Kyros is a hedgehog. He has mainly navy blue hedgehog with purple on the tips of his quills and with streaks of purple along his eyes. He wears an olive green lightly torn scarf and has a pair of flight goggles above his eyes. His gloves are a light blue color and his shoes are white with light blue, horizontal stripes. Kyros' eyes are a dark, galaxy blue. His muzzle is peach-like color. His chest is also peach-like. 


Kyros is very heroic. He strives to keep everybody safe. From the incident that happened to him, he vows to never have it happen again. He can be a bit of an annoyance when he wants to help. Kyros never ceases to go out of his way to help. Some describe him as overly helpful. However, Kyros can be quite fierce. Once in him self proclaimed "Battle Mode" he will put himself in harms way to defend whatever is in "danger". Once Kyros is engaged in combat, he will not stop unless knocked out or killed.


The Beginning

Kyros was born in Powercharge City. He grew up with many friends and family. When he was about 16, his whole city was in peril and tried to fight a planet stealer that would destroy different "zones". This planet destroyer would destroy the "zones" and the destroyed parts would be teleported to space and create his own planet. This planet stealer is name Exodus. Kyros tried to fight Exodus, but ended up by getting stabbed in the arm with one of Exodus' many swords. As Exodus tried to kill Kyros, a heroic hedgehog named Raje used his pyrotechnic attacks on Exodus temporarily distracting him. Raje evacuated Kyros in a Zone Teleporter that was destroyed right before Raje got a chance to leave. Kyros was teleported to the Countryside Forest and he met a hedgehog named Valder and Kyros refused to follow Valder. Kyros got lost in the forest and was cornered by two Robot Beetle Destroyers, but a water hedgehog named Jinz. Jinz lead Kyros to a town called Redstone Town.

Journey to Redstone Town

In Redstone, Jinz signed Kyros up for an Inn. Because of Kyros living in the city, Kyros had no idea what an Inn was. Kyros then found out and told Jinz about what had happened before they met. Jinz understood Kyros. Kyros slept in the bed while Jinz slept on the floor. In the middle of the night, Kyros silently went outside to a field. Kyros never had seen stars before, but a red star was in the sky. Kyros was confused and stared at the red star. The red star fell to the ground and Kyros went off to look for it.

The Red Star

As Kyros was looking, a red hedgehog fell to the ground. It was revealed that the red hedgehog, named Roy, was the falling star. He had a shield on as he fell because he was very high in the sky. Jinz then came to find Kyros and found him with Roy. Roy and Jinz knew each other. As they talked, they heard a female hedgehog named Karen talk to herself. Roy went to go see what was happening. Roy was the girl and said, "Oh, it's just a sexy hot beach lady!" which resulted in Karen yelling, "Pervert!" at Roy. Roy instigated Jinz and Kyros to see which one of all three of them could call yell something at her. Kyros and Jinz said, "Sexy!" to Karen while running past her. Roy said, "Fat girl with a chubby ugly face!" which resulted in Karen chasing all three of the boys. The boys were stopped by a green hedgehog with a negative attitude named Blade. Blade revealed he was Karen's boyfriend. Jinz, Roy, and Kyros were devastated. Before they had time for introductions, Exodus attacked again. They were able to hold him off. They fled after a short while.

Back to Redstone

They arrived back at Redstone to tell everyone Exodus was coming back to kill them all. Kyros went to the house of a grey hedgehog with a gun on his arm named Target. Target was angered about Exodus destroying his town. Exodus was on the outskirts of Redstone looking for Kyros.

The Heart of the Inn

All of the heroes (Blade, Kyros, Karen, Roy, and Target) went inside the Inn to rest up. They then went deeper into the Inn and were chased by a huge, spiked, green and grey rock. Blade jumped off the platform, arriving somewhere else while everyone else out ran the spike rock. They arrived on the outskirts of Redstone and were attacked by Exodus. As Exodus was about to kill the four, Raje surprised everyone and fought Exodus. Exodus threw a poisoned Boomerang Shuriken at Raje. Raje dodged it, but in came back from behind due to it being a boomerang shuriken. He was poisoned and Exodus didn't want to waste his time on Raje so he ran off. Raje was left to die, but Kyros and Karen came back for him. They took him to the Inn and tried to heal him, but failed. Everyone left Raje except for Kyros. As Raje was about to die, he told Kyros his last words and gave him the Powercharge Stone and Kyros became the last warrior of Powercharge City. Raje died peacefully and Kyros didn't leave him until everyone had to drag him away from Raje. As they were in grief, a twin of a villain went out to rob everyone. Valder was in town and fought Ryddo without the heroes knowing. Kyros then learned new moves and got stronger. They had another run in with Exodus. They soon defeated Exodus and Exodus was stopped. But not for long! After 3 weeks had passed, Exodus escaped and came to Central City and destroyed the train station, killing hundreds. Sonic arrived on the scene along with Kyros and Jinz. The 3 defeated Exodus.

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Basic Attacks


Kyros will simply throw a punch at his opponent


Kyros will simply send a kick to his opponent


Kyros will simply grab his opponent

  • Toss - Kyros will throw his opponent in a direction of his choosing
  • Drain - Kyros drains his opponents energy
  • Heal - Kyros will replenish damage on the recipient of his heal

Intermediate Attacks

Power Punch

Kyros will use his Powercharge Stone to send a punch of raw energy at his opponent. This attack has a chance to drain energy out of the victim.

Power Kick

Kyros will use his Powercharge Stone to send a kick to his opponent. This attack has a chance to send his opponent flying backwards.

Power Shot

Kyros will put one or both hands in front of him to send raw energy at his opponent. This attack will increase in power the longer it is charged. This attack will also increase in lethality with the more energy charged.

Power Heal

Kyros will snap his fingers to heal himself.


Base Stats
Spcl. Atk5
Spcl. Def5
Total 80/100


Kyros cannot stand the killing of children. If he sees this, he won't be able to function. He will break down in tears.

Kyros is prone to exhaustion if he is fighting too long.

Kyros cannot heal too long or he will drain himself.

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  • Credits go to Arnas of Newgrounds. His version of the character is the basis of mine.
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