This page will basically be the overview of the events happening during the Mystic series in the Lamak Zone. However, this will not include dates when characters were born and most backstories.

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Mystic Beginnings

The Hartley Don't Stop

Central Characters: Mac, Schnee, Aorki, Amelia, Jamal, Buster

In the vast and rich city of Soleanna, two relatively young Mobians had arrived in their journeys. After having a traumatizing experience with his sister Marlee (who was brutalized in a ransom attempt), Mackenzie Hartley the Tiger decided to head out, trying to find a way to become better, a... protector. He'd went from the Mystic Ruins to Central City to even Angel Island in search of a place where he'd be able to do something to hone his skills. However, lots of time passed, and... nothing was really happening. Mac had a lot of money that he was able to use to take care of himself, but he was almost on the verge of giving up. After all, what did he think was going to happen? It's not like he'd find one of those masters in TV shows that teaches him some sort of superpower that'd guide him for the rest of his life.

Mac wasn't the only one looking for greatness, however. Not too far away, Schnee Ainekas the Hedgehog had been kicked out of her own home before she was even a teenager by her father after doing potentially dangerous experiments on her formerly legless brother. She'd been the one to make new legs for him, but nooo, it was "morally incorrect." Schnee didn't feel too bad about leaving; her life wasn't all that great, and now, she could pursue something she actually wanted, like becoming an engineer, or a scientist.

Both of these two didn't know what to expect that fateful day, but they heard several muscular men discussing about a plot to murder the famous princess, Elise, at around 2 AM. They'd disguised their conversation so that it'd look like they were talking normally whilst stranded from anybody else, but Mac and Schnee just managed to pick up their conversation. Though their endgames were totally different, both of them reluctantly knew that they couldn't aid and abet the wannabe murderers, and they told themselves that they'd also go to the palace extremely early in the morning to attempt to stop them.

Early in the morning, the two youngsters entered the palace with their fear in tow, the guards having been beaten unconscious (which would make it easier to enter for Mac). Schnee had arrived earlier, using some tech to break in, but Mac joined not too much later. They both watched as a large number (eighteen, to be exact) assailants entered the palace, all with one malicious goal in mind - killing the princess. Before Mac could do anything, he was suddenly tackled by Schnee, who found him and assumed he was with them. It didn't take her long to realize that Mac was not the person who she was looking for, and Mac quietly yelled at her, asking what she though she was doing.

She responded by punching him in the arm for yelling at her, telling him that she was there to stop the assassination. Mac argued that he was going to try and stop it, but the girl didn't take no for an answer - she said that if he was desperate, they could try to do it together. After a large gulp, Mac confronted them, telling them that he was going to report them and that he wasn't going to let them get away with their murder attempt.

Obviously, it did not go over well.

Mac and Schnee tried putting up a fight against the burly assaulters, but they were merely a fourteen-year old and a preteen going against trained professionals, so they had no trouble with them. However, despite the fact that they were fighting a losing battle and they was getting beat down by a pathetic amount, Mac knew that he had to stall them, and no matter how hard they hit him, he always got back up, not letting any blow stop him. Eventually, though, his body was starting to give out - though Mac's will was able to push him on further, there was just too much pain for Mac to deal with. Due to the fact that she was a younger female, they were far lighter when it came to Schnee's beating, but she eventually played unconscious, pretending she was knocked out and fooling the attackers.

Mac couldn't believe his luck. He just had to push hard, and he probably had found the person he was getting beat up to find. Mac couldn't get too excited however, for the newcomer still had yet to do anything. The aggressors mocked the lemur, asking him how someone so old was going to stop them... but then, one of them was sent flying out of the window. Mac was assured at that very moment that all of the pain he'd been feeling was worth it. Schnee wished she could do that; just allow someone who was making you feel crappy to feel karma. She wanted to know how he was doing that, but she decided to watch the show as they tried to stop him.

The wizard-like figure then easily got rid of the rest of the strikers, not wasting any time to knock them all unconscious, not even having to move from where he was standing to do so. Mac was amazed - how was the man able to do it all? What type of advanced magic was it? Mac wanted to be able to talk to the man, but all the aches in his body reminded him what he had gone through, so he just stayed put. Eventually, Mac fell asleep, but whether it was because of tiredness or because he was affected by his wounds, he wasn't sure. Schnee, due to not being beaten as badly, was able to rise, and she confronted the lemur not very long after he'd defeated all of the would-be killers.

She asked him what exactly he did, and he looked distant, as if she was a rendition of something he'd seen before, yet still entirely different. He ignored her question, asking what a young girl like her was doing in a dangerous situation. Schnee informed him of her and Mac's goal, which was to stop Princess Elise from being killed. The lemur seemed to be impressed by this, and told her that he'd tell her the full story when Mac was up, and he'd be reporting the fact that they saved the princess, and he hoped that they'd be rewarded. Schnee honestly informed him that all they did was get beat up, but the lemur replied that had they not followed, then he wouldn't have seen them and stopped the assailants. Schnee didn't feel like that counted as a victory, but the lemur manifested a scroll with an address on it before giving it to her, saying that if she wanted to learn more about how he could do what he did, she should meet him at that address with Mac. Schnee wanted to ask him more, but before she could, he warped off.

The next morning, Schnee had taken Mac to a diner, and he woke up, asking what had happened and how he wasn't dead. Schnee told him that she didn't know that much either, but for their efforts, they'd been gifted a whopping 500,000 Rings each that she was keeping in her bag, to which Mac groaned in disappointment. Schnee asked how he wasn't excited, and Mac revealed the truth - he was from the Hartley family. While he expected Schnee to be blown away, she had no idea who they were, much to Mac's surprise. He went into further detail - his name was Mac Hartley, and he was the son of two wealthy oil company owners from Myst Town. Schnee was thinking about the benefits her tech could get from being acquainted with a rich boy when he suddenly asked her who she was.

Schnee seemed nervous, but Mac flirted, saying that besides the whole tackle thing, she seemed like an extremely pleasant person to be around, and he'd hate to leave not knowing about what a wonderful person she was. Though Schnee wasn't completely swayed, she found the tiger charming, and she started to explain herself; she was just a nerdy hedgehog who had come looking for greatness. Mac knew she wasn't telling the whole truth, but seeing as he got her to speak at all, Mac considered that progress. Mac then asked why she stayed around him, and Schnee replied that it was because she had something to tell him from the lemur who'd saved them, saying that he'd given them an address of a village that was nearby called Cyclos Village. She explained that he said he'd tell them how he performed the feats he did if they met him there together. Mac excitedly said that he was reading to go, but Schnee reminded him that they still needed to eat.

After they had eaten and with a bit of hitchhiking, they eventually arrived at Cyclos Village's "Welcome!" sign. Mac and Schnee entered the village, and almost immediately they were greeted by the mystical lemur, who had teleported in front of them. Mac and Schnee were in great shock by his abilities, and he said that he was honestly surprised they'd shown up before inviting them into a room it looked like he was staying in. While Mac wanted to start off with conversation-starting questions, Schnee got right to the point, asking how he could perform offensive magic. The lemur gave a hearty laugh, noticing how impatient Schnee was, and saying that he should introduce himself first. He said his name was Vitos Aorki, and he was a proficient energy user. Mac and Schnee were still lost, so Aorki went on to explain further.

He said that in the world, flowing through all living beings, energy that powered everything in existence. He said that long ago, everyone used this type of energy, but as technology on Mobius became more dominant, it was limited to a single tribe - the Solvage Tribe. Aorki said that he was a clansman from that tribe who had left in order to protect others on the planet and take on students. At this, while Schnee seemed uninterested, Mac was pumped. This was exactly what he'd been looking for! He asked Aorki quickly if he'd take him on as a student, and Aorki showed happiness at Mac's insistence on joining him. Aorki said that there was a trial he wanted Mac to go through before he could embark on journeys with them, and he told the two of them that there were empty houses with multiple rooms that they would be able to rest in for the night. He said that Mac should've started doing some training, because the trial was not going to be easy.

Schnee and Mac left Aorki with knowledge they hadn't known before. While Schnee didn't like the sneak-diss he did on tech users, Mac was just enthusiastic about the entire ordeal, and as soon as they got into an empty house and put their stuff away, Mac began trying exercise. He wasn't weak, per se, but he was never special when it came to strength, and he was excited for the next day, assured he'd be able to pass the trial and go on further to work with Aorki.

The next day, Mac (along with a Schnee who just wanted to see how it'd play out) headed back to Aorki's house, where the magical lemur was not alone, accompanied by three Mobians around Mac's age. One of the was a green hippo who donned plain neon orange clothing, a yellow and red falcon whose feathers had red natural-looking highlights, and a gorgeous ginger-colored lemur with pink clothes and long, flowing hair. Mac was going to alert them of his presence, but Aorki did so before him, telling him that they were his students and their names were Jamal the Falcon, Amelia the Lemur, and Buster the Hippo, along with the fact that Amelia was his daughter. Jamal didn't hesitate in trying to tell Mac what his trial would be, but Aorki cut him off, saying that they wanted a background check.

Mac explained that he was a wealthy tiger from Myst Town, a fact that while it looked like it made Amelia interested, it just made Jamal look... fiercer. Unbothered, Mac said that he'd traveled far and wide, looking for someone to train him in order to become more powerful. Amelia asked him why he wanted more strength, but Mac avoided the question, saying that it was a great coincidence that the person he was looking for saved his life when he tried to stop the assassination attempt on Elise. Buster and Amelia snickered at this fact, as if they knew something he didn't, but Jamal retained his cold demeanor towards Mac. Aorki said that was all they needed to know, and Jamal explained without interruption: he would be going toe-to-toe in a one-on-one match with him. Mac sized Jamal up - he didn't look too tough, so Mac assumed that it would just be like slightly more fierce wrestling with his sisters back home. Mac eagerly took on the challenge, thinking that it'd be a piece of cake, before cockily leaving to warm up for the match. Schnee, who'd watched the entire conversation, had an eerie feeling that they were hiding something from him... but, as she was unable to figure out what, she followed Mac out.

After a few hours, when the afternoon was coming to a close, Buster (the hippo) arrived at Mac and Schnee's "house," saying that he would be the one to escort him to the field. Buster asked if Schnee wanted to come, and she was contradicted; before she'd gone to see Mac's "interview," she was sure that she wouldn't care, but now, she wanted to come just to make sure that he was going to be okay. As the trio began to head to the field, Buster gave Mac a warning - Jamal was a pretty good fighter, and that Mac would do well not to underestimate him. Mac energetically replied that he couldn't have been too bad, and Schnee noticed that Buster had a look of worry on his face once he'd said that. Eventually, they arrived at a football-like field, where Jamal was waiting and Amelia and her father were on the bleachers. Schnee and Buster went on to join them, and Mac went to the fields. Jamal said that Mac should be prepared, and Mac replied that he was, allowing Jamal to make the first move.

That was a mistake.

With super-Mobian speed, Jamal was seemingly teleporting, but in a different way than what Aorki did. And that was just the start of it. Jamal's strength far surpassed Mac had seen from professionals before - and Mac could tell Jamal wasn't even going all-out. It wasn't even like the beating Mac had received from the killers, because they at least had a normal amount of power - Jamal exceeded that amount big time. Jamal's onslaught felt endless to Mac - he wasn't even able to get a single hit in, and Jamal wasn't letting up, even looking like he was taking enjoyment in completely obliterating Mac. But still, even though he knew he couldn't win, Mac kept getting up - however, that'd just provide another opportunity for him to get knocked down by Jamal again.

Schnee knew that something was fishy, but she didn't know *how* fishy until the fight started. There were several moments when she had to look away, just because she couldn't watch this boy she'd known for such a short time be completely owned. She knew that it wasn't her place to interfere, and if Mac wanted it to end he just had to tap out... but he wasn't tapping out. And that's what annoyed Schnee the most.

Eventually, Mac felt as if he couldn't move, and he already knew Jamal was in a league that he never knew existed. With strength like his, he'd defeat professional martial artists in one strike. After a prolonged beating, Jamal showed that he was tired of beating Mac senseless, and then proceeded to do something Mac never saw coming; he generated an orb of pure fire in front of him. Mac knew that it was the real deal, but he was too exasperated to move out of the way, and he though that he as already dead when Jamal fired at him, and Schnee was wishing that she told him not to go when Amelia jumped in front of Mac.

The orb of fire exploded right in front of her, but Amelia didn't seem physically harmed at all, instead just lecturing Jamal that an ergokinetic attack like that might've been able to kill Mac. Jamal shrugged, saying that he made sure it was very weak, but Amelia still showed disapproval, saying that it was still far too much for a normal person. Ignoring her nagging, Jamal flew to Mac, a look of disgust on his face. Jamal said that just because Mac had money, it didn't qualify him for anything, and that their world was one that money couldn't buy it's way into. Jamal said that if Mac had a brain cell left after the fight, he'd mosey his way back onto Myst Town and never show his face again before the falcon spat on the ground by the bruised tiger's body. At this, Mac was consumed with enough rage to get up and try to punch Jamal in the face, but Jamal quickly counter-attack with his own punch, knocking blood out of Mac's mouth and knocking him unconscious. At this, Schnee decided she wouldn't watch anymore, running up to Jamal, yelling about how horrible he was, and trying to slap him in the face before carrying Mac's unconscious body back to their place.

When Mac woke up, Schnee started to explain what had happened, and she was still tending to his wounds. She started to explain what had happened, but Mac said that he already knew. Schnee told him that it was okay, and that anyone would've lost, but Mac showed anger, saying that was the problem. Not only did he fail the trial, he had no chance of finding someone like that again, someone who could actually be the answer to his problems. He said that before, he was just a dumb kid with a dumb dream. He said that maybe it was his fate to be some throwaway rich kid who does nothing but get on the cover of magazines... and that the idea he could do anything more was stupid. Schnee tried to argue, but Mac told her not to waste her time.

Mac laid in bed for a long time, and Schnee felt terrible, and she kept reminding herself not to get involved, because she didn't even know him that well... but she thought back. Back before she was kicked out. And Schnee thought of how she felt when that happened, how badly she needed someone to talk to... and later in the day, when reminiscing on these events, Schnee decided to confront the now depressed-esque Mac.

This time, when Mac told her to stop trying to make him feel better, Schnee just flat-out told him to shut up, which definitely caught him off-guard. Schnee explained that just because he failed once didn't mean that he sucked, but if he just threw everything away then he sucked even more. She said that the truth about her is that her deadbeat dad kicked her out of her own house, and she felt betrayed. Betrayed by her brother for not doing anything, betrayed by her mother for leaving... she had every reason in the world to just lay down and die. But she was still here, tell him that he needed to get back up. She said if that Jamal guy was such a jerk, he couldn't let him take his power - Mac was gonna have to man up and keep on trying.

At hearing this, Mac thought very deeply. Not only what she was saying was entirely true... she finally opened up to him about her past. And that alone was enough to make Mac admit that Schnee was right. Schnee asked Mac if he was gonna lay around or if he was going to challenge them again... and Mac said that he'd do the latter.

Later that day, with high spirits, Schnee and Mac went back to Aorki's house, and Aorki looked surprised and pleased to see them again (why Amelia and Buster looked happy, with Jamal just being annoyed). Mac said that he came for a rematch, and that even though he didn't stand a chance the first time, he wasn't going to give up, and that no matter how many times he was beaten, he was always going to get back up. Jamal said that he was ready for the rematch right then, and Mac said that he was, too. Aorki optimistically said that he would take them to the fields, and they all headed there.

When the match started, Jamal was ready to attack, but instead Mac started speaking. He admitted the truth; he didn't just want to be strong for himself. A few years back, his sister Marlee was stolen in a ransom attempt. She was brutalized by the time they fit her kidnapper's needs, and when she got back, Marlee closed herself off from anyone, depressing the entire family. Mac said that he remembered that feeling of pure helplessness everyday, remembering the look on Marlee's face as her faith in the family dropped. Mac said that feeling was only amplified when he was beaten by the assassins, and then when he was beaten by Jamal. But Mac wasn't going to be powerless any longer. He'd do anything it took to make sure that more people didn't end up like Marlee.

At this point, Aorki, Amelia, and Buster were sensing something in Mac's energy signatures - they were increasing rapidly, something even Aorki hadn't ever seen before. Jamal, also sensing it, immediately tried ending the fight with the fire orb he used before, and Mac didn't try to dodge it, and it looked like he had taken the blow's full-force. Schnee flinched, wondering if her friend had gotten himself killed, but when she looked past the smoke, the opposite had happened - Mac's fur had taken a light-blue color, his hair was cyan, and his attire was generally more blue and white themed. Amelia excitedly noted that it seemed like Mac's power had risen considerably, and Jamal tried ending the fight again, using a new attack where he conjured flaming feathers and fired them at Mac. Mac now began to move with speed Schnee couldn't even see, dodging all of the projectiles and landing a clean punch on Jamal's face. Jamal, surprised, tried the attack again, but the same thing happened; Mac dodged all of them, landing another blow to Jamal. Jamal, now angered, flew into the air, charging a much larger version of his standard fire orb, and shot it at Mac. However, Mac put his hand up, absorbing the energy, and smirked before turning it into his own, firing a strong wave of electricity that sent Jamal flying and causing Aorki to end the match.

A few seconds after Mac did this, however, he returned to his normal appearance, felt a surge of pain, coughed up blood and fell onto his knees, the drawbacks for using such strong power whilst being inexperienced having caught up to him. Jamal flew to Mac, and the tiger thought that the falcon was going to attack him, but instead, Jamal put his hand out for Mac to grab, congratulating him. Schnee ran up to Mac, giving him a great but painful bear hug, and Aorki said that Mac had passed the trial. Aorki explained that the trial was never to win - it was just to see if he would come back. Aorki said that Mac had an obscene amount of potential, and he'd definitely be accepted into the group. Mac said that he never would've come back in the first place if it wasn't for Schnee (who acted modest), and Aorki said that Schnee was welcome to join them as well.

Wispy Wake

Central Characters: Amelia, Schnee, Yael

Electroshock Familiarity

Central Characters: Aorki's gang, Schnee

Myst Town or Bust(er)

Central Characters: Mac, Buster, Mac's family

Black-Arm Battle

Central Characters: Aorki's group, Terra & the Wild Wind Village, Schnee, Alexia, Scarlet's gang




When Terra Fauna the Ocelot was a young thirteen-year-old trying to prove that she'd be an able guardian, one of the worst things she could've ever asked to happen actually happened - the Wild Wind Village was being attacked by these strange, black creatures. Before the attack, Terra had thought that the reddened sky was simply because of an atmosphere change... not an alien invasion!

A starfish-esque entity arrived first to the village a few days after the sky had changed color. It then released a hologram of a three-eyed alien that called itself "Black Doom." Black Doom said that it was part of a species called the Black-Arms, and that they were going to need all of the village's supplies if they didn't want to be attacked. Though the villagers originally weren't going to put up a fight, Terra, the aspiring guardian, told him that they wouldn't throw away their pride for his stupid agenda.

This seemed to push a button, both for the villagers and for Black Doom, as he sicced black creatures (Terra assumed these were the "Black Arms") at the villagers. Though part of Terra was afraid, worried about what she'd just done, the other part of her was excited - what better opportunity to prove that she'd be an excellent guardian than to defend the village from a raid? Thus, without much hesitation, she put her training to use, attacking the foreign creatures.

Terra actually did pretty well, being a young teenager in an extremely peaceful village. Her training had given her quite a large amount of speed, and she used it to quickly take out the invaders before they could cause any harm to the villagers. However, despite how hard she was working, it wasn't enough. Some of the aliens were, in fact, attacking the villagers. Seeing this, the village elder, Tekoomse, called Terra over and sent members of the Wild Wind military out.

He quickly said that for the longest time, the village had a large secret. He then described how when the village how founded, they'd used an Emerald from the Coming of the Chaos Emeralds (an event where Master Emeralds fell from the sky) to protect their village from enemies. However, they weren't allowed to keep it to themselves, so they broke a tiny fragment of it off and put it into a ring.... a ring that hadn't been used for centuries. Tekoomse told Terra that just this once, if she swore she'd be responsible with it, she'd be able to use its power to protect everyone.

Terra swore on her life, and Tekoomse gave it to her, ordering her to return it to him as soon as she was done. He said that it'd give her aerokinetic abilities and the power to walk on thin air, and Terra put it to good use, using her newfound powers to take out far more Black-Arms than she would've been able to alone. Working together with the honestly rusty members of their military, they were able to stop the aliens' invasion.

A Hyper-Go-On Helping

Central Characters: Wisps, Schnee, Yael

Erupting Planet

Central Characters: Aorki's group, Schnee, Crys, Dark Gaia

Planet Elilaela

Central Characters: Mac, Crys

Briona Bout

Central Characters: Aorki's group, Leunga Sephtis Briona the Fourth, Schnee

The Journey Begins!

Central Characters: Alexia, Terra & the Wild Wind Village

When she reached the age of fifteen, Terra was promoted to the village’s guardian for her bravery in the Black-Arm invasion and because of her overall helpfulness and contribution to the village's well-being (though part of it was also because not too many people wanted the frankly intimidating role in the first place). Terra would then protect and help the village for the next two years, earning respect and a good reputation.

Meanwhile, Aqua needed somewhere to stay. She decided to explore the world to find a home, and found the Wild Wind Village, an Anti-Eggman Village and a part of the Flora Cats Tribe. She was scared, lonely, and scarred, and though most of the villagers could see that, one particular ocelot Terra (who seemed to be the village's guardian) doubted how sincere Alexia was, saying that it could be a ploy from an enemy to infiltrate the village and destroy it from the inside.

She looked battered and desperate, and though Terra knew that she would like like a prick doing this, she suggested that the girl should leave, not trusting a word she was staying. If this girl joined the village and then murdered everyone who was in it, that'd be on her, and she didn't want to face that conclusion, or have that burden on her.

The girl shakily revealed that her name was Alexia Wynter. She stammered as she told her story, that she came from a peaceful village that was continuously being attacked by Eggman for some reason, so its population was dwindling. Then, her socially inept brother disappeared, along with her mother, and her father was impaled through the chest. Apparently, people feared that she'd be next, so she ran, fearing for her life. Then, she came upon the village and asked if she could stay.

Terra was troubled, now - if she said no, she'd look like a paranoid jerk, and honestly, she felt as if she was being one already. However, that didn't lower the chance of Alexia (was that even her name?) being a possible threat to the village... but they couldn't let someone who could've been an innocent and scarred girl just roam on and probably die because of their leader's fearfulness. Terra tried to look at Alexia from a more sympathetic angle, and she was getting closer and closer to saying yes.

Terra decided to stop beating around the bush and bluntly asked if Alexia was telling the truth. She did a lot of nodding, begging for her to let her take refuge there until it was safe for her to leave again. She admitted that they had few good reasons to trust her, but she was just an earnest runaway looking for a safe haven, and if she had to do something - anything - for her to prove it, she'd do it in an instant. This is what finally sealed the deal with Terra, seeing Alexia's pure persistence, even when the odds were against her. Finally, the ocelot agreed to provide for the the hedgehog as long as she didn't cause too much trouble.

Alexia would observe and watch as the village life continued and word of a refugee spread. The village wasn't exactly as peaceful, and it wasn't her home just yet, but for the time being, Alexia knew that she could find comfort in it, especially since everyone was so welcoming to her and told her that they were extremely sorry for her loss (which usually resulted in Alexia tearing up, thinking about her parents, but she appreciated the thought nonetheless).

One thing Alexia witnessed a lot of the time was Terra's pure determination to contribute to the village, always protecting them from threats, going to the market to get supplies, etc. In a way, she was everything Alexia was not, and frankly, what she wanted to be. Deciding that it'd be good to both get to know Terra and show the village that she wasn't an enemy, after days of thinking about it, Alexia offered to be Terra's apprentice.

She seemed to have caught Terra off-guard with her offer, but the ocelot said yes, looking more happy than usual. However, she said that the softie Alexia was wasn't going to be able to stand up for the village, so she'd have to undergo a lot of training to really show that serious about helping the village. But Terra didn't show any anger while saying this - in fact, she sounded more excited about the entire ordeal.

Over time, Alexia and Terra would spend time together both training (and in the beginning, Alexia honestly sucked at it, but she was determined to improve, which seemed to get on Terra's good side) and hanging out. After becoming her apprentice, Alexia felt like Terra had a soft side too, and behind her lonely exterior, she was a friendly and likable woman... that Alexia eventually grew to have a crush on (though she usually ignored these feelings). One fact was definitely true for Alexia, however - life was looking up.

Wispy Wrath

Central Characters: Schnee, Wisps, Yael

Revealing Revelation

Central Characters: Yael, Schnee, Aorki's group

Final Goodbyes

Central Characters: Aorki's group, Schnee

Mystic Zone

Scarlet's Recruitment

Central Characters: Mac, Scarlet's gang

Mackenzie Hartley, now having left Aorki's gang to go solo, is having the time of his life! ...not. Not many criminals have had the training he had, and because of that he's able to take care of most baddies on most missions with ease. He'd gotten himself a place in a city called Trikon City, and he was making up a bit of a name for himself. However, Mac was just really bored. He remembered the ol' days, with new threats popping up nearly every week, but now he was surviving city life with ease. Having nothing to do, Mac set out to the streets, desperate for entertainment.

Meanwhile, a re-appearing red-furred fox was with her gang as they tried to a crime that was on the next level - steal a Chaos Emerald from a jewelry store. Though they barely escaped, Scarlet was mad at how the post-mission was going. Her teammates were all arguing, and she yelled at them frantically to cut it out. After a bit of banter from Buck, Scarlet managed to keep her cool, and the group kept the Chaos Emerald.

Before Mac started his job (which would be in a day), he went to Buns & Brawls, his favorite hangout place. He got some food and began getting complacent, arguing with a pink pig who was going to win in a fight (surprise, surprise - Mac was wrong). Though he was all prepared to leave happily and satisfied, his sensed a strong energy signature - similar to that of a Chaos Emerald. Mac attacked Buck, sending him into unconsciousness and prepared to grab the Emerald, but Scarlet through a smoke bomb at him, and while the ragtag group of thieves escaped, Mac cursed, not able to believe he let some thugs get away with something so valuable.

Though Scarlet's group managed to escape, no one was happy. Blitz was in fear that the mysterious assailant had killed Buck, but Shirley checked for a pulse, seeing that he was still alive, before realizing and telling the group the Emerald they'd gotten was a fake that emitted powerful energy. Scarlet was extremely frustrated, but she then realized that it'd been because of her that the group was always in so much danger, and she decided that she was going to do them all a favor... and leave. Though her two awake teammates tried convincing her not to go, Scarlet had already made up her mind - she was a threat to the group, and thus she had to leave. Wishing good luck upon them, Scarlet left.

The next day, Mac got a call from someone of the name Kaji Kibih who called him to protect his bank. Mac didn't think it would be that exciting, but he decided to go anyway because it was better than nothing. He was right - though he wasted some time beforehand, nothing too exciting happened... until he saw a familiar stranger fend off some guards with money in hand. Mac effortlessly took them out, and was about to send them off before he opened his eyes and saw who he'd defeated. A hottie, and she looked about his age, too. Mac strangely asked her what her name was, and she responded by saying that her name was Scarlet June. There was some back-and-forth banter, but once Scarlet said she was 19, Mac told the poor girl (in both ways) that since he was rich, she'd be able to live with him. Scarlet was incredibly confused, but she went along with it, not knowing what could go wrong. Though it'd take some time, the two eventually bonded, getting to truly know each other.

Attack on Trikon

Central Characters: GUN, Luna, Mac, Scarlet

Luna Raven was a Black-Arm/bunny hybrid who was convinced the Black-Arms were a good species and that all Mobians were trash. She had recently arrived on Earth and planned to exact revenge, lying low and going under the name "Serene Peterjack." She had spent a lot of time as a homeless Mobian until one day, she saw Shadow going to GUN. Filled with rage and all sense out of her mind, Luna hit Shadow in the cheek with an attack, but she was easily comprehended. At first, she was put in a normal cell, but Shadow knew of her origin by her obvious appearance and told them to put her in max security, and they complied.

Luna devised a plan to escape by utilizing their poor knowledge of her abilities, using her telepathy to escape and kill the agents. After she got out, she trained tirelessly, preparing for the day she would face Shadow and avenge her species. Her first plan was to infiltrate GUN and see the Commander Abe Tower, telling her to give her Shadow or else she would kill him.

To put it simply - Tower didn't give her Shadow.

The public was depressed when they found out about the murder, and among these people was the infamous Mackenzie Hartley. Its timing wasn't the best - him and Scarlet were just beginning to get really close. When the duo found out about it, Mac got extremely angry, wanting to bring the killer to justice. When GUN offered him a mission, Mac jumped at these chance to put Luna down. Scarlet, not trusting that all would go well, followed.

Mac confronted Luna, telling her that he would be the one to take her down. However, Mac couldn't walk the walk - he was easily defeated by the hybrid, and even though he never gave up, Luna overwhelmed him, plain and simple. She was about to end his life when Scarlet, who'd been watching, threw the top of a trash can and deflected her seemingly killing blow, escaping with Mac and letting the tiger live to fight again.

Scarlet's Training - TAI Unlocked!

Central Characters: Mac, Scarlet

Both of the Hartley Mansion inhabitants who gloomy after the failure that was the confrontation of "Serene." Both of them were thinking about what they could've done better - Mac with the actual fighting, and Scarlet berating herself for just standing back and watching as Mac was pummeled. However, they had one other thing they were thinking about - Scarlet's usefulness in battle. Mac didn't want her to just watch as he did all the brutal battling, and Scarlet herself didn't want to be a damsel-in-distress. They both had the exact same thing in mind - Scarlet needed to train.

...however, their ideas of "training" were extremely different. For one, Mac had fuzzy memories or training with Aorki - he remembered Aorki being a lot harsher than he really was, and he had allies who'd already learned how to manipulate their life force to help him. Scarlet hadn't seen most of Mac's more... supernatural abilities, so she was thinking of just getting really strong in general. Thus, the disconnect between the two put Scarlet into a world she hadn't really prepared for... at all.

Mac saw that Scarlet already had a good amount of physical ability - she was plenty agile and powerful for a normal Mobian. However, Mac knew that Scarlet was going to have to break those limits if she really wanted to be helpful, and that meant that she'd have to learn how to manipulate her life force, or chi, and expand on it. Scarlet was extremely confused when Mac introduced the concept to her, and he simply told her to focus on calming things. Ironically, Scarlet showed her first sparks of energy manipulation when she thought of all the bitter feelings she'd had over her life, and Mac was impressed at how quickly she was showing improvement.

Now that he was able to check that off of his bucket list, Mac sent a very sweaty and tired Scarlet home to freshen up, and she had no idea that he was going to introduce something unexpected to her - a battle spar. As soon as the former thief returned, Mac attacked, not wasting any time to tell her what they'd be doing next. Scarlet was able to dodge the first attack, and she easily transitioned into the fight, and though Mac mostly had the upper hand, Scarlet used bits and pieces and bursts of ergokinesis to surprise him. They were reaching the climax of their fight when Mac tried something new - instead of only sending his life force to specific parts of his body, he tried expanding it while it was in him, releasing a strong aura. Though Scarlet looked away because of how bright it was, when she looked again, Mac's fur and clothing was differently colored.

Mac was surprised, recognizing the transformation from his youth, and told Scarlet their little bout was over. They both made promises to themselves - Mac that he'd use this form (which he named TAI for Tranquil Awesomeness Incarnate) to get the win on Serene once they met again, and Scarlet that she would someday be able to compete with him. Over time, however, they'd keep on training, and Scarlet would grow into a good warrior. Mac would even recognize her as a prodigy.

The Recruitment of the Black Flowers

Central Characters: Luna, White, Tina, Sephtis

Luna's defeat of Mac had caused quite a stir - the public had begun seeing her as a type of unstoppable monster, and now everyone was on super high alert. Luna donned a disguise and attempted to lay low for about a month. In this month, one person had heard about the news, namely White Ainekas the Rabbit. He'd heard about the news of Tower, and he decided that he would try and find her. He presented this idea to his best friend, Tina Dante the Bat, who disapproved, but White stubbornly stuck with the idea.

After the month, Luna had simply gotten bored of being inactive, and she tried creating chaos again, but she just wasn't getting the same satisfaction from it. However, on one of these journeys, she was in the presence of White (who wasn't even looking for her at the time). He was just going to be yet another victim, but he talked his way out of it, saying that she was acting like a misguided child and that she needed someone to join her. Luna's selective hearing interpreted this as him offering to be her disciple, and White said that he could even convince his "associate" Tina to join. Luna, not seeing any problems with it, allowed him to join.

White called up Tina again, telling her the "good news." Tina didn't like it, obviously - how was she supposed to team up with a villain? White and Tina argued about the idea, but White explained that if they joined, they wouldn't be on her hitlist, and he was trying to keep her safe. This warmed Tina's heart, and it got her into a sappy enough mood that she saw White's logic and agreed to join him in an adventure she hadn't ever dreamed of.

Luna told them to come in an abandoned part of the city called Lotking, with it being deserted. She wanted them to fight her so that she could see what they were really capable of. White went first, and it was revealed that he had prosthetic legs that could also function as guns. Luna was satisfied with White's performance, but Tina's... not so much. Tina wasn't really doing anything special, and Luna was going to kill her before White argued that Tina still had more ability than the average Mobian, causing Luna to let Tina live. Then, after the spar, Luna sent her disciples on their first mission - finding some more allies.

Going to the library, they found a couple of books about great assassins through the ages. Though it took them a while to find one that wasn't old, wrinkly, or dead, they eventually found out about Leunga Briona the Fourth, an assassin who was the descendant of the first Leunga Briona, someone they found in the first few pages in a ton of books. Deciding that he must be important if his great-great-great-many-more-greats grandfather was mentioned so much, they were about to set out to find him....

However, Tina had a very tiny but also very important question - how were they going to find him? It wasn't like he was going to go around shouting where he lived to everyone. But White had an idea. He told Tina that if they could find out who a couple of people who people knew were killed by him, they could see his unique style of murder, and why he did so. So, deciding to do it the next day, they went home.

A day passed, and the two went back to the library - however, this time, they read books about murdered people, hoping to find information on people who'd been killed by Leunga Briona. After a long day of studying, Tina told White about something she figured out - the people who Leunga killed were all rich or had close relationships with rich people. This prompted White to think that maybe he didn't take jobs, and he just went on with a normal life. Then, Tina replied that his idea couldn't work because people knew he was an assassin. White threw off the concept, saying that they didn't need to know why or how he did it, they just needed to follow his pattern of killing rich people. And there was only one rich person in town... Mackenzie Hartley.

The two stalked him for days. Hiding in places where they wouldn't be recognized, they always checked on him when he was at his mansion and went out. One day, after about two weeks, they found a grey eagle and a purple eagle walking together - however, the grey one really resembled Leunga Briona, even to the point where he had the exact same wrinkle design. Deciding to check it out, the duo walked up to them. They questioned him on his identity, and Leunga, apparently not even trying to hide it, took a gun out of his pocket. He aimed it at White, but Tina kicked it away. While the eagle was surprised, White delivered a swift fire-powered kick to his crotch, knocking him out. Telling the younger eagle to follow them, they started heading back to the abandoned part of town.

After Luna had lectured them on taking so long, Luna woke Leunga up and told the two eagles exactly who she was. She told them that her real name was Luna Raven, and that she was a leftover Black Arm determined to get revenge against the planet, but she'd need some assistance. Though she was originally just going to bring Leunga along, the grey eagle explained that he wasn't the best suited for the type of massacre Luna was used to. He offered his son, Leunga Sephtis Briona the Fifth (though he usually went by Sephtis Briona) for the job. Luna tested Sephtis out in battle, the the 12-year-old boy did extraordinarily well, even as good if not better than White. Thus, he qualified.

White and Tina weren't sure how to react, knowing that they were working with a genius in assassination and his son, but Luna had no qualms, wanting the three of them to find out more information about her enemies.

A Wild Wind Rescue!

Central Characters: Scarlet, Alexia, Terra & the Wild Wind Village, Eggman

Mac and Scarlet had made sure to keep training, and Scarlet improved rapidly, showing skill in ergokinesis. Mac had begun to bring her along whenever he could on his missions to see how she'd fare, whether they were retrieval missions or more battle-oriented. Scarlet was almost equal with Mac in his normal form, showing that she was seemingly a prodigy when it came to battle (though she'd had some experience with her old gang). Things were going happily with the two - Mac has proud with himself for teaching Scarlet, and Scarlet was determined not to be a liability anymore.

However, a good distance away from them, in the Wild Wind Village, things weren't nearly the same. It'd now been a few years ever since Alexia had joined the village and had become Terra's apprentice, and things truly were going swimmingly (no pun intended). Alexia's shyness wasn't exactly the best in the market, but Terra hoped that one day, the hedgehog would grow into one of the village's best leaders and guardians. Unfortunately, Eggman sent out a red version of Metal Sonic he dubbed Turbo Metal Sonic to look for Mobians to roboticize along with trying to capture Alexia, and the Wild Wind Village was the first victim of Metal Sonic's attack.

When Metal Sonic arrived in the village, at first, his presence was unknown, just because of how fast he was. Once Terra and Alexia became aware of the threat, however, things didn't get much better - the robot took Alexia out quickly (which disappointed Terra), and though Terra tried her hardest to give him a good fight, she was ultimately defeated, and the doppelganger went on to subdue all of the villagers who hadn't yet evacuated.

Word of the village's capture reached those with kind hearts, and a mission was sent on the mercenary board - specifically, the one Mac cared about. The mission had good pay, and Mac thought that it was simple enough, and the gears started working it his head - Scarlet + simple job = training! Mac advertised the job in good spirits, saying that its difficulty level would most likely be low, but there was one issue - the village the villagers resided in was a good distance away. Mac had a solution, though - he took out the air-cycle Schnee had made for him but he never used, and together, they gave it a paint job, dubbing it the Scarlet Cycle. With this, Scarlet was now prepared to head out and save the villagers.

When Alexia and Terra woke up in the base of Marble Zone, they found themselves, along with the other villagers, in tubes. Terra was mad at herself - how could she have failed to protect the people she had been trying to guard for so long? Alexia was disappointed in herself at well, but she made an effort to free the inmates whilst using her powers, freezing the system the scientist had been using and the explosion caused by it freeing everyone. Eggman, not able to believe he was going to let them go so easily, initiated the self-destruct sequence on the base, and sent Metal Sonic and another one of his bots that was very large named 632-RK to keep the inmates busy before fleeing.

It was, with great timing, at this point Scarlet officially entered the base. Beforehand, she was basically fending off fodder, shooting Badniks and the like, but now she was ready for a brawl. While Scarlet fought Turbo Metal Sonic, Terra and Alexia battled RK (well, more like Terra battled RK - Alexia's pacifist nature made her only assist Terra at moments). Though Metal Sonic's speed overwhelmed Scarlet, she managed to stall him for long enough that when Eggman had activated the self-destruct sequence, she, and all the villagers and their guardians, escaped.

Afterwards, while Scarlet offered to take them home on her vehicle, the group didn't want to separate so they decided to walk together. Scarlet got good pay from the job, and she got to actually interact with Alexia and Terra, introducing them to Mac and making their circle of friendship grow.

Konton Chaos

Central Characters: Team Sonic, Team Dark, Mac, Scarlet, Terra, Alexia, Konton/Kennedy

Mac, Scarlet, Terra and Alexia were all becoming good friends... well, all of them except for Mac and Terra at least. But trouble was always around the corner for the newly-formed group. For millennia, positive and negative Chaos Energy had been forming with every use of the Chaos Emeralds and other holders of Chaos Energy. The positive energy, Hikari, went to them, while the negative energy, Roxas, stayed and got stronger, little by little. Around this time, Roxas had finally overpowered Hikari, and they fused, creating a hedgehog-like creature of pure Chaos called Konton.

Konton was rampaging around the streets, becoming a huge threat. Cities everywhere were pointing him out in the news, so news reached several sources - with GUN, Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat went to check it out. With the WIld Widn Village, Terra and Alexia wanted to make sure he didn't come near. Mac, Scarlet, and Sonic's gang had all heard the news and wanted to stop the the threat. That made ten people - Mac, Scarlet, Alexia, Terra, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow and Rouge - who went up against Konton. You'd expect strength in numbers, right?

...there wasn't any. Konton brought forth strength that even surpassed Luna's, and he effortlessly defeated them all, no matter what kind of tricks they used to try and overcome him. Mac didn't do any good with TAI - he hadn't been practicing with the form, and he was prone to frequent stamina losses while battling. Scarlet was still a bit low on practice, having never fought a threat on this scale before. It seemed all hope was lost when Mac fired one blast of pure life force at Konton while the latter was using a Chaos attack, fusing the energies and turning Konton into an... unconscious grey tiger?

Alexia and Terra convinced all of the combatants to come to the village to check him out, Alexia because if this was a different person then Konton, she didn't want him to be hurt. Tails looked at the newborn(?), and he solved the problem - when Mac had fired that attack of life energy, he pushed one of the Chaos spirits out, and luckily, the one he pushed out... was Roxas.

Mac dubbed his new doppelganger "Kennedy McLeod" and Kennedy wanted to turn over a new leaf, a completely different person than Konton. He apologized for his destruction of the town, embarrassed. He told all of them his story and about Hikari (which most were skeptic about but it wasn't the weirdest story they'd heard).

As Mac was teaching him things about modern culture (not like Hikari knew nothing about the planet), Kennedy started to morph into more than just a "counterpart" or a "copy." He was his own person - not Mackenzie, the jokester electrokinetic, not Konton, the Chaos Menace whose only emotion was destruction, not Hikari, who would have been a boring character, and definitely not Roxas - Kennedy! Kennedy decided that he wanted to change from himself, wanting to do two things - one being making up for his past sins, and the other helping those who couldn't help themselves. Hikari was saddened by all of the people in the world with dark intentions and the will to hurt people, and Kennedy was determined to stop them.

Kennedy would get along with most in the group, ironically liking Mac the least. He became a vigilante on the side, but for his main occupation, he practiced being an Extreme Gearist. Though Mac would still furiously train for his next encounter with Luna, as Kennedy and him began to get along more, thy began to grow trust in one another.

Luna's Onslaught

Central Characters: Luna, Crys, Terra, Alexia & the Wild Wind Village

While White and Tina were gathering information on Mac, Luna was busy searching areas for supplies - after all, she needed to find her own way to survive in a world that rejected her. She knew that going in cities would be far too risky, so she instead decided to raid villages that were nearby, using her energy sensing to navigate. Unfortunately, most of the villages she visited were poor, so she couldn't get all too much out of them for the time being, only taking what little they had before killing them.

Luna was thinking about all the time she'd been wasting when suddenly, she was ambushed by a blue hedgehog with three droopy quills wearing a dark blue and white shirt and jeans with golden lining, along with a rapier. Luna was able to avoid his initial attack, asking what his business was, but Crys simply told her to give away the few supplies she'd gathered. She fired a blast at him, thinking that he'd die quickly. He didn't.

When she was expecting to see a fried hedge-kabob, she instead saw a large wall of golden ice. The hedgehog then walked to its side with a cold glare that even freaked out Luna a little - the glare of a true madman. Luna expressed how impressed she was that he was still alive, and the hedgehog ignored her, saying that she needed to give up her supplies or else he wouldn't hesitate to kill her. Luna simply laughed, accepting the challenge, saying that if he was stupid enough to battle her, she would gladly humble him. And so the battle began.

In the battle, it was a battle between Luna's destructive power and Crys' many abilities. Though Luna obviously had the edge when it came to raw strength, Crys' powers allowed him to prolong the battle, especially the golden ice that countered all of Luna's blows. Eventually, Crys had actually landed a vital blow - a stab to Luna's arm. Luna retaliated by blasting the hedgehog (who was now extremely low on stamina). Luna congratulated him on putting up a good fight, and was about to kill him before Crys said that if she let him live, he'd tell her a well-supplied village. Interested, Luna got the directions for a place called the "Wild Wind Village" that was nearby, and Crys retreated, not knowing that the village was the place he was looking for.

In the village, Terra was feeling sad. Her pride was in the dumps - first Eggman, then Konton? Was the ocelot able to do anything right? She had always considered herself a beacon of hope for the village but when it came to large threats, was she ever enough to defend her family? Alexia sensed this, and it made her really nervous herself - how was she supposed to be brave when the most honorable person she knew was feeling terrible about herself? Alexia wasn't the only cautious person, too - the whole village noticed Terra's extremely sudden shift in attitude.

It was, coincidentally, around this time that Luna (not in disguise) pretended to be a homeless, wandering traveler that needed somewhere to stay. Alexia didn't trust her, but Terra reminded Alexia that she'd done the same thing for her a while back, so they allowed the outsider into the village for the night. Luna knew that she wasn't going to have a lot of time - she created fireworks in the air to distract most of the villagers... and it succeeded.

Meanwhile, Alexia was feeling extremely bad for Terra, talking to herself about what the ocelot was feeling. Unworthiness? A destroyed sense of pride? These were things Alexia herself had gone through, and she realized that if she was going to be a good friend, she needed to talk to the ocelot about it. Alexia confronted Terra, asking how she was doing ("Stressed," said Terra), and then immediately said that Terra needed to grow up in an unexpected burst of passion.

Neither of them had been expecting that, frankly. Alexia had always been such a shy, quiet person... to hear her say something so... blunt wasn't often. Alexia was worried that she'd overstepped her boundaries, and was about to back out of the conversation, but Terra, now jumpstarted by Alexia's comment, told her to continue. She said that she needed to mature, for believing that she was unstoppable and getting down every time she didn't win wasn't something that was going to benefit anyone, and quite frankly showed cocky behavior. She said that she needed to realize that there was always going to be someone better than her, but if she couldn't deal with that simple fact, she was going to drive herself crazy.

Though the heartwarming moment the two of them shared was very nice, a few seconds later, Luna had been discovered stealing by a few nurses, and she decided to kill them. One of them was sent outside of the hut they were in, alerting Terra and Alexia that there was danger brewing. Terra asked her who she thought she was, and the traveler told them the truth - her name was Luna Raven, she was a part of the nearly-extinct species of "Black-Arms" while also being half-bunny, and that she was going to take revenge for them all by killing every Mobian on the planet. Terra was annoyed at the mention of "Black-Arms," remembering what she'd had to deal with so many years ago, but she couldn't let her annoyance stop her from stopping Luna. Terra ordered Alexia to evacuate the villagers and tried attacking Luna to stall for time, desperate to save it from this new threat.

While Alexia made sure the majority of villagers left unharmed, Terra tried battling the bunny. This newcomer was different than the Black-Arms Terra remembered... and that hindered her performance in the battle. Terra only realized it after a long session of being beat down by Luna... she was scared. Terrified, even. Terrified of losing, terrified of dying. But then, Terra remembered Alexia's speech - she could only do her best, and even if that didn't work, than at least she would go down fighting. Putting her fear aside, Terra continued to fight, doing much better than before.

Terra was doing better against Luna, but Luna was still winning the fight - she had more experience in battle. However, Alexia (who had evacuated all of the villagers) was watching the bout, and while Luna was distracted, she froze the hybrid in an orb of ice, and Terra kicked it far, far away from the village. Terra showed much gratitude to Alexia, and when all the villagers were brought back, they were treated as heroes for their bravery.

A Harsh Punishment - Mac and Luna's Rematch!

Central Characters: Team Mask, Alexia, Terra, Team Watts, Luna

Over the course of a week, though White and Tina were reluctant, they went out to find Luna, who was in the middle of nowhere while frozen in ice. They brought her home to Sephtis (who'd been doing private research on Mackenzie Hartley), and Luna was furious that she'd lost against the Wild Wind Village's guardians. She asked her "disciples" what information they'd gathered on the mercenary, and they told her the basic stuff, like his abilities and net worth. Luna didn't care about any of that - she just wanted to know things she could use against him. They then told her about how when he was ten, his sister Marlee was stolen for ransom, and she had her arms cut off before they rescued her. Luna was satisfied with this information, and told them that this information was adequate before sending them off.

Luna wasn't happy that she now had so many things to do, but she didn't waste time, sending a note to Mac that said she had Marlee and that if he didn't meet her in Lotking, she'd kill her. She also created an energy clone and put it in a bulding so she could lure them. Upon getting the note, Mac immediately rallied the gang - even a begrudging Terra and Alexia from the village - and told them what was up. Upon hearing Mac's explanation, Terra and Alexia proceeded to tell them all about Luna and the attack on the village. Mac thanked them for the information, the the dynamic group of five set off to confront Luna in Lotking.

Mac was very anxious to save his sister and was ready to fight Luna immediately, but they were ut off by White, Tina, and Sephtis, who were aiming to weaken the group before they headed on to Luna... but they hadn't expected there to be five of them. Mac, annoyed with these new obstacles, simply turned into electricity and zoomed right on by them, and Kennedy teleported alongside him, leaving Scarlet, Alexia, and Terra to deal with the trio. Though there was a small amount of banter, it didn't take them a long time to start getting into the action.

Before any of the fights started, however, Mac and Kennedy were trying to find Luna. Mac was sensing Luna's energy, but a small part of him wanted to back out, because though he'd never admit it, he was scared. Heck, he was horrified. Not only did Luna, someone who'd given him a brutal beatdown before, have his sister to his knowledge, but he had so many great friends he'd made along the way, something he would have killed for a few months prior, and he really didn't want to lose that.

Kennedy followed behind, surprised that Mac, who had always portrayed himself as great and amazing, was getting cold feet at a mere Black Arm. Kennedy knew that he wasn't going to let anyone die that day, and he then saw a dagger sent by Luna heading to Mac's head. Kennedy, in the spur of the moment, manipulated the Chaos Energy in his arm, rearranging the ergokinetic makeup to replicate that of a sword and blocking Selena. He blocked the first blow, which definitely would've killed Mac, and together, they made sure that they deflected all of Luna's attempts with Selena. Luna, annoyed, retrieved Selena with telekinesis, her energy signatures expanding and allowing Mac and Kennedy to sense her more easily.

Back with Luna's allies and Mac's allies, Terra decided to face White, who just wanted to leave Luna, extremely disinterested in the entire affair. Terra called him out on it, asking why he would side with someone like Luna, but simply said he was partnering up with those higher up on the food chain. Angered by his mindset, Terra dueled White, and they seemed to be evenly matched in their bout for a good amount of time (though Terra was also able to find out about White's robotic legs). After Terra noticed his inorganic limbs, she asked just who he was and how hed acquired those limbs of his. White responded by telling her his name and that he got them in an accident. Terra was doubtful, but they still fought evenly. White then decided to possibly get an advantage by messing with Terra's head.

White asked Terra who she thought she was helping, and she obviously replied that she was helping Mac. White sighed, pausing their battle as they looked at Mac and Kennedy vs Luna (which was ongoing at the same time). White told her she wasn't really being helpful - all she was doing was fending off distractions. She told her that she wasn't going to be able to fend off a Luna-scale threat, and because of that, she was setting herself up for failure.

With this seed of doubt planted, the two started fighting again, but White was now overwhelming Terra with ease, who was thinking deeply about what he said. Because of this, she found herself unable to focus - she didn't know what to do. Focus on White? Focus on what White said? Focus on Luna? Focus on Alexia's speech to her? Terra was just really confused, and because of this, White was able to deliver several painful kicks to her with an extremely low amount of difficulty.

Meanwhile, Alexia walked to Tina, seeing her as the least violent as the trio. Though Tina feared that she would have to fight, to her surprise, Alexia didn't attack either, and the two didn't seem all too hostile to one another in the beginning. Alexia instead asked Tina why she was joining them, and Tina explained that White was a really good friend of hers she'd known for a long time. Alexia asked why she still didn't find a more peaceful way to solve the issue, but Tina said that White might've been right in saying that might makes right. Alexia argued that Luna wasn't one who she should trust in reply, and proceeded to tell Tina about Luna's attack on the village.

At this, Tina was conflicted. It was too late to turn tail now - Luna was probably going to beat the two tigers. But... if she didn't do anything to stop the hybrid, did that make her just as bad for being not just a bystander, but instead an accomplice who was going to be involved in the murder? What if she wasn't ever let free of Luna's grasp? Very stressed about the situation, Tina blasted a sonic scream at Alexia, who yelled that Tina didn't have to do this, but Tina said that there was no other way for it to go. Tina said she was just trying to avoid death, and Alexia kindly called her out on being a coward. This finally seemed to get through to the bat, and she stopped her attack on Alexia, giving the hedgehog some time to breathe.

Whilst this was all happening, Scarlet had approached Sephtis. Scarlet pegged Sephtis immediately - due to hanging around Mac often and him dropping tidbits of information here and there, she knew about his bloodline in a long line of assassins. Scarlet had a sliver of fear, but then, she remembered what she was fighting for and charged at Sephtis.

The fight wasn't going all too well with Scarlet in the beginning - Sephtis' spear Kyoya and his innate eagle abilities gave him a massive aerial advantage, and he had Scarlet on the defensive. This, to say the least, ticked Scarlet off. She'd been training for so long, only to get defeated by a twelve-year-old when her closest friend needed her most.... that's when Scarlet's vision turned red, and in a burst of passion and rage, she jumped up to where Sephtis was and punched him, knocking him nearly unconscious with the one blow.

At this point, White had defeated Terra, and seeing that Scarlet took out Sephtis, he grabbed the eagle and headed back to Tina. The white rabbit revealed that he was White Ainekas to Alexia and Scarlet, and the bat said that she was Tina. They told them that they were Luna's "partners." They said that it'd be smarter to work with the stronger force than against it. Scarlet chuckled and yelled at them, telling them that they were true idiots if they thought that Luna thought of them anything more than pathetic peasants, and that if they continued down this road, the crime they'd cause would walk them down a path they never wanted.

The two seemed unconvinced, but they did hesitate, so Scarlet decided to pour it down heavy saying that because of them, people - people close to them - were going to die. She warned them that if they didn't get out of their way, she was going to show no mercy to people who had such disregard for Mobian life. This seemed to finally do the trick, as White sighed and Tina looked shaken as they agreed to let them go, and the eagle, though wondering what they were going to do, followed. Annoyed by the ordeal, Scarlet didn't waste any time in going to locate Mac and Kennedy.

Luna had finally shown up to Mac and Kennedy, explaining her backstory and revealing her real name (which Mac wasn't surprised about, due to the fact he'd already heard it). Kennedy called her out on her so-called justice, having been the Chaos Energy in Shadow as he destroyed the Black Comet and saying the Black Arms were a species that frankly deserved death. This pushed all the wrong buttons with Luna as she got enraged, and Kennedy vowed to defeat her. Mac then revealed TAI, not wanting Kennedy to steal the spotlight, and the two versus one battle commenced.

To put it how it was... they didn't stand a chance. Even with Mac's newfound transformation and Kennedy's strength, Luna was just too much for them. They got some good blows in, but she was just far too much for the duo to handle, even when they were teaming up on her. It was about to look like a rerun of Luna's first confrontation with Mac and she was just going to kill the duo when Scarlet showed up in the nick of time, blasting Luna through the shoulder and catching Luna off-guard.

Though Scarlet made sure to check up on them to make sure they weren't too beaten, they were all able to muster up enough strength for one conjoined blast, disintegrating Luna with a push of teamwork. This is when a proud Alexia and Terra showed up, all of them happy that they'd won the battle, and they looked for Marlee... only to find Luna's energy clone. Though most of them were scared Mac would be upset, he instead seemed more... happy, joyous because they were finally able to get Luna out of their lives for good.

Or were they?

Training Clearing Encounter

Central Characters: Terra, Alexia

A short time after the events of A Harsh Punishment, Terra was troubled about her loss against White, not because of her pride, but because of the honest truth - ever since she and Alexia had been rescued by Scarlet, she'd been having far more trouble, and her opponents in important battles her much stronger than thugs who "threatened" the village. Terra decided that moping about wasn't effective previously, and this time, she donned a new strategy - simply going out to train for the next threat. Telling a bewildered Alexia to watch the village as she was gone, Terra headed for an area she liked to train when she was younger, someone who wanted to be guardian more than anything else - the Mystic Ruins.

Terra spent a fair amount of time there by herself; she'd arrived relatively early in the morning, so she had a lot of time to practice and hone her skills. She'd just finished her refining her breath-holding ability and was practicing melee attacks on a tree when a pink echidna in a martial artist's gi came out from the tree she was attacking, jokingly saying that Terra should've been watching out for which trees she attacked. After apologizing, Terra continued her training, and she was caught off-guard when the echidna revealed she was, in fact, a martial artist and asked Terra if she was, too. Surprised, Terra replied that although she wasn't one in the traditional sense, her devotion was to protect her village and to not fall to far behind her moderately strong allies to assist against powerful enemies.

The echidna seemed to be excited by this idea, and the asked Terra if she could spar against her so that Terra would be able to practice against an actual person. Terra agreed, and the match soon began. Terra and the echidna fought for a good amount of time, and in this time, Terra realized that having an opponent to go against was much better than training alone. Not only that, the newcomer was a fierce competitor - she was able to keep up with Terra's speed, and her precision and decision-making abilities were top-notch! As they battled, Terra started a conversation, and fortunately, her opponent was also able to talk as they fought. She revealed that she wasn't from Terra's dimension, and that she herself was challenged by life several times to get to the level she was at that day. As they continued battling, Terra thought that not only was her new opponent a good sparring partner, she was a good person, and possibly a good friend, too.

Their battle was getting really heated, with both of them getting closer to going all-out, when Alexia came to check up on Terra from above. Alexia rationalized that Terra had gotten into a fight, and upon her mobile snowflake, she scolded herself that she couldn't just watch... though her lack of focus caused her to crash into Terra during their brawl. Once she'd gotten up, Alexia asked Terra's sparring partner to leave Terra alone, but Terra and the echidna explained to her that they were just having a friendly brawl. Embarrassed, Alexia repeatedly apologized for her interruption, but the echidna said that their battle was coming to a close anyways. As they agreed to take a break, Terra's competitor realized that she hadn't asked for the ocelot's name, and Terra said that she was Terra Fauna, from the Flora Cats Tribe. Likewise, the echidna said her name was Rosie Shaolin from a dimension called the Hidden Emerald Dimension. Rosie said that she had an apprentice-like partner of her own, Alexia noted that most of their allies had powers that would make them difficult sparring partners, to which Rosie replied that she liked sticking to martial arts. Alexia reminded Terra that today was the day they had to shop for the village, which explained why Terra was there so early, before Terra thanked Rosie for the match, saying that she needed to go.

When Fate Plays a Game of Volleyball

Central Characters: Kennedy, Chaos Force, Keira, Coffin

It'd been two months ever since the defeat of Luna, and people were generally getting along well - Terra and Alexia were getting lots of good training in, Mac and Scarlet were getting good pay, and Kennedy was both saving the town from crime and settling into a career as an Extreme Gearist, which definitely required lots of practice and time, but he was doing really well, and he was actually beginning to compete in races. Kennedy didn't know if anything could go wrong, and he was sure that he was going to live like this mostly for the rest of his life, mostly safe and sound.

It happened one night when he was sleeping in Mac's mansion. He heard this restless voice saying his name, but mixed in with familiar gibberish. Kennedy, thinking it was irrelevant, went to get some milk to help him go to bed, but that's when he was now able to hear the voice clearly. It sounded feminine, but also with a more... sinister tone. She introduced herself as Keira, a goddess, and she said she was merely delivering messages straight from the Chaos Force.

Kennedy, of course, knew what the Chaos Force was - it was the thing keeping him alive, so he knew that was probably better off listening. He waited for Keira to continue, an explained that life was much, much bigger than he could've imagined. Kennedy was confused - sure, maybe there was time travel with Chaos Control, but what else could there be? Keira jokingly mocked him for his naivety, explaining that they lived in a dimension that she called the Lamak Zone, and that Zones were simply dimensions that were arranged in an organized fashion. She explained that there hadn't been many she'd explained this to, due to the small amount of life/Chaos hybrids in the multiverse.

This is what shocked Kennedy, and that's when he contemplated that he might've been dreaming - not the goddess approaching him at past midnight. She was telling him that there wasn't just one timeline, or even one universe - there was an organized compilation of them?! And not only that, but somewhere, there were other Macs, other Scarlets... maybe even other Kennedys? He couldn't believe what he was hearing, and now becoming extremely skeptical, he asked her why she was telling him that, and why at that time.

Keira admitted that she wasn't telling Kennedy the information just to be nice - there, somewhere out in the universe, was an umbrakinetic who could reanimate souls... and he was planning to take over Zones. She stated that normally, the Zone Cops (a concept that confused Kennedy even more) would've dealt with it, but they were busy, and she'd told them in the form of her disciples that she would be able to assist in dealing with the nuisance. Kennedy was now extremely intrigued in this godly character, but he was able to put the pieces together - since he wasn't a Zone Cop, he was going to have to deal with the threat himself, and only he could because of his innate Chaos abilities. Keira congratulated him on his conclusion, now simply asking if he wanted to take on this burden.

Now, Kennedy wanted to, but he wondered whether he should. Was he ready to put the burden of timelines everywhere, not only his hometown, if only to do the right thing? The answer: yes. Kennedy agreed by her terms, and she said that because of this, he'd be allowed to travel dimensions as he pleased as long as he didn't mess them up. Kennedy was content with the added bonus, and together, they sent out to find the dimensional conqueror.

Kennedy was teleported to a world that looked like his - not the same city, but it looked like Mobius. It seemed generally peaceful before a large storm appeared, and out of it appeared Kennedy's enemy. Now, what was Kennedy expecting? Most likely a dark, brooding villain who would tower above him. Instead, he saw a golden-furred bat in all black, and frankly, Kennedy didn't think he looked intimidating at all, wondering how the fluffy bat was going to actually be a challenge.

The bat's storm caused quite a stir as he levitated downwards, civilians looking at him in awe and confusion. The bat seemed to don a self-appointed high-and-mighty attitude, introducing himself as Coffin the Bat (which Kennedy doubted was his real name, but he lived in a worlds where someone was named Sonic). The bat said that he would be taking over the realm, whether they gave possession of it to him or not. Kennedy flew to him, saying that he had personally arrived to stop Coffin, but Coffin didn't seem impressed by the Master of Chaos, sizing Kennedy up.

In the end, Coffin said something about... how he'd be a decent work for reanimation? Kennedy didn't know what he was talking about, but he continued with his speech, saying that he was the newly-appointed guardian of the Zones, and that anyone who threatened to disturb the peace of innocent civilians... he would not hesitate to put down. Kennedy felt good about it - after all, if he was going to be their protector, he needed to make a good first impression, and he felt as if he'd done the trick.

That was, of course, before Coffin essentially nuked the city.

Quickly lunging a great ball of darkness at the city, Kennedy flew to the ball and tried restraining it. He would've been strong enough to, but the orb kept spitting into smaller amounts, and Kennedy wasn't able to stop them, even with Chaos Control. Though some bystanders were safe, it had killed large amounts of them, making Kennedy feel... really crummy, to say the least. He couldn't believe he had been more focused on putting on a good face than the safety of the people he was trying to protect. Kennedy yelled at Coffin, lecturing him and asking him how he could do such a thing. Coffin didn't seem affected - instead, his eyes were glowing green, and black vines wrapped around the deceased. Kennedy attacked Coffin before he could wrap too many, but Coffin still got some, and Kennedy learned what Coffin and Keira were talking about when they mentioned reanimation.

The dead civilians were surrounded by coiled black vines, with their eyes removed and completely green, one of their hands a hand with long, prickly claws and the other a blade. Kennedy was horrified - this bat was killing people and making them his servants. Coffin mockingly bid him adieu, telling him what a "good hero he was" before arriving back through the storm he came in through. Kennedy was extremely angry at the bat, but he knew he had to save the civilians somehow. Unfortunately, the zombie fighters didn't care nearly as much as the bystanders' well-being, and they began to attack.

Kennedy was able to hold off the massive horde, and though it was extremely time-consuming, he used his Chaos abilities to create an area whether they could all be safely and tending to the wounded. They thanked him, but... Kennedy didn't feel like a hero. Afterwards, Kennedy went back to the imprisoned horde, and he saw in their fight that they could regenerate from nearly anything, and it wasn't their fault they had been in that state. That's when Keira appeared in the form of a long-purple-haired, white-furred rabbit. Keira congratulated Kennedy on his efforts, and she said that she could grant them rest, using a type of magic Kennedy didn't know about to convert the nightmarish battlers into spirits, and they floated to the sky.

Keira knew that Kennedy was feeling down, and she tried to get him to talk about why he was feeling badly, and he explained that it was his fault that all of those innocent passerbys were all killed. Kennedy went off on a tangent about the subject, but Keira shushed him, telling him that since he was a hero, he needed to realize that he wasn't always going to be perfect, and he saved a large amount of lives for every one that was lost, and this Zone would've been doomed without him. On this note, Keira teleported them both home, teaching Kennedy thoroughly how to travel between dimensions and sending him off to bed as if she was his mother.

Before he fell asleep, however, Kennedy vowed that one day, he would be the one to capture Coffin and bring him to justice.

An Apocalyptic Attempt

Central Characters: Kennedy, Jana-Su and Chaos Mobius, The Flame

Kennedy was traveling through Zones. He learned how to get through them; Keira no longer just threw him into one whenever she desired. This convinced Kennedy to take his evil-stopping dreams to a whole 'nother level; he know wouldn't just be saving the Lamak Zone... no, he would try and protect all of them. He felt selfish just trying to stop destruction in his own world - now, he had the opportunity to transcend the limits and assist other dimensions. Once all of time and space was in peace, Kennedy would feel satisfied, knowing that his existence wasn't useless. But first.... he had to start saving some worlds.

He had tried to stop villainy in most of the dimensions; there were some he had yet to visit, such as Medieval Mobius, Light Mobius, and Dark Mobius. He was just about to go enter for an application for the Zone Cops until he got a sharp energy signal from the Chaos Mobius. Wondering what it was, he traveled through barriers to find out.

When he finally reached Chaos Mobius, he was... devastated. So much carnage, so much disaster... he wanted to end all of it. With this mindset in his head, he set out to find the core of this unruly trouble. It didn't take him long to find "The Flame" - however, when he saw the people it was dangering, he set them as his first priority. He teleported anyone he could find (but not Jana's poor partner; he didn't see him) to a shield he created to protect anyone he found. He was disappointed that he couldn't save everyone, but he had done what he could.

When attempting to save Jana-Su, he noticed something. She seemed to be especially depressed - though it didn't take him long to figure out why. The body of Tasma Invone was just near, and it was not active. She seemed to want to fight "The Flame" for its trouble - thus, she was reluctant when Kennedy told her to come with him. She cursed "The Flame" and vowed to take revenge before unwillingly going with Kennedy.

Now that the civilians were safe, Kennedy only had one problem; "The Flame." It turned out there were still some civilians she was planning to kill nearby. Not willing to give up, Kennedy engaged "The Flame" in a grueling battle. After the fight, Kennedy found himself tired, but "The Flame" still has fight in it. Knowing he has fighting a losing battle, he uses an energy bomb as a distraction, and the explosion blocked "The Flame's" sight. When she could see again, Kennedy and the dangered civilians were gone. "The Flame" would've continued its pursuit, but too exhausted from the fight, it decided to lay low.

For a while, this was all Kennedy had done for Chaos Mobius. Not even giving anyone his name, he popped the bubble shield protecting everyone so that they could find a hideout and left. Though he thought his work was done, this adventure would soon come back to him the next time he came back to Gaia City; including yet another interaction with Jana-Su.

The Curse of Day

Central Characters: Team Mask, Alexia

It'd been a few weeks after Luna's defeat, and everything was way more chill now. Mac had gotten to know Alexia lot more... along with Terra. Worrying that too much time with Terra would make Alexia really uptight like her, Mac presented her with a fun idea - they'd go on a vacation to Westopolis together! Though Terra didn't like the idea of Alexia going to another city with the trigger-happy Mac in the slightest, Alexia argued that it'd most likely be a fun experience, so she was able to go.

They headed to a hotel after packing their things, but the hotel where they were staying, La Anne, had terrible service. Mac, remembering that Schnee was really good with tech stuff, phoned her up, asking her if she could do anything about it. The hedgehog told him that she had dimensional teleporters that'd be able to take them to a different, better Westopolis, which Mac thought was pretty drastic but didn't argue. After a few hours, Schnee delivered it to him (and he asked her to give one to Scarlet as well, which confused her and caused him to explain everything that'd happened since he left Aorki's gang), and Mac zapped him and a clueless Alexia to VA-TIO.

Kennedy, who had called Alexia to check up on her during the trip, realized that she wasn't picking up, and he couldn't sense any of her and Mac's energy signatures, even after going to Westopolis. Kennedy asked Scarlet what had happened, and Scarlet said that their dimension's Westopolis sucked, so Mac and Alexia went to another one's. Suspicious of what Mac would do in a Zone that wasn't his own, Kennedy used his Zone-traveling powers to seek Mac and Alexia out, eventually reappearing in VA-TIO and being able to sense their distinct signatures.

The service there was much better, and Mac was very thankful for Schnee. After they'd enjoyed breakfast together, they were going to go sightseeing (at least, that's what Mac told her - he really just wanted to be moving around) when a cloaked figure announced that he had the Sol Emeralds and was going to use them to rule the world before going into a type of portal and vanishing. Mac wasn't impressed, but it didn't sound like something he wanted to ignore, so he prepared to email the so-called "Taglumo" about it.

Meanwhile, chaos was erupting around the area they were in - dimensional portals were opening up, and battles were occurring everywhere. Despite Alexia's worries, Mac ignored it at first, not wanting to get involved, but he had a change of heart after it got more intense. When Alexia was about to request to go and help them, Mac let her go, taking the opportunity to email Taglumo and say that he could join him if he wanted, but if he didn't allow Mac to join him, Mac threatened he'd just take them for himself.

Alexia followed the battle, not wanting to actually harm anyone but instead try and defuse the situation with her powers. Instead, she saw a fox-like hybrid being attacked by a blue creature, and the creature looked like it had murderous intent. Near them, an echidna was asking if they'd seen any cloaked figure talking about taking over the world, and Alexia told her that he'd disappeared into a kind of portal and that if Mac had been paying attention, he could probably track him down. Alexia got a paper with an address from the echidna, saying that she needed help, but she wouldn't be able to tell Alexia the details in the open. Now a girl with a mission, Alexia resolved to go to the area on the address.

After getting an email from the suddenly way less threatening Taglumo back, Mac was sent an address. While Alexia did who-knows-what, Mac headed to the address, where he met a grey hedgehog. They shared a joking exchange, and Mac was actually sort of relieved he wasn't going to be working with some sort of super-evil guy. He still wanted the Emeralds to himself, and he still thought that Taglumo would in no was be able to wield their power... but sure, Taglumo (coined by Mac as "Tag") seemed nice enough.

Taglumo revealed to Mac something surprising - he hadn't actually found the Emeralds yet, only their general location. Mac was annoyed at first, but decided it wouldn't be too troublesome in the long run because of his ability to sense energy signatures. Tag then began to show Mac his plan - he'd take them out in his plane, searching for the Emeralds across the entire area. Mac didn't have any qualms with this, so he hopped in the plane and prepared to take off.

Meanwhile, once Alexia had finally managed to track down the address on the paper, she saw four people at a table, one of them being the echidna from before and the other being the hybrid. Alexia introduced herself shyly, saying that while she didn't consider herself special in any regard, she didn't want to let Taglumo control the world knowing she did nothing to stop it, and she said that she wanted to help. The echidna welcomed her to the operation, and Alexia awkwardly told them her name (including the "Flora Cats Tribe," which made Alexia explain how she herself wasn't a cat), and the others also did - the hybrid was Lee, a purple-and-orange tortoise was named Padparadscha, a yellow-furred red-clad wolf named Skylor, and the echidna's name was Taru-Na.

Alexia asked if they had a pre-planned method of arresting Taglumo, and Taru-Na replied that though he could be a threat, the announcement itself wasn't illegal, so far all they knew, he was just playing a prank. Taru-Na suggested that they should've gotten at least one Emerald before he did, however, to make sure he wouldn't succeed if he was serious, to which Alexia was surprised at the thought put into the plan immediately. Alexia then asked how they were going to get an Emerald, and Taru-Na replied that they knew the general areas the Emeralds were in, which would be made even easier if they had energy signature trackers, which she didn't expect to have. While Padparadscha and Skylor asked more questions, Alexia thought deeply about it, and she realized she could call Kennedy to come join them! Alexia told the group that Kennedy, her friend, was made of Chaos Energy, and she would be able to call him.

When Alexia called Kennedy, she told him about her dilemma, and Kennedy was grateful that he had come. Alexia asked if he could make it in an hour, and Kennedy reassured her that he could, as he was currently residing in Metropolis, which was a few cities away from Westopolis. Kennedy asked if Taru-Na would like him to come, and Alexia responded that she probably wouldn't mind, green-lighting Kennedy's arrival. Shortly after Alexia hung up, Kennedy teleported there, which would allow him to arrive more quickly but draining him of quite of bit of energy.

However, the conversation about Taglumo was still ongoing, and when Taru-Na asked for suggestions about what they should do, Alexia offered that they should spy on him before taking action, to which Taru-Na replied that they didn't actually know where he was. While Alexia suggested more options, they all had their pros and cons, which troubled Taru-Na. Around that point, Kennedy had arrived, and Alexia greeted him warmly, showing happiness that the group she was with hadn't yet seen. Kennedy introduced himself to the group and gave his input on the plan, saying that while he didn't particularly fear Taglumo, he noticed that Mac hadn't been with the group, and he asked Alexia if she'd seen him since she left. Alexia said no, and Kennedy told them that Mac was a potentially threat who would give the group trouble if he was Taglumos' business partner.

Moving for that, he said they'd be best splitting up so that he could track signatures without additional disturbances. Taru-Na rejected his proposition, saying that travelling alone wasn't going to be very beneficial. She asked for other opinions, and Lee said that he was useless at the moment, with his suit being broken. Kennedy showed him Chaos Energy, asking if he could transfer some to his suit, but Lee told Kennedy that his suit wasn't low on energy, it was just broken. Lee also seemed to say something t himself, which made Kennedy slightly suspicious on the boy, and he started sensing his energy signatures, finding a mixture of two signatures that made Kennedy even more suspicious. Skylor said that the group had three weak fighters (Padparadscha, Lee, and Alexia) and two strong (herself and Kennedy), and Kennedy began to argue that Alexia was closer to a medium when Taru-Na interjected, saying that she needed to know what they were planning so she could help.

Padparadscha started speaking, saying that splitting up was ineffective because they all had different skillsets that would prove useful in different situations, and Alexia and Kennedy learned that she had the ability to move someone's mind into an object. Skylor said she'd work better alone, voting on the side of splitting up. Alexia also wanted the group to stay together, thinking that traveling in groups would be safer for everyone overall, and while Lee and Padparadscha asked Kennedy energy signature-related questions, Taru-Na said that she'd break the voting tie, making the plan that they'd all stay together for the time being. While Kennedy wasn't the biggest fan of it, he followed nonetheless when Taru-Na told them that they were going to go to Starlight City.

Afterwards, Taru-Na asked Kennedy if he could teleport them, but Kennedy said he wouldn't be able to for a multitude of reasons. Taru-Na said that she was able to get them onto a train going to Starlight City, and the group began to head out.


Mac and Tag would then head to South Island, specifically the Marble Ruins. Taglumo and Mac were both distracted, and they crashed into a tree as a result. Though they both left unharmed, Mac made sure that they both knew what the main mission was - to find the Sol Emerald. They did a bit of searching, but they ended up hitting a wall that had lava on top of it. Though Mac's first idea was to blow the wall into pieces, Tag pointed out that the lava would probably be very harmful, which disappointed Mac.

Before they could get any other plans, however, they were interrupted by a silver-pink female hedgehog who appeared to recognize Taglumo and asked him what exactly he was doing. Taglumo tried to escape, trying to stuff himself into a crack in the wall they were having trouble with. He eventually suceeded, and the hedgehog introduced herself as Vereco before following him. Mac, thinking that he should hit on her afterwards, joined the duo.

When Mac got through, he heard Vereco yelling at Tag - like a mother, or an older sister - telling him he wasn't supposed to be out here. As the two tried to get something Mac sensed to be a Sol Emerald, the wall exploded, revealing a metal humanoid that was drilling another wall with a transformed arm. The three of them tried deciding what they'd do, but the humanoid had finished drilling an area, revealing more of the ruin. However, something else happened that would make it all more difficult - it had noticed them.

Mac was prepared to try and break the robot-like creature, and he hit a part of it, breaking some of it off. The humanoid seemed more frustrated with the Mobians and ran off, but they weren't going to give up too easily, so they followed it. As they chased the humanoid throughout the ruins, they started to enter a place that resembled the inside of a volcano. There was sea of lava that the humanoid passed through, and it seemed like the chase was over until Mac used his ergokinesis to get his "teammates" through the gap, quickly transforming into his TAI state.

Though the hedgehogs praised his abilities, Taglumo alerted Mac that the robot was getting away. Though Mac cockily said he had it handled and tried shooting it, the robot shifted its metal around, allowing it to heal up where Mac had shot it. Taglumo was now amazed by the robot, but Vereco helped keep him focused, making an attempt to use her grappling hook to get the Emerald that failed. Mac then presented an idea - he'd send them flying at the nuisance, and they'd pin it down while he broke it.

The hedgehogs liked the idea, and Mac turned TAI again before launching them at the humanoid. Unfortunately, Mac's plan failed, and the robot escaped despite their efforts, leaving Taglumo and Vereco dangling close to the lava. Even though Mac was able to help them (with Vereco using hergrappling hook to help him up afterwards), Mac was extremely annoyed by their repeated failures to capture the robot, and thought of one final idea to get it.

Before Mac could try his idea, Tag presented a theory of his - it was one of his uncle's humanoids, and it was fully metal. This... wasn't useful to Mac in the slightest, and Mac wasn't happy about it. He yelled at Taglumo, telling him that he was wasting his time, and that he was just going to destroy it. Taglumo then mentioned that his uncle probably had more, but Mac didn't care - instead, he told him to go ready the plane, and asked Vereco to go with him. Meanwhile, Mac was charging electrical energy into his palm, making one of his most destructive attacks - the Thunder Grenade.

After yanking the Sol Emerald away from the humanoid, Mac fired the attack, causing a large explosion. Mac then escaped, landing onto the plane before another unfortunate piece of knowledge was brought to his attention - the plane was partially broken. Mac entered his TAI state one more time, using electrical energy to power the plane up as it resumed flying.

At the same time of these events, Kennedy and Alexia's group had recently arrived in Starlight City. Not long after they'd stepped off the train, several blasts of Chaos Energy shot by the group, and Kennedy recognized their signatures, hurrying off to find the sources along with the others. As they found themselves crossing through traffic in several different ways, they soon found where the Chaos Energy was coming from - a cyan Sol Emerald, in the possession of a robot-like humanoid akin to the one Mac had also encountered. Kennedy quickly tried attack it, but it dodged, and Kennedy sensed that it wasn't a robot - it was just metal. After the humanoid turned into a snake-like coil around Kennedy, Alexia froze them both in an ice sphere, and Kennedy unleashed a Chaos Blast, destroying the humanoid and sending Alexia and the Sol Emerald flying.

Alexia cried out in desperation for her teammates to grab it, but before they could, a teal mouse in a GUN uniform grabbed it, asking why Kennedy had "thrown" it at him. Skylor aggressively said that they needed it to save the city, to which the mouse responded he didn't believe. Padparadscha reasoned with the GUN-man (whose name was apparently Kashon), saying that they'd gotten in a bit of a tussle with a thief. Kashon seemed more pleasant, but he said that he still needed a reason to give it to them before Alexia's phone started ringing. Taru-Na told Aqua she wanted to speak with Kashon (who was most likely doing his job, she said), and after they spoke with each other, Kashon gave them the Emerald. Though Kennedy and Skylor weren't happy with the amount of time they'd wasted, they acknowledged that they'd still succeeded in their mission.

Padparadscha asked Alexia if she could speak with Taru-Na, and Alexia gave her phone over to her. The conversation was rather short, and Alexia quickly got her phone back.


Eventually, the trio made it to Starlight City with the Sol Emerald with them. Mac saw two interesting figures - Kennedy and Alexia. Though Alexia he was fine with, he was really surprised when he saw that Kennedy was with her. How had he gotten to them? Mac was sure he'd used one of Schnee's interdimensional thingamajobbers....

Mac jumped to go confront his Chaos counterpart and Alexia, who had seemingly gained some allies. Mac ordered all of them to stop and threatened to attack if they didn't, but Vereco quickly shut his original plan down, disappointing him and making him tell her that she wasn't any fun. A female tortoise told him that a GUN officer was nearby, and that the Emerald they had probably wasn't even a real Emerald. Mac also noticed an orange-furred hyrbid standing in front of her, and Mac immediately had a bad opinion of him.

The group discussed a plan and the tortoise asked Alexia for her number, but as soon as Aqua began to take her phone out Mac shot it, having a feeling that it wouldn't be good for them to exchange phone numbers. He also quickly knocked out Alexia, making sure she wouldn't be able to repeat it and mentally telling himself to give her a new phone. Kennedy, enraged, punched Mac, and Mac prepared for a fight.

However, before anyone could make another move, Vereco noted that there was fireball near them. A GUN agent mouse revealed himself, implying he was about to use it on Mac, but then Taglumo came down, apparently having heard nothing that'd been going on. Mac taunted the mouse and tried attacking him, but the mouse dodged, trying to convince Mac to stop while he was at it. Meanwhile, Taglumo and Vereco were escaping, and Mac thought of them as cowards as he told Taglumo to not let the tortoise escape. Then, he attacked the mouse again, and the attacks met.

Before Mac could make another move, the tortoise told Mac to not mess with her friends, and Mac could feel his consciousness being warped for a few, maybe ten, seconds. After those, he got up, transforming into TAI immediately to make sure nothing worse happened. He then was about to attack the girl, but Kennedy landed a blow that threw him off course. Then Mac was going to start to battle Kennedy, but he noticed that Vereco and Taglumo were going to the tortoise girl... and not trying to take the Emerald.

Mac burst at Vereco, telling her to get away from the girl and going back to his base as to not go overkill and waste precious stamina. Vereco told him that she planned to stop his madness all along, whipping out a staff and attacking. The two of them then began to battle, with Mac repeatedly taunting Vereco and Vereco somehow managing to stay silent. However, their bout was cut short when the cops came, and Mac planned to run before his consciousness was stopped. Alexia (who'd caught up with the group) froze Mac alongside an energy-drained Kennedy, and the GUN agents begun to take the frozen tiger away. Feeling as if Mac probably had some justification for his actions, Kennedy bargained with the agents, convincing them to give him a relatively light sentence. After that, the agents took him away, and the party was off, joined by Taglumo and Vereco.

The next day, Kennedy and Alexia's party went to a restaurant named Lena's to regroup. Alexia was amazed by the restaurant, as she wasn't used to going out to places as nice as Lena's, but Kennedy was deep in thought. Confused, Alexia asked what had been troubling Kennedy, and Kennedy calmly replied that he was still thinking about Mac. Kennedy stated he'd been looking over the whole situation, thinking about his own relationship to Mac and why he would've done what he did. Alexia bluntly asked Kennedy whether Mac would be alright, and Kennedy noted that since Vereco and Taglumo seemed surprised by Mac's betrayal, no one really knew but him, and they'd have to work to accomplish their own goals in the meantime.

Tag and Vereco asked what the group was doing, and since they didn't know Taglumo's name or who he was, Padparadscha explained that they were trying to stop a Sol Emerald-stealing megalomaniac from taking over the world. After the two hedgehogs talked for a bit, Kennedy noted that they'd only stopped the worst-case-scenario, and that only one Emerald was needed to cause chaos. Kennedy remembered that the robot must've had orders from someone else before lecturing himself for destroying the robot instead of analyzing it. Taglumo asked the party if the robot had an accurate description he explained, and for reference, Alexia created a nearly-perfect icy duplicate of the humanoid robot, to which Taglumo said that his uncle made them all the time.

With a slightly harsher glare, Kenendy asked for Tag's uncle's address so that they could shut down his source of operations, and Taglumo asked if he planned on murdering him. Kennedy and Padparadscha quickly denied it, saying that they'd never contemplated killing him. Now assured, Taglumo told them that his uncle resided in Westopolis, and Padparadscha pointed out that they'd be best off consulting with Taru-Na first. Their food arrived shortly after Padparadscha explained who Taru-Na was to Tag and Vereco, and there were conversation here and there as they ate breakfast, with Kennedy asking Lee why he'd risk his life for their mission (thinking back to their encounter with Mac), to which Lee replied that the monster he was fighting before was especially angered because Lee killed his siblings. Padparadscha expressed her disapproval of Lee's sadness, saying that they all made mistakes, but they just needed to move past them. Lee apologized for being useless (in his opinion) against Mac, and Alexia said that while she recognized the feeling of uselessness, you couldn't solely look at it or else the negativity would overcome you. Lee awkwardly continued to avoid discussion, and Taru-Na was called by Padparadscha.

Padparadscha explained to Taru-Na that they'd found out the megalomaniac was actually Tag and Vereco's uncle, and Taru-Na scolded herself, explaining to the group that he was named Sinjoro and had been committing minor crimes and frequently breaking out of prison before being sent to a rehabilitation center.


Mac woke up with a shock, feeling cold as he regained consciousness in a prison cell. A hedgehog wearing a three-piece suit and a samurai helmet was one of the first people he saw, and Mac asked if he worked for the people who had gotten him into the cell. The hedgehog said that the police hated him, and asked Mac if he'd like to join him in gathering the Emeralds. Feeling like he should've learned from the first time, Mac asked if there was any good reason for him to join him. The hedgehog replied that 1) it'd be extremely difficult for Mac to get off the apparent island he was in, and 2) he had a way of knowing where the Emeralds were.

Feeling as if the opportunity to get back into the game was just presenting itself, Mac finally accepted, calling Scarlet with his dimensional communication device to ask her if she wanted in. Scarlet said yes, and soon, after they explained everything to her, the trio was up in the skies, flying to the Wing Fortress.

A Violent Vacation

Central Characters: Team Mask, Aorki's group, Coffin

Retro Rebirth

Central Characters: Aorki's group, Mac

The Sunshine Calls

Central Characters: Scarlet, Sol, the Solvage Tribe

"While In Another World's New York"

Central Characters: Kennedy, Coffin

After the incident with the Reset Hawk and Coffin, Kennedy had been searching for clues in several Zones, but it seemed like after learning that Kennedy had allies, Coffin had been scared off. Deciding not to devote all o his energy searching for nonexistent evidence, Kennedy began to lay low, living normally in the Lamak Zone. Eventually, Kennedy's hand began glowing, alerting him that there were Zones in danger - however, this time, he decided that afterwards, he would go to another Zone to simply relax.

He decided to go to a random Zone, and it looked extremely similar to a normal city. After exploring the seemingly normal world a bit, he entered a music store that was called "Chap's Knocks," recognizing some music from the Lamak Zone and ultimately interested in buying an album of music by this dimension's variation of an artist he knew. He then went on to buy it, encountering a multi-limbed spider with a strong Brazilian accent that he had trouble deciphering. After getting his items, he left the shop, expecting an otherwise pleasant day.

He was wrong.

Less than a minute after he'd left the shop, Kennedy examined his item closer, realizing the while the artist, Jonah Kyle, was a soft soul artist in the Lamak Zone, he was a rock star in this one, which caused Kennedy to dislike the piece. His day would get worse when he heard a ferocious growl, turning around to find one of Coffin's amplified puppets, this one in the shape of a primitive hog. Kennedy remembered facing off it before, leaving it in an abandoned Zone, but it seemed it too had the ability to traverse dimensions. After a bit of banter, Kennedy trapped the beast before alerting panicking civilians of the new monster. After they'd evacuated, Kennedy saw the spider alert the Zone's police, and asked her if she was any good in combat and able to help him subdue Coffin's puppet. Nervously, the spider agreed to assist him, and they set out to defeat it.

Kennedy's strategy was to distract the monster whilst the spider did... whatever she was going to do. Proceeding with his idea, Kennedy began to fly around their enemy, throwing Chaos Spears and doing several minimal blows to it as he trusted the spider to assist him. Not too long after, it looked like the creature had eaten her, and Kennedy looked inside the creature's mouth. However, when it opened its mouth, a large beam was fired harming Kennedy but allowing him to realize that the spider was still alive... and the creature was dead.

The spider, leaving the creature's mouth with Kennedy's assistance, immediately rushed to get mouthwash, leaving Kennedy to believe that she did something with her mouth in order to subdue the monster. Not too long after, police-like figures arrived, and on their clothing were the letters "SCD." They tried grabbing Kennedy to get him away from the monster, but suspicious, Kennedy teleported to the sidewalk, not liking the force that they were immediately applying to him. When asked who he was, Kennedy began to explain, but the officer said that Kennedy would be best off telling the commander directly.

Kennedy began to head with the commander, and after being asked, Kennedy explained himself again and that after death, Coffin's creatures would disintegrate, and there would probably be more of his puppets coming. Troubled by this information, the commander gave Kennedy a disc, telling him that when they were defeated, he was supposed to teleport them to a containment cell with it. He also said that they'd prefer to have Kennedy stick around to deal with them before it got out of hand before apologizing for the unfortunate circumstances.

The commander said that they'd stay in touch before leaving, and the spider casually gave Kennedy a hug that he returned as Kennedy thanked her for her assistance. She asked if people assisted Kennedy often, to which Kennedy apathetically responded that he was simply more used to being a savior than the saved. She then asked Kennedy if he had anything else to do, and Kennedy didn't, so she suggested that in theory, if she did want to hang out, she'd get something in from the shop. Kennedy watched her as she ran into the shop, and when she returned, she'd explained that her boss said that she had the rest of her shift off.

When Kennedy asked, she explained that to the monster, she used venom from her fangs/talons, which made Kennedy respond with a rapid barrage of venom-related questions, curious as to what were the attributes of the spider's ability. The spider answered them all awkwardly, but finished off by saying that not a lot of people knew about her powers, which made sense to Kennedy considering she was a cashier. Kennedy explained how he himself was an Extreme Gearist, and then, after inquiries from the spider, he told her what life as an EG was like.

Kennedy then learned her name was Speeder, and that she was a large music fan. He would, after idle chatter and a small amount of dancing, find out that in this Zone, there were superheroes! ...even if Speeder didn't know that much about them. They continued talking when suddenly, they were ambushed by another one of Coffin's puppets, this one being a vulture that fired detonating feathers.

Dawn of the Equinox

Central Characters: Kennedy

Unknown History

Central Characters: Luna, Keira

Secret Discord

Central Characters: Alexia, Max

Alexia's Disappearance and Kidnapping

Central Characters: Keira, Luna, Alexia, White, Sephtis, Leunga

Depths of Dimensions

Central Characters: Team Mask, Schnee, Kana, Luna, Turles, Medusa, Flash

Mystic Fever

A Not-So Rousing Return

Central Characters: Mac, Scarlet, Schnee, Terra, White, Tina, Sephtis, Luna, Keira

Chaos Calling

Central Characters: Kennedy, Jana-Su and Chaos Mobius, (possibly?) the Flame

The Solvage's Assistance

Central Characters: Mac, Scarlet, Sol and the Solvage Tribe

Max-imum Velocity

Central Characters: Mac, Scarlet, Max

A Friend's Fierceness

Central Characters: Kana, Terra, White, Eggman and his bots, Crys

Bad Brother, Bad Luck

Central Characters: Crys, Team Saturn

Re-Building Bridges

Central Characters: Schnee, White, Jackson

GUN Gatling

Central Characters: Mac, Hercules, GUN

Beast Legends

Central Characters: Hercules, Team Watts

The Royal, the Rebel, and the Restless

Central Characters: Sephtis, Tina, Kyle and the Camalire Kingdom

Fragment World

Central Characters: Kennedy, Jayda-Su, Xavis, Chloe-Su (and possibly others)

Axe Me Anything

Central Characters: Luna, Charlotte, Keira, Alpha

Blessed Discovery

Central Characters: Crys, Venus, Scale

A Cimmerian Search

Central Characters: Charlotte, Mac, Scarlet, Sephtis

Worlds Apart

Central Characters: Team Saturn, Scarlet, Crys, Venus, Keira, VA-TIO inhabitants

A Judgmental Meeting

Central Characters: Kennedy, Scale

The Fury of the Elemental Gods

Central Characters: Team Saturn

The Dark Prince

Central Characters: Kennedy, Coffin

Tipping the Scales

Central Characters: Mac, Scarlet, Scale and her army, Charlotte


Central Characters: Team Mask, Team Saturn

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