You may be looking for her Dark Mobius counterpart, Jani-Ca

Lara-Su is a character set to appear in the story Shadow of Darkness, having traveled from the Light Mobius universe to the Prime Zone after learning King Shadow had somehow wound up there and was causing trouble for the warriors living there. She is the daughter of Knuckles and Julie-Su of Light Mobius, a good friend of the warriors of Light Mobius, and later the warriors of the Prime Zone, when she helps them through the exile of a small group of Alliance members led by Fox(including the Wandering Wolves Ash and Percy).


Lara-Su retains her appearance from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics released in the US.


Lara-Su retains her personality from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics released in the US.

Unlike her Dark Mobius counterpart, Lara-Su is laid-back and confident, as well as loyal to her duties as Guardian. She is good friend with the warriors of her own Zone, and became good friends with the warriors of the Prime Zone, quickly befriending the young children at the Base. Because of her kind personality and duties as a Guardian, Lara-Su strongly dislikes anyone who threatens any children, sick or infirm, or seniors.


In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

Shadowed Future(arc):

Shadowed Future(story): Lara-Su only appears at the end, when she helps the warriors in their final battle against Shadow, helping defeat him, and bears witness to the Spirit of Fox the Brave naming Sonic the true king.

Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later: Though she does not appear, Lara-Su is at the celebration of five years of peace.


Being a Guardian, Lara-Su is able to use Chaos energy for various means, as she used to freeze Shadow so he could be locked away during the revolt.


As seen in Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 167, Lara-Su has inherited her father Knuckles' strength, as she is able to carry Rotor the Walrus, and later help fight the Legion during the Battle of the Storm empty-handed.




Light Mobius

Braveheart the Fox (Light Mobius)

Though they aren't shown together much, Lara-Su is good friends with the warriors, and subsequently their leader Braveheart

Shadow the Hedgehog (Light Mobius)

Lara-Su doesn't like anyone who causes trouble, and thus does not like Shadow in any way. This worsened when Lara-Su found an exiled patrol of warriors who had fled the conquered Storming Base hiding out in Bygone Island's jungle, with a very sick Percy.

Prime Zone

Braveheart the Fox

Due to her friendship with the Braveheart of her own World, Lara-Su is good friends with the Braveheart of the Prime Zone.

Percy the Wolf

The young Wandering Wolf pup likes Lara-Su because she reminds him of Jani-Ca when she visited the Pack(likely due to the fact they are essentially the same person). Lara-Su loves to be around the sweet and perky Percy, who calls her "Lara".

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