Larson the Monkey is a fan made Sonic character created and owned by Drenholm. He is a male monkey and a member of the Outpost X Freedom Fighters. He appears as a playable major character in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future.
Larson the Monkey (ARTWORK BY DRENHOLM)
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English Voice Actor(s)
Brian Beacock (2011-present)
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Freedom Fighter, Shooting
Place of Birth
Freedom, his fellow Freedom Fighters, fruits, being in good shape, Sonic
oppression, Immarius, loud cities, hights


The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future

Larson appears as a playable character in the game, as well as a major character and member of the Outpost X Freedom Fighters. He is one of the first characters introduced in the game. Larson as a playable character uses a variety of weapons.

Sonic first meets Larson at the base of Outpost X, where he also meets numerous other Freedom Fighters. Larson assists Sonic and his fellow Freedom Fighters in their mission to find the Golden Lion Statue at Enoch, where Sonic is destined to acquire all the knowledge necessary for him to complete his mission. Later, Larson does not have a major role in the game until he offers to guide Sonic to the City of Men. During that point in the story, he is playable. Solomon also joins them on their quest when they go to the Gravitus Reservoirs.

Finally, Larson has a large role during the last chapter of Sonic's and the Freedom Fighters' story when he takes part in the battle of Mercia. He is a playable character here, as are most characters. After successfully defeating the Gravitus in the Battle of Mercia, Larson appears as a playable character in the Final Story, where all of the remaining Freedom forces unite and battle against Immarius's massive, moving castle. During the raid, Larson makes his way up until the central control tower, where he stays behind to cover Baxter, Sonic and Dr. Eggman in their final confrontation against Eggman. Larson is seen for the last time when the remaining Freedom Fighters encounter Baxter, whose life has just been saved by Super Sonic, who is presumed dead after the final confrontation with Immarius.

Character Description

Larson is a young, brown monkey vested in a traditional Downunda Freedom Fighters' outfit. He was born in Downunda but flew to Outpost X because of an invasion by the Gravitus. There, he joined the Outpost X Freedom Fighters. Larson is very kind, warm hearted and noble. He becomes a good friend with Sonic once the two meet each other, unlike Baxter and Solomon. He is noted for his bravery and courage for he has battled in many battles and has been wounded many times for the sake of his team. Larson is a very good friend with Solomon, something that is evident when the two meet each other at the Gravitus Reservoirs and offer an alliance. Larson has an Australian accent and uses many vocabulary words that are frequent in Australian dialogue. He is voiced by Brian Beacock in the game.


As mentioned previously, Larson is vested in a typical Downunda Freedom Fighters' outfit. This is comprised of a brown shirt with multiple pockets, blue jeans with two belts and a pair of brown boots. In addition, Larson wears a pair of bandages around his wrist and a pair of brown gloves. Larson's attire does not change throughout the game, although in game, as a playable character he has two outfits, as most playable characters do for when both players select the same character.


Larson is an expert at shooting. He has a wide variety of weapons in his arsenal. You can see a list of them on this link. Because he is a monkey, he is very agile, quick and flexible, something that can be easily noticed when used as a playable character. He can climb, crawl and dodge attacks more easily than any other character because of this.

Larson is one of the fastest playable Freedom Fighters in the game. His weapons have long range and strong projectiles. His signature weapon is the Desert Warrior, which is also seen in some cutscene during the game. It is already unlocked during the start of the game. Additional weapons can be acquired for Larson as the story progresses, or by buying them from the Adventure Field. In addition, Larson's weapons can be constructed in the Weapon Construction mode upon obtaining the right constituents.


Larson's best friend is Solomon the Hedgehog. The two met during their younger years and one always protected the other. Still, they have very different personalities and traits. For example, Larson is much more humble towards Sonic and greets him more openly once he joins the Outpost X Freedom Fighters.

Larson and Baxter the Ram are also close friends. Larson looks up to Baxter with great respect, but the two see each other more as friends rather than captain and soldier. Baxter rarely appoints Larson any duties since Larson is always keen on accepting them.

Voice Acting

 Brian Beacock (2007-present) The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future


  • He is the only monkey character in the entire Sonic franchise.
  • He is also one of the few male characters in the game who wear normal attire, unlike most male characters who only wear gloves and footwear.
  • He has an australian accent, a trait shared by Mighty the Armadillo.
  • According to his character biography, he is from Downunda.
  • In The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future, Larson does not speak any line until he meets Sonic. He is also one of the few characters to interact directly with humans, along with Solomon and Sonic.
  • Larson was originally not going to be in the game, but was eventually added as a playable character.
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