Lapis is the main protagonist of the game Elemental Crystal: Bejeweled Being Lapis. He has the power to use special Compounds to his will and is from a race of people who, like him, are themed after jewels.


Lapis, unlike others of his kind, has a very dull gem. He used to be self-conscience about this, but after realizing that he could use Compounds (magical substances that give him elemental powers), he no longer worried. He helps his home, the Gem District, by keeping the terrible (yet unorthidox) Jasper.

Much like some official Sonic Team games, Lapis's game has its own plot, setting, and characters, yet still takes place in the same universe as Erica Sakura and company.



Lapis is voiced by Motoko Kumai in Japanese and Vanessa Marshall in English. Here are some things he'd say.:

"Onyx, have you ever felt...weird...about your jewel?"

"Hey Jasper!! You...suck! Stop terrorizing everyone!"

"Woah! My gem changed color!! It changed color!!!"


  • Comparing Erica and Lapis's friendship to official Sonic Team continuity, Lapis is basically the NiGHTS to Erica's Sonic.
  • Lapis's design was inspired by Rayman, Mega Man, and NiGHTS.
    • Veil Indigo's mutant form is also an inspiration, as Veil was originally going to be a protagonist in her own game and was also partially based on Rayman.
    • He also has a bit of a manic or wacky side to his personality, inspired by Crash Bandicoot.
  • Lapis's name derives from the gemstone "lapis lazuli". Such is also the case for his rival/clone, Lazuli.
    • Ironically, Lapis's (and, by extension, Lazuli's) jewel does not resemble a lapis lazuli gem; rather, it looks like a dull diamond.
    • Lapis's gem behaves more like an alexandrite; alexandrite stones shine in different colors in the light, and Lapis's jewel changes color based on the current Compound he's using.
      • It is hinted that he may be related to a Bejeweled Being named Alexandrite. Additionally, not all Bejeweled Beings' gems look like their namesake mineral; such is the case with Jasper.
  • Much like a Seedrian, Lapis's species could be described as a race of anthropomorphic gems.
  • While Lapis's game was scrapped, and Lapis is not seen often, he (and other characters) can still be seen as extras in some Erica Sakura media.
    • As of recently, the idea is still alive, but the concept still hasn't been pitched yet.
  • Lapis's voice is similar to that of Irwin from The Grim Adventure of Bill & Mandy; this is a reference both to his voice actress, Vanessa Marshall, and to his awkward personality.
    • Lazuli shares the same voice actor as Lapis in all languages; in English, he is voiced by Vanessa Marshall as well, but in a more mature-sounding voice.
    • Vanessa Marshall also voices Turquoise (referencing Irwin's mummy genetics) and many animal characters of various voice types.
  • Lapis's rival Lazuli is supposedly an actual clone of him, but no one knows who cloned him.
    • In a way, Lazuli could be seen as a parody of "palette swaps" and/or "clone characters", characters that behave/look suspiciously like an already existing character.
  • At one point, the Bejeweled Beings Pearl and Aquamarine make Lapis the unofficial third "Ocean Gem". This is because lapis lazuli, like pearls and aquamarines, are associated with the water. Lapis can also make use of the Aqua Compound, further associating him with water.
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