has long, sharp teeth that she can use to bite others. Again, she rarely uses this ability, as she doesn't need it. She despises fighting and thus stays out of most fights.




  • Her coffee preferences are Kilamanjaro beans with no milk and a spoonful of sugar.
  • Laurana isn't a fan of sugary foods or drinks. She prefers bitter and sour foods. However, she will usually accept any sort of food, as long as it isn't poisonous.
  • Her favorite food is chicken and spaghetti carbonara with garlic bread.
  • Laurana's favorite sport is snowboarding.
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