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Lantern Dust is a desert on Mobius. It is known for both its strange sand that glows at night and for its strange plant species, the Saboten. Within the desert lies Lantern Dust City, a city heavily influenced by trade and the location of the Bloodied Hands Arena.


Being a desert, Lantern Dust has a very small range of plants and animals. Lizards and snakes make up the bulk of the animal species. Making up virtually the entire plant variety are the Saboten, an anthropomorphic species of cactus folk. 


As excepted in a desert, Lantern Dust always sees high temperatures sometimes reaching the hundreds (in Fahrenheit). The weather always tends to stay the same; dry and rain-less. Those that which to traverse the desert are advised to bring an adequate amount of water and proper clothing.

Significant Populations 


The Saboten (literally translated as Cactus) are an anthropomorphic plant species exclusive to Lantern Dust. They are cactus folk who seem to be quite intelligent, enough to where they can build entire structures. They tend to inhabit the pockets of oasis around the desert, due to their access of water. Being plants, they live off of water and daylight, but are completely free to move around. They are not able to speak any known language, in fact it is unknown if they speak at all since they lack mouths. 

Notable Areas

Lantern Dust City

The only civilization within the desert. It is populated by a variety of types of Mobians, though reptiles appear to make up the majority. The city is heavily trade-influenced, as it requires to import many goods in order to meet the needs of its citizens. The city is also home to the Bloody Hands Arena, a popular fighting colosseum that is meant to attract more visitors to the city.

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