Lance the Power Hedgehog is the son of Scott the Power Hedgehog, former leader of the Power Hedgehog Inquisitors, and Gloria Sibelle, a former tank-driver and the daughter of a military general, plus the heir to the Moldest and Sibelle Family lineages.

Lance the Power Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Power Hedgehog
  • Fur: Rust, w/ white streaks on his quills
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Orange tank top
  • Navy blue cargo pants
  • Blue & black trainers
  • Brown belt
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Advanced combat - hand-to-hand, daggers
  • Super speed
  • Super strength
  • Flight
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Telepathy
  • Hypnosis skills
  • Omnikinesis
  • Tracking skills
  • Stealth skills
  • Chaos Powers
  • Possesses the genetic abilities Fake and Rainbow Scale.
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

A tall, broad and extremely muscular rust-colored hedgehog, Lance is easily distinguished by the white streaks on his quills and his calculating gray eyes, as well as the dark, bloodthirsty smile he often shows when in combat.


Like most Soul Reapers, Lance wears a black hooded jacket and dark pants while on duty. However, whenever he enters combat, he takes the jacket off to reveal his everyday attire, a orange tank-top. The pants in question are a pair of navy-blue cargo pants, festooned with pockets, while he also wears a pair of blue and black trainers, plus a brown belt.


Early Life

The first of four children born to Scott and Gloria the Power Hedgehogs, Lance was quickly heralded as the prodigy for Scott, an elite Power Hedgehog Inquisitor to train. However, even with his natural talent clear, it was noted that there was little in the way of subtlety in the child's speech. He wouldn't bother beating around the bush, but instead would blurt out whatever he was thinking, to the horror of his immediate family, but the amusement of his uncle Caleb, an experienced Soul Reaper.

Four years after the birth of Lance came his sister Florence, and while confused by the attention on her, Lance promised to protect his sister no matter what. Similarly, he made the same promise with the birth of each of his other two sisters, Anne and Victoria. Shortly after Victoria's birth, Caleb announced that he would train both Lance and, in the future, his son Matthew as Soul Reapers.


Within a few months of the announcement, Caleb began working the youngster hard, and noted the similarities to Matthew, who he was giving advanced training to. Despite the age difference, there was very little separating the two powerful youngsters. However, unlike Lance, who had twin genetic abilities that he used in combat regularly, Matthew's sole genetic ability was the same as his fathers, and only activated when he finished in combat. Likewise, their fighting styles were completely different. Matthew's style was flamboyant and extravagant, using summoning tattoos to summon a scythe to his hands which he could easily throw an opponent around with, a war-fan that could deflect elemental and weapon-based attacks with reasonable ease, or his sheer elemental power. By contrast, when Lance entered a fight, he would often remove his hooded jacket to reveal his swelled biceps and outrageous musculature, before lashing out with his lone weapon, a knife made out of a dragon's jawbone.

Even with this training and age advantage, Matthew was a natural prodigy. His skills were intense, and as such, both became fully-fledged Reapers at the same time - Lance was nineteen, while Matthew was thirteen. The two cousins were close, and often worked together to 'eliminate' rogue Power Hedgehogs and hunt-down man-eater dragons, as well as aid army units in tracking the Dra Gen Ra.


Their friendship wasn't permanent. A few months after their graduation, Matthew and Anne, Lance's younger sister, fell in love. Lance remained oblivious to that fact, but his father was suspicious. The next thing that Lance knew, the house was shaken by an attack, and a number of loud noises came from the attic bedroom where Anne was sleeping, as she had since coming down with glandular fever. The first person up there, Lance found his father's dead body slumped against a wall, plus Anne missing. Caleb arrived soon after, and after making the comment that Matthew was missing, came to the shocking realization - Matthew had gone rogue, and had kidnapped his cousin before escaping. Lance was adamant that he chase the duo, but Caleb pointed out that Matthew was his son and student, and as such his responsibility. Lance's grandfather thought otherwise and sent a military team after the duo. Caleb was furious and bemused, pointing out that soldiers weren't going to be any use against a master assassin like Matthew.

Caleb's claims were well-founded, as Matthew escaped from the army's clutches with ease. With that, the duo were assigned to tracking down the rogue Reaper. However, Florence found Anne's diary, which implied that Anne and Matthew were in love. This gained the young girl the mark of a collaborator, and resulted in her addition to the list.

For the next two years, both Caleb and Lance have scoured Mobius and Sky City's vast information banks, looking for any sign of the duo. However, still they remain on the loose, and that is something that Lance can barely stand.


As the heir of two well-known and powerful family bloodlines, Lance has the genetic abilities unique to the Moldest and Sibelle Families. These abilities, Fake and Rainbow Scale each possess a different effect on his body and defensive prowess. Fake allows Lance to create either a perfect doppelganger of himself to take a hit and fake his death, with a three-minute cooldown time, or allow him to create an array of body parts such as wings, claws, blades, an extended tail, etc, which can last for roughly ten minutes. By comparison, Rainbow Scale acts with the element of the last attack he used, weakening the damage that all elements strong against his to a more manageable point.

Like Reaper, Lance is a highly skilled young man with attacks from all elements, although his primary elements are Fire and Earth, instead of Wind. In addition, he is highly skilled with the use of his dagger, as well as the manipulation of Magma, amongst other advanced elements and techniques. Unusually, he has not been seen using any Wind-abilities. However, unlike Reaper, Lance requires tactical thinking to defeat, due to his constantly changing weakness. It is to be noted that he wears a Dragon Fang necklace, although due to his species, the likelyhood of his Dragon Fang actually serving it's intended purpose is slim.

Fire Abilities

Magma Abilities

Earth Abilities

Metal Abilities

Water Abilities

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Poison Abilities

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Chaos Powers


A cocky, over-aggressive Power Hedgehog with a love of self-promotion and showing off, Lance is only ever serious when on a mission, and even then he's more interested in claiming all the glory for himself.






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