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Lar is a good person who works for the Smuggler's Alliance. This dichotomy results in the Smuggler's Alliance being hard-pressed to find missions for Lar that are both useful to them and don't conflict with Lar's morality, which begs the question: Why do they keep him around? The answer is that his unusual collection of abilities is an asset to the Alliance, one that makes them want to keep him despite the high cost…because when he does get a mission, he does it remarkably well.


In terms of physical traits, Lar is generally not what one would expect from a member of the Smuggler's Alliance. Although his height is about average, he is fairly muscular, plus his deep red fur and the shock of black hair hidden between his pronounced ears make him more visible than one would think that a thief should be. In addition to these traits, he also has emerald green eyes and black wings, although the latter are usually hidden under his cloak, making them less visible than they might otherwise be.

On the other hand, Lar's work attire is more stereotypically stealthy, being entirely in dark colors. His basic clothing—a navy blue long-sleeved t-shirt and black cargo pants—is fairly simplistic. He also wears dark brown leather belts and a thigh guard made of the same material. However, all of Lar's other clothing almost screams military surplus: black leather combat boots, black leather and darkened steel gauntlets, and, most strikingly, a nighttime camouflage-patterned hooded cloak that covers his wings and distorts his appearance in shadows. Typically, in a combat situation or any moment when he needs to fly, the cloak is folded between his wings.

When Lar is not on a mission for the Smuggler's Alliance, he generally wears his shirts, pants, belts, and boots from his work attire, but will ditch his gauntlets and cloak in order to be less suspicious-looking and cumbersome. (The only piece of heavy military attire that he retains are his boots, with these being kept because he likes wearing them enough that he is willing to sacrifice his average-life mobility for the happiness that he gets out of them.)


Strengths and Powers

As a bat, Lar possesses a wide hearing range and powerful wings capable of throwing him into the air and maneuvering with ease. While not trained in a front-line combat role, Lar is more than capable of throwing his weight around and locating targets for theft, either by flying or by listening for relevant conversation around him.

In combat, Lar is well-trained in the art of creating and secreting contact toxins, with a preference for sedatives in order to preserve lives where possible. As a toxikinetic, he is fairly resistant to poisons himself, making it a little bit harder to get a poisonous mark on him. In hand-to-hand combat, Lar utilizes a pair of Predator Wristblades in conjunction with a fast-paced, slashing fighting style that is equal parts self-taught and trained. Due to his elemental nature, he normally covers his blades in his contact poisons, utilizing that as an extra assistive ability.


Due to Lar's nature as a poison-focused thief, most professionals wearing body armor have very little to fear from the bat. His blades aren't likely to pierce armor, and without the poisons, he doesn't really have the strength to follow up or gain an advantage against such opponents. In addition, while Lar theoretically could attack an opponent from a distance, he would be at a distinct disadvantage, as mostly what he could do to such opponents would be to evade them. Stealth and theft are his expertise, not combat against armored beings or spellcasters.



This character's sixstat code is 264342

  • Health: 2 – Lar's resistance to attacks is lower than average.
  • Damage: 6 – Lar's Wristblades, swung at speeds made possible by his muscular build and combined with his combat toxins, allow him to deal huge amounts of damage to enemies.
  • Speed: 4 – Lar is faster than average, and his wings give him greater-than-average mobility.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Lar's reflexes are about average.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Lar is able to quickly analyze data, and he'll realize when he's in a mission that's too much for him fast enough to pull out before it's too late.
  • Regen: 2 – Lar's regeneration from damage is below average.

Fun Facts

  • Lar's nickname is highly unusual as a shortening of Lawrence, his birth name. In fact, Lar's nickname is a name in its own right, but Lar uses it as a nickname of sorts for Larry, the usual nickname for Lawrence.
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