Cquote1 Sup, the name's Lacey. Fall Out Boy is my fave band! Cquote2
Lacey the Cat to Shadow the Hedgehog

Lacey the Cat

AgeAbout 17 or 18
Height 4'0
Weight 90 lbs.
Gender Female
Species Black Cat
  • Fur: Black fur, blond hair, with a black streak down the front.
  • Eyes: Green eyes
  • Gray-and-black Fall Out Boy t-shirt
  • Blue jeans
  • Gray sandals
  • Numerous bracelets and belts
Affiliations Unknown
  • Lace
  • Kitten
  • "I'm not dating him, doofus - he's my new best friend."
Romantic Interests
Current Residence Unknown
Weaponry Her claws
Super Formation Unknown
Ability Type Unknown
DOB (Date of Birth) Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Theme Song
  • A Place In This World by Taylor Swift
  • Virus Of Life by Slipknot

Lacey the Cat is an emo black cat, madly in love with Shadow.


In way of personality, Lacey is emo, with a sense of sarcasm and dry humor. She strikes up conversastion with Shadow first, showing she's a talker. A lot of males also seem to have crushes on her, saying things like "Pretty little kitty", and "Sorry to be hitting on your sister" (when Shadow was pretending Lacey was his step-sister). Lacey's actual feel towards darkness isn't seen too much - for the most part, she seems happy - well, minus the cutting.


As said above, many male characters hit on her and/or have crushes on her before they get to know her, showing she is generally favorable in the appearance area. Her fashion leans towards emo or scene; her clothes aren't all black like a goth's would be. Her hair screams emo and/or scene. Her makeup is generally unnoticable.


Feel The Rain

Lacey is first seen when Shadow guesses out loud what song Fall Out Boy is playing, and she says he's right, calling him "fly guy" right away, showing she immediately has slight feelings for him. Later, when Shadow walks out of the club, a group of men confront her, leading for Shadow to come to her rescue by having her pretend to be his step-sister (even though she could have passed as half-sister). When she goes back in and her arm is around Shadow's, her boyfriend, Chad the Panther, sees, and he is obviously obsessive and overprotective, yelling at Shadow for saving his girlfriend. This annoys Lacey, but she does not say much about it. When all the clubbers try to look at her arm, she freaks out, and Shadow saves her from a nosey echidna....and it's a life for a life, because when the echidna has the knife at Shadow's throat, she pulls it back, telling the clubbers to stop freaking out about her arm, because, after all, it is just an arm with some dry cuts on it. She then breaks up with Chad, walks out of the club with Shadow, and kisses him in the pouring rain (which, by the way, is noted as very romantic).

Theme Songs

A Place In This World

A Place In This World by Taylor Swift is her theme song because, like all of us, she's just trying to find a place here, because she's so different.

Virus Of Life

Virus Of Life by Slipknot is also her theme song because, in a way, she's so madly in love with Shadow, she could be his stalker.



  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Only known friend)


  • Chad the Panther (Ex-boyfriend)


  • Lacey was originally supposed to be a new verison of Clover, but her creator decided against it, thinking it would be too cheesy a love story that way.
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