The Lambda Sector is an area in the Twilight Cage controlled by the Nocturnus. The planetiod is a large one, about 3/4 of Nocturne. The only feature of the Lambda Sector is a giant building containing the most advanced Nocturnus tech and the main science lab.

Location and Geology

The Lambda Sector is located behind the Voxai Colony Alpha, and to the left behind Nocturne. Technically, it should fall into Sector Charybdis, but Ix himself had the Lambda Sector be left to no sector. The planetoid is barren, having little or no plantlife. What ground isn't covered by the giant lab is cracked and black, as if the area was volcanic once.


Nothing much is known about the Lambda Sector, other then it was founded by Ix and ran by the best Nocturnus scientists. Ix had funded the creation of a a bio-mechanical being that would have been used as a weapon. The weapon went berserk and killed all the scientists that were there. Only one had escaped. He had hid from the weapon, living in the maintenance areas. It is unknown if that scientist is dead or not.

Technology and Testing

The Lamdba Sector was very advanced, having created numerous weapons and other technological marvels. Perhaps their greatest accomplishment was GLaDOS, the bio-mechanical being created as a testbed for super soldiers. Due to her original personality and her new programing conflicting, the testbed went berserk and killed the scientists.

Known employees

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  • An unknown employee who had survived the genocide of the weapon

Known Products

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