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For civilian clothing, which she wears rarely, Kyrstyan wears a plain brown tunic, plain brown slacks, and black boots with hard toes. In her knight's training armor, she wears a silver suit of armor with three slits in the helmet. She carries a sword in a plain leather sheath and two daggers, one on either side of her. She does not wear her gloves while in knight garb.


Stoic and cynical, Kyrstyan does her best to fulfill her duties as a gate guard for her hometown of Oxmire. She trades off with a colleague every few hours, in which she purchases supplies and trains.

She has no family to speak of, and she rarely mentions them, refusing to reveal her last name to anyone except those she trusts. Once she gains someone's trust, she will do everything in her power to keep it.


Krystyen was born in the town of Oxmire, Eurish, to two unnamed parents. She grew up relatively normally until her 16th birthday, in which she was selected to enter knight training. Two years later, she was posted at the front gates of Oxmire and had a slight altercation with a member of a prominent family in Eurish, the Paulsons. Dryden Juverne, a member of the even more prominent Juverne family, stepped in and allowed the woman into the city.

Shortly afterwards, Krystyen fell sick with a case of severe heat exhaustion after standing outside for more than a few hours. A kind girl named Astra took the chance to bring her water and comfort. Due to her delusions, Krystyen decided she was unfit to live and tried to convince those around her. Astra, however, was having none of it, and chased Krystyen through the streets until she ended up hiding in, and torching, a hay cart.

After these incidents, Astra and Krystyen found a place for her to recover courtesy of her mentor, Sir Callahan. While Astra returned back to the city to find Dryden, Krystyen fought off three little creatures who seemed to explode under her pyrokinesis. Dryden later explained the creatures belonged to a being called Onyx.

As Onyx's troops invaded the city gates, Krystyen, Astra, and a number of the knights she was a part of defended it, while thirty other knights patrolled further away with Dryden. They were able to hold off the troops with literal firepower, until a blue creature appeared that fire couldn't touch. Astra let Krystyen distract the creature long enough to create a custom arrow, which stunned it on the spot.

When Dryden returned with the small company, he told Krystyen he needed to get to the citadel in order to retrieve a sacred sword. She imitated a dragon's breath and lifted him up to the citadel. Afterwards, the knight company started to win.

Unfortunately, Onyx arrived and started spawning more soldiers than the knights could take down. Krystyen came face to face with him, and he told her she was quite brave and would have made an excellent servant. She merely brushed him off, giving Dryden enough time to claim the sword.

When Dryden claimed it, Onyx went mad with rage and rose to meet him. The two clashed in a ferocious battle of light and dark. It came to a point where Onyx almost killed Dryden with the sword, but Dryden asked Krystyen to throw a fireball at Onyx's hand. After she did so, Dryden had enough time to destroy Onyx for good.

After the battle ended, the whole of Oxmire celebrated their victory. Krystyen had previously agreed to accompany Astra and Dryden on their next adventures, and exchanged a tearful goodbye with her fellow knights. Before they completely left, Sir Callahan led them straight to the King himself. His Majesty asked Krystyen what title she would like, but she insisted that he choose for her, as she felt unworthy of such an honor.

Eventually, the King chose the title "Knight of the Torch", and Krystyen agreed it was a good fit. Astra and Dryden also received knighthood, the Knights of Mercy and Spirit respectively. After they left the city, Astra asked what they were going to do next, and Dryden simply replied with whatever they wished. The three friends left, and began their new adventure.

Powers and Abilities


Despite her blue color scheme, Krystyen actually has pyrokinesis, the ability to wield fire. She can control it well if she concentrates enough. She has a range of abilities with it, including the ability to mimic a dragon's breath.

Magic Gauntlet

Replacing her left arm, Kyrstyen uses her magic gauntlet in a variety of ways. She can transform it into a battering ram, extra weapon, or flamethrower. She can also throw plasma blasts (in this world, magic orbs) from it.

Normal Abilities


Kyrstyen is a relatively fast runner. Her speed comes to around 120 mph depending on the terrain. Drier surfaces are easier to run upon.

Strength & Agility

Kyrstyen is able to life around twice her own weight, and is very agile when it comes to difficult stunts.

Special Abilities

Super Form(s)

Kyrstyen does not have a super form as of now, but the creator may give her one.


Hand-to-Hand Combat

Kyrstyen is proficient when it comes to fighting bare-handed, especially against people who are larger than she is.


Though she is a knight, Krystyen's sword skills are mediocre at best, but she often trains after dark to improve them.


Krystyen is able to speak both English and Spanish, and she is trying to learn other languages as well.

Energy Sensing

Kyrstyen can sense energy signatures due to a stone she touched as a child. She can sense anything related to or derived from Chaos Energy. If the energy is too strong, she will get a headache.



Though Kyrstyen's greatest power, it is also her greatest weakness. When she loses concentration, the flames can grow to immense heights and temperatures. They are also tied to her emotions, so if her emotions are out-of-control, her powers will follow suit.

Slight Deafness

Kyrstyen suffers from slight deafness due to an untreated ear infection as a child. She is still able to hear, but some things must be repeated multiple times in order for her to hear them.


Kyrstyen is Sneer's medieval counterpart.

Her first name is pronounced "Christian".

As of now, her mentor is named Callahan.

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