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Lara-Su is the mother of Chloe-Su in the future of Light Mobius.

6-25 Years After Tikhaos...

Lara-Su appeared as the main character in "Dr. Finitevus, Light Mobius Future Story", which takes place just six years after "Sonic Universe #8" occurred. Lara-Su had gotten married to Finitevus for partially unknown reasons six years before and they had a daughter named Chloe-Su. Lara-Su's friend, Riki-Le, had a daughter whose unveiling was occurring and Lara-Su was at the event with her family. The unveiling was cut short when Finitevus was shot with a beam of Chaos Energy by a sniper sent by the "New Dark Legion". Finitevus was taken to the hospital and Lara-Su was told by the doctor that he was transforming into the form he was in when he resided on Mobius Prime.

Lara-Su later received news that Finitevus broke out of the hospital and she attempted to search for him, only to find to her horror that the malevolent being known as Enerjak had returned and took Finitevus's parents' Cores. Lara-Su encountered Enerjak on the streets not much later, and was forced to fight the Prelates created using Finitevus's parents' Cores. Lara-Su eventually defeated Enerjak, but at the cost of sending Finitevus to an alternate dimension.

Lara-Su briefly appeared in Chaos Academy, driving her daughter, Chloe-Su to Chaos Academy. The two evidently had frequent disagreements about Chloe-Su's future, similar to how Knuckles and Lara-Su disagreed on the same subject seventeen years ago.  Lara-Su is frequently mentioned in Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave and has appeared in two visions, as well as one of Finitevus's nightmares.


Lara-Su possessed exceptional determination and dedication, no doubt taught to them by her father. In either form, Lara often finds herself utterly confused by a number of situations, and she has a rather vulnerable nature at times. This has led her parents in both futures to mislead her or deny her certain privileges, but in the end they did it out of love. Lara-Su is also shown to have her parents' gung-ho fighting style and somewhat smug attitude.

Lara-Su has been shown in her later adult life to have the same attitude with her own daughter Chloe-Su, denying her certain privileges out of love and wanting to keep her safe.


As Knuckles' daughter, Lara-Su commands Chaos energy through a link to the Master Emerald. She has been trained by Knuckles in the use of her powers and thus is even more proficient, capable of matching Shadow's use of Chaos Spear and Chaos Control and even surpassing them. She also commands Knuckles' strength, and has fist spurs similar to his, which she can retract at will.


While Lara hasn't shown any romantic interest in anyone herself, she was the object of a crush from Prince Manik in the unaltered timeline. Vector's son, Argyle, may have also been interested in her judging by how he wished to dance with her at her Unveiling. 

In Sonic Universe during the Silver storyline Edmund (the last guardian of Angel Island) makes a comment while looking over the Vector Prelate saying “Makes me think of my poppa.” Then in the same page he says “I remember the stories my Mother used to tell me, and she didn’t have it half as bad as my Granddaddy.” This is a possible hint that Lara-Su and Argyle end up together and that Edmund is their son, making Edmund, Knuckles' grandson.

As for whom Lara-Su had Chloe-Su with, that remained unknown until "Dr. Finitevus, Light Mobius Future Story" was published.


  • It has been hinted that Finitevus may be Lara-Su's ex husband, but this was not proven until "Dr. Finitevus, Light Mobius Future Story" was written.
  • Chloe-Su, Lara-Su's daughter, has a similar Guardian birthmark to Lara-Su but it is a different colour, most likely inherited by her father.
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