This is an article about Lan the Husky, a character created by Namusan on 12/29/2014.


Lan has off-white fur with pointed ears that almost always perk up. Her eyes are crimson. She often wears a kariginu (hunting cloak/dress) with a slit down the middle of the cloth below her waist. This slit reveals a purple skirt. The sleeves of said kariginu are detached.


Lan is commanding and lacks the ability to care enough to not step into people's personal boundaries. She is very blunt and often speaks what she believes is "the truth". (Which, it seems to be so most of the time). She appears to hate Chen due to being "too nice". In short, she's not a very nice person, and not many people like her either.


Early Life

Lan was born, along with several other husky pups, at the base of a tall mountain her parents planned to climb. Eventually, her parents moved to the top of that mountain and settled there. Lan, being the oldest of the pups, often bossed the others around. The others didn't really like this. So one day, they ratted on Lan to their mother. Their mother, being absolutely furious, punished Lan. This punishment forced her out of her home for a few days with just some food, water, and some clothes packed. Strangely, she survived, but she no longer talked to her siblings. Naturally, her siblings were concerned.


She can see in the dark. Kind of. She's also physically strong.

She pretty much has normal dog abilities.


Lan hates water. She also hates nice people. Really, she hates a lot of things. But water is what really weakens her. Fire weakens her, too. She also loses her balance quickly.

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