Lamarkie Forest(pronounced LAH-mar-kee) is a location that appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. It is situated next to both Lamarkie Village and the Storming Base, and is the current home of the Red Fox Pack.


Lamarkie Forest, as its name suggest, is a forest. Its main wildlife is unknown, but it is currently home to the Red Fox Pack as of The Lost Pack.


The climate mainly varies, but it is mostly clear. In Austin's Adventures, at one point, there was a heavy storm.


The forest's history is unknown. All that is known is that Lamarkie Village was built nearby, and the forest was named after the Village(though this was never mentioned in the story)

Significant Populations

Originally, there were no known populations, but in The Lost Pack, the Red Fox Pack travel to the Lamarkie Forest and decide to live there after Roy gives them the offer to live there.

Notable Areas

A possible notable area is the Red Fox Pack's home, but the exact location of their camp has never been revealed.


The location in the forest that has appeared the most is a river that has yet been unnamed. It is at this river that Austin first encounters Finitevus in the Fleeing Evil Saga, and where Finitevus ambushed and badly injured Michael in the Prologue for The Villain's Reveal.

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