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Lance the Cat

Lance the Cat

Illustration of Lance, drawn by Lightning2315 (Credits go to said user)

14 years (15 in Part 2 of Sonic Adventure: Exodus)
3' 11"
74 lbs
Determined, calm, relaxed, alert, sensitive, somewhat cocky
Orange fur, aquamarine eyes, deep red scar on right side of face, white muzzle and chest
Super Forms
Super Lance, (Requires all 7 Chaos Emeralds) Hyper Lance, (Requires all 7 Super Emeralds)
Above-average agility, reflexes, cardinal senses, ability to land on feet when falling, regardless of height, kick-oriented attacks, Light Speed Kick (Super form only) Chaos Control/Blast, (Only in Super and Hyper forms) Chaos Crater, (Only in Hyper form) Final Fusion Cannon (Only in Hyper form)
Black combat gloves, black and grey sneakers
Anything at his disposal

Lance, Fearless Feline

Lance the Cat is a male 14-year-old orange cat with a small scar on the right side of his face. He is known for his determined but relaxed personality. Lance will risk himself to save his friends, let alone the world. Lance appears in the fanfic Sonic Adventure: Exodus, and possibly many other fanfics and roleplays in the future.



Lance never really knew his parents, given that he was lost at the age of 11, and was forced to live a life in seclusion. Living off the land hardened Lance's cardinary senses and had granted him abilities more acute than an average cat. Lance was in for a ride, years later.

Life Alone

Knowing his beloved parents would probably never be seen ever again, Lance knew he had to take care of himself to survive. In fact, he had made himself a small hut out of tree branches and mud bricks to live in. Pretty soon, he had found what appeared to be a shard of clear-green crystal. Lance decided to use it as a fire starter. Little did he know it was a piece of the Master Emerald. The first night he decided to use the shard, he ended up being ambushed by a red echidna. The echidna punched Lance with such force part of the right part of his face was ripped by the echidna's spiky fist. The echidna left with the shard, leaving Lance dazed and injured. The wound ended up becoming Lance's physical signature after scarring up.

Future Adventures

After several years of living in isolation, Lance decided to explore the world. He visited many places, such as Station Square, the Mystic Ruins, and many other cities and zones. His period of fun has reduced to a halt after one day, when he is attacked for the second time, only by a thief in a black trenchcoat. Soon, Lance meets the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog, as well. Lance and Sonic become very close friends and achieve incredible feats.


Sonic Adventure: Exodus

Lance is one of the leading characters in Sonic Adventure: Exodus. He achieves his Super Form during the fight with King Sentia, Chirns' father, and reaches his Hyper Form alongside Sonic when fighting with Chirns. He and Sonic square off against Chirns in one last explosive battle in an attempt of avenging the death of Mikhail Rancovich.

Fighting Skills

Normal Form

Lance takes advantage of his fleet-footedness and high awareness to defeat his opponents in hand-to-hand combat. Lance's running speed is nowhere close to Sonic the Hedgehog's, but is indeed faster than Silver the Hedgehog's.

His punches aren't the strongest, but his feet can deliver some serious kicks. However, Lance can be easily tripped up and beaten due to his frail but sinewy body frame. Lance carries a fairly large advantage against slower opponents or foes with sluggish attacks; he can only do plenty of damage with his kicking attacks. Lance's endurance is indeed long-lasting, which enables him to wear away at his enemy's stamina, allowing him to finish said adversary off with a stunning kick combo.

Super and Hyper Forms

Due to the power of the Chaos Emeralds (or Super Emeralds when charged with the Master Emerald's power), Lance's physical strength increases, along with his speed and agility. However, his stamina and defense persists. If you're in range of his Light Speed Kick Attack, you're probably done for; so many kicks in such little time can be devastating. Lance is still cocky when he is in his Super/Hyper forms, so a surprise attack can bring him at his knees.


Like all characters, Lance has his weak points. His fairly cocky attitude in combat makes him easy to surprise and overwhelm. He also shows under average defense from enemy attacks, along with fist attacks. Lance is also very sensitive in times of loss -he is not afraid to cry- such as Mikhail Rancovich's death in Sonic Adventure: Exodus. Using Lance's feelings to manipulate him can result in winning a battle against him.

Other Information



Heights; as he can land on his feet 100% of the time

Sonic the Hedgehog and friends



Waiting; he's very impatient

Knuckles the Echidna; Knuckles was the one who attacked Lance and gave him his iconic red scar


"Ready for a ride?"- Usually a taunt.

"Keep it up and I'll shut you up like a door!"- Usual comeback.

"Yeah, I knew it could be done!"- After a victory.

"Shoot! Guess we just didn't have it this time..."- After a defeat.

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