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Lagunemine the Dhole (pronounced "lə-GOO-nə-meen") is an assassin that serves the Poison Clan of Dantamu.

Physical Description

A reasonably shapely dhole who stands at nearly four feet tall, Lagunemine has a somewhat short muzzle with a triangular nose, medium-sized, somewhat rounded ears that stand upright, and a fairly long, bushy tail.

Her fur is primarily blue-violet in color, with a white muzzle, inner ears, chest (she has a horizontal blue-violet stripe across her chest as well), underarms, stomach, and inner thighs, while the outer half of her tail, bridge of her snout, and eye markings are blue-magenta violet in color. Her hair, which is somewhat short and curly, is black in color, and her eyes are brick red in color.

Lagunemine's attire consists of a black vest over a tube top, black fingerless gloves, pants, and boots, as well as a choker collar and two studs in her left ear.



The Elemental Wars


Base Stats
Other Stats

As an assassin, Lagunemine excels in disposing of a single enemy with little to no hassle; she has respectable physical strength, and the speed to back up her swift takedowns. She's well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, and is also adept at striking the weak points of her opponents. Being a canine, she has strong jaws and sharp teeth, and can deliver a nasty (and often poisonous) bite.

She wields Toxic Kunai to great effect; they can either be thrown from a distance, or used up close to slash at opponents, and the kunai often carry a paralyzing poison to them, allowing her to disable targets with little effort. She also wields a single anelace as a backup weapon.

Lagunemine is a proficient Toxikinetic, although the bulk of her attacks are physical (like Toxic Claw); her connection to the Chaos Force isn't terribly strong, and she can only pull off weak energy-based attacks of the Poison Element, such as Poison Sting.


Lagunemine is relatively resistant to the Element of Poison. She is quite fast, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks.


Lagunemine is weak to the Element of Nature and, to a lesser extent, the Elements of Earth and Wind, as wielders of those can nullify her Poison abilities. Her defenses aren't anything special, therefore she mostly relies on her agility to try and evade potentially devastating attacks.

Friends and Foes





Lagunemine always seems to carry an air of pride about her; primarily, pride in her Clan, and pride in her own abilities as an assassin. She's generally friendly and easy to get along with, although her underlying arrogance can sometimes be a bit obnoxious to those she converses with.

She tends to be rather flirty, and it's not unheard of her to even flirt with her targets, regardless of their gender (she is pansexual, after all); however, she doesn't seem to have any intentions on settling down with a partner anytime soon, and the flirtatious nature towards her targets in particular is mostly a ruse to get them to lower their guard.

Positive Traits

  • Loyal
  • Friendly

Neutral Traits

  • Flirty

Negative Traits

  • Arrogant at times



Her name is the Estonian word for "decay".

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