Laniatus and Nemesis are two deities, residing in a realm known as Betwixt

Laniatus, the Goddess of Harmony

Age Ageless (Immortal)
Gender Genderless (Yet appears female)
Species N/A
Description A powerful deity and the embodiment of good and harmony
Attire Long white dress, red sash, golden belt, golden wrist bands, a necklace and a golden tiara
Relatives Nemesis (counterpart)
Affiliations None
Nicknames None
Quotes "There is light even in the darkest of shadows."
Romantic Interests None
Weaponry None
Abilities God-like powerd such as the ability to bend time and space and manipulate energy and matter.
Super Forms None

and Between. Laniatus is the Overseer (goddess) of harmony and all things good, while Nemesis is the Overseer (god) of Chaos and all things evil. Their sole purpose is managing the balance of positive and negative forces in existence, and to keep the universe in check.


As the goddess of harmony, she is a very calm, kind and gentle person. She rarely displays any rage or sadness, and is keeps a positive, almost motherly attitude towards the universe. She has been known to argue with her 'husband' though, but beyond this, she is the ideal example of a good person.


Being powerful deities, they are capable of almost any feat (they aren't god-mods though). They bring people back from the dead, travel through dimensions, create things out of nothing and even completely erase things from existence. However, they cannot interfere directly in worldly affairs. They can also command the heralds (with the exception of Nusquam), angel and devil like beings that reside in Betwixt and Between.


Laniatus and Nemesis do not have physical forms, but when they show themselves to other people, there have certain forms they take.

Laniatus usually takes the form of an anthromorphic animal with golden blonde hair running to her waist and a halo-like ring around her forehead. She wears a flowing white dress topped with a red sash around her waist. She also wears a golden belt on her waist and two golden rings on her left wrist. She also wears a necklace with a heart shaped pendant around her neck. She does not wear shoes or gloves. He also sprouts two angelic wings from her back. She lacks a visible mouth. Her eyes are golden in this form

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