The Lagobot
Lago Unit
Unknown, said to be over 20
Endurance, agility, strength, advanced weapon systems
None, based of Hachi's biological data
Machine guns, missiles, laser beams
"Target sighted. Course of necessary action; eliminate."
"Preparing weapon systems. Extermination is in process."

The Lagobot, a robotic supersoldier designed from what data was kept of Hachi by the scientists that restored him. Since they could not use the real Hachi as a weapon, they went so far as to create a copy of him with most of his aspects and enhanced cybernetics. Equipped with a huge arsenal of weaponry installed, the Lagobot will use anything and everything in order to complete his primary goal; collect Hachi's DNA, whether he is dead or alive, and kill anybody that gets in the way.


The Lagobot stands at 10'8ft and looks identical to Hachi in some aspects, such as his hair style and attire. However, the Lagobot is twice as tall as Hachi and is constructed entirely of machinery and metal, unlike Hachi who is only partly machine-enhanced. The Lagobot is constructed of grey, metal material, while its eyes shine brightly both in the light and dark, and also act as scanners.


Early History

The Lagobot was created as a replacement for Hachi after he escaped from the laboratory that restored him. The Lagobot was designed upon Hachi's physical appearance, although they made it significantly taller and equipped it with internal weaponry, such as lasers stored within the eye sockets and machine guns stored within the shoulders. The Lagobot was the result of a solution to Sana's disappearance from the labs, being equipped with the ability to analyze and store information from sights and sounds, and take advantage of it for later.

Upon the Lagobot's creation, it was tested deep underground beneath the labs, where large bug-like creatures had been seen ravaging equipment and resources. As it was sent down, it destroyed a large flood of bugs by itself, and then later went deeper underground and destroyed the hive altogether. The scientists realized they could use the Lagobot to gain what they captured Hachi for; collect the Rage Gene and equip it to the Lagobot.

The Lagobot and Hachi met not long after, and in their first conflict, Hachi had proven more than a match for the Lagobot's weaponry, and even dismembered its limbs, incapacitating it. However, a few months later, the Lagobot reawakens and used a magnet installation to pull itself back together and get itself ready for the next conflict.


The Lagobot has been seen trying to find Sana, in hopes that she would have some idea where Hachi currently is, not knowing she had wiped her memory. It has also been seen trying to get close to Unit Shinobu, Sana's son who was born as a cyborg. Over the years of it's existence, the Lagobot has gathered many other targets of assignment, and also attempts to hunt them down as well.


The Lagobot is without an individual personality. However, it is designed to be a violent, yet efficient, killer within the highest grade, although it does not kill any unassigned targets, thus reducing a major death toll of civilian lives, although it will automatically assign targets that get in the way of its objective. It will use any means necessary to complete its goal of containing Hachi's Rage Gene, and shows no morality when attacking an assigned target, since it does not contain "feelings" as such.

Although some believe that the Lagobot has, since its creation, had some form of emotions, and because its computers tell it to assign and kill, it has become a hate-filled machine that desires the death of organics. But despite this, it has not been seen killing unassigned civilians.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Senses

The Lagobot has a highly enhanced sense of vision and hearing. Its eyes, which act as scanning tools, allow it to analyze and memorize objects, people and techniques for later usage in battle. The Lagobot also has heightened reflexes, and a lowered sense of pain since its body is constructed of metal and such, however it can feel differences in the air and on solid surfaces, and identifies them via its AI brain. Also, since it is a machine, it does not tire as much as organic beings.


The Lagobot is equipped with a whole arsenal of different weaponry. In the Lagobot's shoulders are twin machine guns, which will either fire solid ammo, or plasma ammunition for when it runs out. Lasers are stored within the Lagobot's eye sockets, so if need be, it will fire red laser beams at designated targets, with the destructive force of these lasers enough to tear apart cars. Inside the Lagobot's forearms are four miniature missiles, all given nuclear properties that, when they blow up, act as miniature nukes or such.

As well as this, the Lagobot is able to perform several varieties of martial arts, and is adept at hand-to-hand combat, with an advantage being that it has no real skin, aside from the metal that it is constructed of.


  • The Lagobot was inspired by the Mann vs Machine Team Fortress 2 update.
  • The Lagobot was also inspired by other fictional robots such as Metal Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, and the Terminator from the Terminator movie series.
  • The Lagobot is somewhat weak to water, although not so weak as to be destroyed or incapacitated by it.
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