Land Sonic is a five-pulse technique which grows more powerful with each pulse.


The user finds a reasonably solid position and achieves contact between their bare skin and the earth beneath them, typically via their feet. The user then slowly releases pulses of Earth-elemental energy into the ground. By doing so, they create vibrations, similar to Earthquake or Magnitude. However, unlike those techniques, the attacks get worse and worse, with two minutes in between pulses and an active distance proportional to the amount of energy used. As such, a single user of such a technique can both bring armies to their knees, and also sense and direct destructive earthen vibrations towards subterranean foes after the first pulse. However, the user is also vulnerable to attack while performing this technique, and as such requires protection from levitating allies, as the pulses get more and more damaging the closer to the user at the epicenter you get.

The downsides of this technique are obvious. The inability to stop using pulses at will and shift to normal combat makes this technique a massive risk - an effective siege weapon and sensing technique, sure, but not an effective combat technique. Likewise, the user is also indiscriminate in the damage they cause, with allies and enemies alike in danger of taking the blows. The inability to damage levitating opponents is also an issue.



  • Ice Ball - physical Ice variant with greater control
  • Rollout - physical elementless variant with greater control

Technique Rank

Due to the technique's sheer power and destructive might on the fifth pulse, it is an S-ranked technique.

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