The LR-10 Anti-Materiel Rifle is an anti-material sniper rifle produced by the Warriors of the Mind in limited numbers by the design of Nolwenn Rozenn.

LR-10 Anti-Materiel Rifle

Production Information
ManufacturerWarriors of the Mind
Type.50 caliber anti-material bolt-action sniper rifle
Technical Information
Maximum Range1500m
Ammunition.50 caliber high-explosive armor-piercing rounds in a five-round box magazine
Known Users
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design History

As befitting the expectations of the Warriors of the Mind's philosophy of strategy and knowledge as keys to combat might; each member is expected to lead the design process of a weapon for the mercenary faction's arsenal. One member, a woman by the name of Nolwenn Rozenn, lead the design team on the process that became both her personal weapon and her contribution to their catalog; the LR-10.

Whenever ordered, each one of these weapons is hand-made under the supervision of Nolwenn, forcing the orders to remain in small-batches, each batch being fairly individualized and made to the request of the orders to the best of their ability.


A ridiculously heavy firearm, the LR-10 weighs in at a whopping ten kilograms, more than double the weight of most conventional sniper weapon systems. However, it is due to this weight in conjunction with a number of inbuilt force dampers that grants this weapon remarkably little recoil for it's total firepower. With a bolt-action firing mechanism, it can be a fairly slow weapon in combat, while the five-round magazine of heavy anti-armor rounds is normally depleted rather easily, forcing the sniper wielding it to make every shot count. However, with the limited recoil and accurate sights, as well as conventional attachment rails, this weapon is a clear performer in long-range combat.

One of the most important things to note about the weapon, aside for the extreme range, is the ammunition. Specially engineered for the LR-10; though compatible with other similar weapons, the ammunition that it comes with is designed for maximum penetration and damage, with a high-explosive burst triggering upon penetration of a target. This action allows the rounds to pierce most forms of medium armor and lighter, meaning that only the heaviest targets are safe.


Standard from Manufacturer

There are no true manufacturer's standard variations. These rifles are hand-made in small batches; and each batch is made to client specifications. As such, badge numbers are the closest thing that exists to a variant, and even that is questionable at best.

Customized Examples

  • LR-10 Alpha - The personal weapon of Nolwenn herself, the LR-10 Alpha has continued to be upgraded since it's manufacture. The most eye-catching feature is the obvious one, the blue and black tiger-striped camouflage pattern that covers the gun. Similarly, an inbuilt foregrip and hybrid scope make up the obvious modifications. However, the biggest modification is the magazine size. Nolwenn is the only wielder so far known to employ a ten-round magazine rather than the standard five, so her gun seems a little boxier at the magazine than typical.

Known Users

  • Nolwenn Rozenn - The designer responsible for creating the LR-10, and wielder of the enhanced LR-10 Alpha.
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