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Lau's age is unknown, because he never tells anyone, but some think he's about 20-30. Lau grew up alone as a child and doesn't know his mother or father. At some point in Lau's life he got a tattoo of a Chinese dargon that goes from his left arm onto his back and over to his right arm. Lau hates fighting and wish to find other ways around a problem, but if fighting is the only path that is open then he'll roll up his sleeves and fight only to stop the fighting.


Lau is a lay back, carefree, womanizing panda. He often acts like he knows everything, but when it comes down to it he has no clue what he's talking about. He keeps his eyes close, but when he does open them it turns out to be the last time you'll ever see them. Haveing a girl in each hand Lau still doesn't know how to stop looking at girls and often just comes out and says what he's thinking. He doesn't know when to shut his mounth and ends up getting yelled at or having bamboo thrown at him by Ran-Mao

History with others

Lau gets along just fine with girls, but when it comes to boys he ends up getting beat up. He claims there's only one girl for him, but after saying that he turns around and starts chasing another girl.


The one girl that is supposed to be the only girl for Lau. Though she seems a bit mean to him, Lau never gets mad at her or hates her. He says that she's his best friend. He's mostly seen with Ran-Mao, but tries to go out with out her, because she stops him from going near any girls.


When Lau first found this little panda, he didn't think much of her, but she follows him every were and calls him master, so Lau feels he must take care of her. She's also known as Lau's servant asking Lau if he'd like anything and doing as he says with out any questions.


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