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Lailah is a human thunder magician and a thief. She was born into the main house of Ilbia. In the future, she has two children, named Claud and Wren.


Lailah appears to be a human girl around the age of 20, standing at five feet seven inches. She has a pale complexion and her skin on her cheeks and arms are covered in freckles, with auburn hair, hazel eyes, and a snub nose. She has a birthmark on her right thigh. She is fairly skinny.

Her attire consists of a black sleeveless jacket with a white short-sleeved dress shirt under it. She wears a somewhat long black skirt under a light pink apron. She wears white knee-high socks and brown dress shoes. She also wears a purple ribbon in her hair.


Lailah, at first glance, appears to be courteous and affectionate. However, she is not very loyal to people and no matter how affectionate she seems, she still continues to keep her distance. Rarely are they honest to people, she keeps a lot of things to themself and is a compulsive liar. She also appears to be carefree and curious, and doesn't wish to mingle in complicated situations like politics. Lailah also likes adventuring and taking risks for the thrill.

When alone, she takes on a drastically different personality. In truth, she is emotionally unstable and has a lot of troubles. Her real personality shows at this time. She is lonely and depressed as a result of the abuse she suffered from Sibyl, and doesn't care about how other people feel. Her depression worsens as she gets older and her current wearabouts are unknown. She is also easily manipuated.


Family History

The House of Ilbia is one of the dukedoms in the the kingdom of Olervale. Their knights squadron serve under Princess Astarte. The weapon that has been passed down is called Thoron. Her family was made up of thunder mages, mostly with auburn hair, a common trait among the descendants of Luz,  the original wielder of Thoron and the one who founded the dukedom of Ilbia.


She grew up in secret, hidden away from Sibyl and her husband, Erinus. Lailah's mother, Elissa, faked sickness to take care of her young child. She was never let outside of the room and was kept away from most human contact. However, she was taught how to be a kind an sociable girl. At the age of 6, Lailah's mother contracted an illness that took a huge toll on her physical health and killed her within a year. After her mother had died, Lailah was finally discovered. She was taken in by her aunt Sibyl then, but suffered large amounts of abuse since Lailah was believed to be the cause of Elissa's death.


Her abuse affected her personality heavily, and she had developed depression at a young age due to this. However, she still pretended to be optimistic and affectionate to hide her pain. She saw showing her real feelings as her showing weakness. She was trained to become a thunder mage (mostly so she could be used as a killing machine) alongside her cousin, Astarte. It was revealed that Astarte had the ability to wield Luz. Lailah still trained extensively to protect herself. She was manipulated into killing over 100 of the neighboring dukedom's men and was used as a key player in the small wars that happened between Ilbia and Belme.


Lailah has the power to use Thunder magic due to her bloodline. It's the only type of magic she can use efficiently, however. She is deadly with it but can only wield it if she has a tome with her. However, she can tire herself out from too much use of it unless she's feeling more energetic that day. Lailah never uses her powers to intentionally harm her friends, but she is ruthless towards the enemy.

She has a tendency to show off these powers in a flashy way. She likes to play around with them, including making light shows and scaring people off. Lailah gets a thrill from doing these kinds of things because it attracts the sort of attention she wants.


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