Lamarkie Village is a town that appears frequently in The Legend of Fox the Brave. It is situated a few miles east of The Storming Base, outside the territories of both the Red Fox Pack in Lamarkie Forest and the Jackal Pack on the Storm Moor. Despite being classified as a Village, it is quite large, being big enough to have its own transportation station to other Worlds and a Defense Force protecting it. It was built by the Red Fox Pack and named after Lamarkie, "Mark" the Saber of the Saber Pack.


Lamarkie Village is quite large, and is a center of commerce. There is plenty of trade in the Village, and plenty of growth, though the latter is due to refugees of various attacks from Infinite.


Many people have lived in Lamarkie Village throughout the years, but a list of confirmed residents is below. The warriors frequently bp

Confirmed Residents

  • Lamarkie "Mark" the Saber: Male saber with unknown description; Lived in ancient times
  • Carson the Fox: Male silver fox
  • Conrad Victor: Ninjago-native human man
  • Monty the Dog: Male pale yellow Dog with white flame pattern and receding bruises on his sides; Originally of Mountain Lake Village
  • Digger the Dog: Male black Dog with white flame pattern; Originally of Ocean Point Village
  • Pixie the Dog: Young female white Dog; Originally of Ocean Point Village
  • Ace the Dog: Male red Dog with white flame pattern; Originally of Ocean Point Village
  • Sara the Dog: Female pale brown Dog; Originally of Ocean Point Village
  • Markus the Hedgehog: Male brown Hedgehog with white flame pattern and ice-blue eyes; Originally of Ocean Point Village
  • Benjamin Sharp: Male African Elephant; Originally of High Mountain City
  • Carlo North: Young male saber; Originally of High Mountain City
  • Timothy Flatt: Young male beaver; Originally of High Mountain City


In the early days of Planet Minecraft, the Red Fox Pack fled from Mobius after a devastating battle between Sonic.EXE and Redstone the Fox. They built a village to house their Pack, though one of their former warriors, Redstone himself, died. Many moons later, they moved away, leaving the Village abandoned. It was found by a traveling saber named Lamarkie, or Mark for short. Mark found the usefulness of opening the village, and made it accessible to all humans, Mobians, and Pokemon, and it thrived for hundreds of years, gaining the protection of the Storming Alliance when they were formed.

The Lamarkie Defense Force

The Lamarkie Defense Force, or LDF, is a group of Mobians and humans(with no confirmed Pokemon) that defend the Village. They were instated as a part of the Storming Alliance after the Lamarkie Standoff.


  • Monty the Dog; Leader
  • Digger the Dog; Deputy
  • Markus the Hedgehog
  • Conrad Victor; Ninjago-native human man
  • Unnamed human woman
  • Carson the Silver Fox(unconfirmed)

The Lamarkie Standoff

The Lamarkie Standoff is an even that happened during The Phantom Storm, in the story Rise of a Team. What happened was, in an effort to get rid of the Lamarkie Defense Force before they joined the Alliance since his attempt on Monty's life failed, Infinite used an army of clones of Shadow the Hedgehog, Chaos, Zavok, and Metal Sonic to surround the village, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. Things remained at a tense standstill for several days, and Infinite even caught a patrol trying to sneak Winnie the Bird, Hope the Rockruff, Flame the Litten, Smokey the Dog, and Memphis the Dog out. The patrol was successful, and the children were taken to the Storming Base, but the people on the patrol were forced back to the Village to wait out the Standoff. Finally, an impatient Austin Smith rallied the Villagers and helped them prepare for a major battle, which they won.


In The Lost Pack, Jon incorrectly says Lamarkie built the village, when in fact it was named after him; the ancient Red Fox Pack built it.

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