LakeWood High School is the high school in Sanctuary Lake. Apparently, it is a 100% free public school, where you don't have to pay for anything, not even breakfast and lunch. It's not the best school (a new private one is being built), but it has some good qualities.

The Teachers

Spanish Teacher - Mrs. Camilie (Camilie the Bear
English Teacher - Mr. Breen (Breen the Snake)
Math Teacher - Mr. Underwood (Underwood the Dog)
Science Teacher - Ms. Robyn (Robyn the Robin)
Biology Teacher - Mr. Jackson (Jackson the Wolf)
Geography Teacher - Ms. Flysha (Flysha the Cougar)
Anatomy Teacher - Mr. Jakkobs (Jakkobs the Tiger)
Librarian - Mr. Big (Big the Cat, duh)
Cafeterians - Mrs. Spendouski, Ms. Spendouski, and Mr. Spendouski (all sisters and brother)
The Principal - Mrs. Swift (Swift the Ferrett, who SOUNDS like Taylor Swift - she also teaches MUSIC!)


The Library
The old, old, old bathrooms
The cafeteria, which is really big and has a mural at the end
The parking lot - duh
The Assembly place
The Biology lab
And of course, all the other classrooms
The Janitors office!
And the principal's office.

List of all students (note: the school just gives all the students last names they thought up of randomly so they can tell them apart, for instance, if there were two Amys, they would be seperated by their last names)

9th Grade

Popular People: Terra Rose
Popular Person's Friends: Chimbur Keys, Penelope Denelgvao (she's french), Ami Everysoles,
The People the Popular Person Hates: Joseph King....that's it
The People the Popular Person doesn't Care About: Aleesha Brown, Heather Thongac, Georgia Tompson, Hatai Green, Paxton Bullick

(There aren't many at Sanctuary Lake)

10th Grade

Popular People: Amy Rose
Popular Person's Friends: Hanna Wunder, Brennia Sorrow (such a weird last name; poor girl), Madison Leptua
The People the Popular Person Hates: No One
The People the Popular Person doesn't Care About: Orla Lavin, Jinja Scarlette, Maurice Williams

11th Grade

Popular People: Rouge Santanna (Let's pretend she's younger!)
Popular Person's Friends: Nina Everysoles (Ami Everysoles half-sister), Claire Rabbitz, Macy Heart
The People the Popular Person Hates: Everyone!
The People the Popular Person doesn't care about: No One

12th Grade

Popular People: Storm Desert (Again, pretending...younger...okay?)
Popular Person's Friends: Wave Pink, Jet Burcham
The People the Popular Person Hates: Everyone in a grade under himself
The People the Popular Person Doesn't Care About: Everyone in his own grade

Known Graduates

Clover the Cat (known then as Clover Beaty), Crystal the Wolf (Known then as Crystal Davis), Hawkshadow the Cat (Known then as Hawkshadow Rusher), Golden the Tiger (known then as Golden Spears), Dequalia the Unicorn (Known then as Dequalia Calvin), Cecilia the ? (Known then as Cecilia Mass), Gertrude the Bat (Known then as Gertrude Davenport)

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