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This is an article about Kyoyan Tobias, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 12/10/2014.


Kyoyan resembles a tall pale-skinned humanoid with fairly long legs and average-length arms. He's often dressed in white shirts with torn sleeves and black skinny jeans. His hair is cut in locks, with streaks of short and long multicolored hair running down his scalp. He also has atypical circus paint, with big red lines around his lips and big blue circles around his eyes. Around his feet are bronze braces that allow him to ride his unicycle in ways no person should.


Kyoyan is often described as an expert lier. He lures people in with promises of showing splendorous sword-tricks to the masses that wander into the String Carnival, then uses his dual-Rainbow Swords to swiftly sever the shadows of those who have consumed Rainbow Candy given out by The Ticketeer, without the audience even knowing. He often warns his victims to jump beforehand, so he at least doesn't cause any direct harm to the masses.

Kyoyan will always seem loyal to whomever he sees as his leader (this being Mr. Strings at the moment,) but as soon as a position as leader opens up, Kyoyan will immediatly go for it, with little care about others who may want that position. When alone, Kyoyan is often regretful of the things he's done in the String Carnival, so many people's shadows (and with it their happiness) stolen away and sent of to who-knows-where, but will immediatly mask this when performing or confronted by others in the carnival. Kyoyan is also somewhat of a coward, as he will often run in fear of those who have previously faced him and won, regardless of how long it has been since.


Kyoyan, during his larval years, was raised by a circus-performer Crucite specializing in balance-performances (tightrope, spinning plates, spinning plates on a tightrope, etc.) and followed in his caretakers footsteps once reaching the proper age. Kyoyan would practice his acts all day while his caretaker worked at the nearby carnival, his acts getting more and more dangerous and exciting, in turn bringing much more of a profit. One day, however, the task his caretaker took on was simply too dangerous, the forbidden "500-Sword Walk Over Hell" and had crippled his caretaker from the waste down. Kyoyan, upset of his caretaker's limits, vowed to one day surpass even the greatest performers in the whole universe, then ventured off into the world.

Throughout a majority of his life, Kyoyan trained in high mountain-ranges, with only a small thread of silk to train with. He sustained injury after injury after injury, eventually forcing him to wear special leg-braces, but would just never give up his dream. He was lucky enough to have befriended the indigenous life of that area, after rescuing a village of snowy-Sky Crucites from Raiders, who constantly came to steal their weapons. Kyoyan, upon reaching his adult stage, had eventually mastered the craft, and set off to fulfill his dream, but before leaving, was given a special unicycle with the ability to reconfigure into many different shapes and forms, which they believed he could use when the time came.

Upon arriving at a nearby carnival back on flat-ground, Kyoyan had applied to perform for the people, and had successfully performed almost every dangerous act available, even ones that were created while he was away. When the time came for him to perform the Walk Over Hell, Kyoyan was somewhat afraid at first, as it seemed just too much for him, but had quickly remembered just why he was doing this in the first place. Kyoyan rode out onto the tightrope with great speed, and with many close-scrapes, had become one of the first to ever complete the 100-Sword Walk Over Hell, and was awarded two highly-rare Rainbow Swords.

After that, Kyoyan simply continued on his modest life of performing, and as time passed, it seemed as if less and less people were showing up to his performances. The world around him had evolved, technology had become more commonplace, and not many people found carnival acts in general to not be very amusing anymore. Kyoyan, worried that his dreams were all for nothing, tried as hard as he could to keep the carnival running, but it only delayed the inevitable, and after closing it's rainbow-doors for the last time, Kyoyan went into deep solitude, becoming fully swallowed up in depression and regret.

Kyoyan died several months later, having never emotionally recovered from his loss and had committed suicide. His body would never be found, and quickly drifted into the Void of Memory. There, his consciousness quickly reconnected with his body, and found himself drifting in a black void with random, miscellaneous objects floating about, until a bright flashing light caught his attention. Kyoyan saw a massive carnival, brimming with constant noise and cheers eminating from it. Kyoyan tried to edge himself closer, until a gray-skinned Crucite in a pure white costume had approached him. Not wanting to see Kyoyan struggling so desperately, the other Crucite had sent Kyoyan flying towards the carnival on a pair of wings created from pure light.

Once there, Kyoyan had quickly approached the one running the whole show, A puppet Crucite named Mr. Strings. Mr. Strings was openly accepting of Kyoyan's offer, and allowed the man to perform in the String Carnival on one condition, that being that he use his Rainbow Swords to gather the shadows of those he performs for and transmit them to him. Although reluctant to do so, Kyoyan accepted, desperate to perform and at least do something with his talents.

Events of the EQuartz Committee: Season 3



Kyoyan plays a somewhat major role overall in the series. Although having minor appearances in the previous two seasons, Kyoyan appears many more times here. He first appears in the String Carnival early on in the season, going about his daily performances while secretly stealing the audience's shadows. He is recruited by Xahlia to join in an attack on reality, which he ultimately accepts. Kyoyan is next seen a few episodes later, holding off and equally matching Twitch and Gyro while they were in Drill-Synchronization. After Xahlia buffs the entire army with magic, Kyoyan quickly overpowers and nearly kills them, before a mysterious fortune teller appears nearby, without saying any words, and he stops, and retreats with the rest of the Ensemble when Sartorius intervenes.

Kyoyan has several minor appearances since then, mostly appearing in races and sword-fighting competitions to train himself against the planet's best. He then appears once more in the String Carnival, where Twitch and Gyro challenge him once more. Here, they are at a stalemate once again, as both have been training since their previous encounter just for this moment. Kyoyan, quickly finding the odds against him, reluctantly absorbs several downed Shabies with his Rainbow Swords, causing him to grow in power and forming a dark aura around him.

Kyoyan gains the upper hand and once more almost kills both of them, even severely damaging Gyro. But then, as if dictated by fate, Twitch stands up. The power locked within her since the Mionium Disaster is released once more, bringing both her and Gyro back up to strength and allowing them to access a new form, Mi-Dai Drill, allowing them to once-again match Kyoyan. They quickly gain the upper hand once more and, with nothing to help him anymore, Kyoyan accepts his defeat without resistance and suffers massive damage as a result. Before losing consciousness, he tells the two of them to "Spare Mr. Strings, he just wants to-" but knocks out before he could finish.

Kyoyan appears once more after the defeat of Mr. Strings, making sure that his master is still alive. After Xahlia calls betrayal upon Mr. Strings for his countless failures, Kyoyan actually lashes back, slicing part of Xahlia's mask clean off and cutting part of her clothing as well as skin. Enraged, Xahlia fires an extremely powerful beam of energy, knocking out Kyoyan once more. After Mr. Strings calls for the other String Quartet members  to escape, Trixie and Bogo are seen carrying Kyoyan with them into Soulstice, where they are then admitted into EQuartz, and Kyoyan is sent off to the Hospital Wing, where he spends most of the season comatose. He appears once more, not fully recovered, fighting off several of Xahlia's soldiers during EQuartz's attack on the Chaos Realm, quickly sustaining further injuries and nearly dying as a result, but still manages to perform a surprise attack on the queen of chaos, cutting off her left arm. As a result of him overexerting his body, Kyoyan's legs cease function and he spends the rest of the season physically handicapped, even during the final battle against Sartorius.

In the aftermath episode, Kyoyan is seen undergoing surgery and is granted prosthetic mechanical legs, allowing him to walk and perform once more. He is later seen in the finale photo, posing with all other EQuartz members as they take one last picture before the show's end.


What is probably Kyoyan's greatest skill is his ability to ride the unicycle. What is normally an already-difficult task is only made more spectacular by what he can do on it. Kyoyan can use his unicycle to perform both ground and aerial sword-strikes and can also control his balance when moving at great speeds.

One last thing he can do with his unicycle that he can easily reconfigure it so that the wheel faces sideways and the rods connect to his feet-braces. This gives him the ability to move at almost the same speed as normal, use the parts of the unicycle to a plethora of strategic maneuvers and can basically act as a huge top, spinning around and using his swords to perform fast side-slashes. His greatest attack, BigTop Massacre, generates a huge tornado of slashes around him that not only blocks wind and other elemental attacks as well as bullets, but also drags in nearby opponents and dices them up.

Kyoyan has been shown to be somewhat of a skilled swordsman. He can perform quick, almost windlike slashes and parries for a mixture of offensive and defensive attacks. When wielding his dual-Rainbow Swords, Kyoyan can actually use the swords' magic to sever and absorb light, and can fire it back at opponents to either blind or do minor fire-damage to them.


Without his unicycle, Kyoyan has very few movement options, as his braces slow him down and are difficult to remove. He also has little defense against sand-based attacks, as his BigTop Massacre would draw it in with little way of removing it. When there is no source of light nearby, Kyoyan's Rainbow Swords lose their special powers and become regular swords.