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Lauraleine Magess Giralson Appley Babineaux
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"Oh, Haven, she's absolutely gorgeous. She looks just like Aunt Sagess, don't you think? But hopefully not quite as much of a handful."
Ciara Lament

Lauraleine Magess Giralson Appley Babineaux was the eldest daughter of Cialet Giralson and Haven Babineaux and sister to Vanilla and Jonathan. She was a reporter for MMN News, and became chairwoman of the Mobian Media Network by effectively manipulating Iris Ipswich.

While working at MMN, Lauraleine met and married Dr. Ringo Appley. They had three children; Dragonfly, and twins Butterfly and Stinkfly. Fearing that their people would lose faith in their family and their reputation tarnished, Lauraleine and Ringo sent Stinkfly to Seaside Hill Orphanage at Sea Gate indefinitely.

After Ringo was killed in the war against the Eggman Empire, Lauraleine suffered from depression, and she frequently took her daughters to stay with Haven. A year after Ringo's death, she visited Neverlake, where they first met, and was presumed dead after a flood


Early Life

As soon as she was born, Haven named her the owner of the main aquatic areas, due to her aquamarine-bluish fur. Lauraleine's regions under her rule were Ocean Palace, some of Adabat and a few of the Isles of Soleanna. She enjoyed her power over people, although she wasn't evil, and soon met and married the wealthy Lord Ringo of Helios, Soleanna.

Her Progeny and Death

After their marriage, Lord Ringo and Lauraleine had their first child, the black, lop-eared, rabbit, Dragonfly the Rabbit. They raised her with pride and taught her good manners as well as educating her in law and ruling. Two years later, Lauraleine gave birth to twins. The first was the same color as her, but had a slightly deformed head. She was named Butterfly the Rabbit. The second one was a dark green colour and was much more mutated. Devastated that she produced such an ugly rabbit, Lauraleine named her Stinkfly the Rabbit and gave her to an orphanage and ordered them never to release her into the world. Only Haven the Rabbit knew this, and Lauraleine died shortly after the birth when she and her husband vanished while on Neverlake during a storm.

Personality and traits

Following her father's premature death, Lauraleine becoming emotionally vulnerable due to the void in her life that her father had previously filled. She felt that she had no control over her life, which led to several incidences of rebellious behaviour against her mother as a teenager.

Upon meeting Ringo Appley, Lauraleine had a stable man in her life once again, and she became somewhat subservient to him in order to maintain stability. This need led her to incarcerate Stinkfly at Seaside Hill Orphanage, which she later regretted, but found that her husband had ordered the orphanage's employees not to release Stinkfly unless a substantial amount of money was paid, which he knew Lauraleine would be unwilling to do.

Behind the scenes

  • Lauraleine's career was a late inclusion, intended to link the Babineaux family to the broadcasting corporation.



"At first look, Lauraleine appears calm, kind and fair. But she was vain and despised anything that was abnormal, including her daughter, Stinkfly the Rabbit. Laura loved power as well, but did truly care for her husband, her mother and Butterfly and Dragonfly."
—Original description

When Lauraleine was first conceived, she was a vain, power-hungry woman who hated abnormality, which was her reason for sending Stinkfly to Seaside Hill Orphanage, though she truly loved her husband, Dragonfly and Butterfly. However, upon revision of previously established canon, she was changed to become more of a sympathetic character, instead wanting power solely because, following her father's death, she felt that she had no control over her life. This was emphasized by her husband becoming the one to convince her to incarcerate Stinkfly, as well as her depression after Ringo's death. Another late change to her personality was the redeeming feature of her regret at what she had done to Stinkfly, and subsequently discovering that Ringo had ordered the orphanage not to release her unless a substantial amount of money was paid. He was aware that Lauraleine would not jeopardise her lifestyle by losing that much money, and he was proven correct.

Incarcerating Stinkfly

"This child was fashioned in Hell! I beg you, seal it in your orphanage and keep it away from the world! Or it's unholiness will curse all!"
—Original version
"Mother, it was for the best. If anyone knew I had produced such a thing, there would be rebellions in my dominions, and I would be slain."
—Second version

Originally, Stinkfly's incarceration at the orphanage was due to Lauraleine's vanity, disgusted at her daughter's appearance. This was later changed to being because she feared the people of Ocean Palace would lose faith in the family. This was later retconned and changed to her husband (then named Remington Rabbit) sending Stinkfly to the orphanage (with no reason given) and telling Lauraleine that she had only imagined having twins, since she was under the effects of strong painkillers while in childbirth. However, upon reviewing the character, I feel that Haven must have known about Stinkfly (unless she found out thanks to Appley's will), so the second reason is now being used as canon, but with Appley also playing a part.

Circumstances surrounding her death

Originally, Lauraleine and Appley were both assumed dead after they disappeared during a storm at Neverlake "shortly after" the twins' births. This was later changed to her drowning at Neverlake (which was now where they met, rather than at Helios) during a flood a year after Appley was killed in the war against the Eggman Empire, which left her depressed. Upon reviewing the character, the most recent scenario is preferred, but altered so that her death is ambiguous.

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