Kyle the Hedgidna

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Kyle the Hedgidna is the youngest prince of the Kingdom of Camalire, the second youngest Camalire sibling, older than Calamity but younger than Cassie and Chrissa.

Kyle the Hedgidna

Biographical Information
Age 13
Relatives Ross Camalire (father)

Tyra Camalire (mother

Chrissa Camalire (older sister)

Cassie Camalire (older sister)

Calamity Camalire (younger sister)

Alph "Alchemy" Limyi (brother-in-law)

Alias Prince Kyle
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgeidna
Gender Male
  • Fur: Cream, w/fair skin & red quill markings
  • Eyes: Pale brown
  • Black short-sleeved shirt
  • Silver-grey tunic with light purple detailing
  • Red cape
  • Silver-grey fingerless gloves with light blue psychic enhancer markings
  • Black shorts
  • Black leather boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Kingdom of Camalire (Prince)
Weaponry & Equipment Rakusa (sword)
  • Experienced with pyrokinesis
  • Fairly accomplished psychic
  • Good with his sword
  • Very basic hand-to-hand combat
  • Amateur user of Rakek's magic
Other Information
American V.A. Kyle McCarley
Japanese V.A. Jun Fukuyama
Theme Song(s) Active Angel - Blazblue
Original Creator Flashfire212


Considering that the fairly small for his age hedgidna rarely left the castle before as a cause of spending most of his time inside the palace, his skin is almost paler than his cream fur. Kyle often finds himself relying upon his two retainers; purely because people outside get concerned that he is unwell by the color of his skin. The creamy white fur itself doesn't help, and almost makes him look paler in comparison. His quills and dreadlocks; common to his parental races, are all tipped with red.

Even his eyes tend to draw attention to the growing thirteen year old; with their brown color seeming washed out even more by his cream fur.


Considering his home is a similar pseudo-archaic nation to Mercia; Kyle's decision to dress like a member of a magic using order is accepted, and offers an effective excuse for his pale skin. While he wears a modern black t-shirt, shorts and boots; his retainers have given him a silver-grey tunic detailed with light blue, fingerless gloves of the same color, complete with psychic markings resembling Silver the Hedgehog's, and a blue cape. This mage-like appearance is enhanced by Kyle's fairly impressive skill with psychic powers and his element.


Born to the Crown

Kyle Camamile was born to Ross Camalire, king of Camalire, and Tyra Camalire, queen of Camalire. He was born after his older siblings, Cassie and Chrissa, who were nine and five years old at the time of his birth. Kyle was born while a rivalry between the Camalire kingdom and the Dadirri Tribe, when Yuruite, a common green material that was used for everyday things like plates, toothpaste, and other things became scarce. While officials were trying to find a way to somehow split the Yuruite between the two areas, it was simply too useful to give up.

Despite the tension and political arguments arising, Kyle was able to live three years of mundane life, being taught royal mannerisms and learning how to read at two. He was always a quick learner, though his subordinates, Tsiya the Echidna and Brac the Raccoon, made sure that Kyle didn't see too much of the outside world, and all of the trouble that was going on, for they feared that he would become sad and act like he had nothing to look forward to in life. At three, his youngest sister, Calamity, was born.

Kyle had a very loving relationship with his family growing up, because other than his subordinates, they were some of the only people Kyle had the opportunity to hang out with. However, because Cassie was usually all emo and rejecting and off on her own, he had a much better relationship with his parents and Chrissa. They all had lots of fun together, and everything seemed to be going right in Kyle's world.


However, two years later, at a meeting King Camalire was at to try to organize peace between the two nations, he was ambushed. The so-called "meeting" was a trap, and there, Kyle's father was murdered in cold blood. This would be the first act in war between the Dadirri Tribe and the Camalire Kingdom, because not long after news passed, soldiers were being trained, and attack strategies were being planned. When Kyle found out about his father's murder, which was only a few days later, he was devastated. Reality hit him like a mallet to the face, and he had so many questions. Why did they kill him? How did they manage to not only defeat his father, but all the guards with him? Did they know the pain they were inflicting on others?

Cassie didn't like seeing young Kyle so depressed. He had always been such a joyous little boy, and she thought that if he was mad, he needed to direct his anger at. Plus, it could serve the army and the royal family very well in the future. Cassie approached Kyle and told him that if he really wanted to, she would teach him something - she could teach him Rakek's magic. Rakek was a spiritual goddess who, in thier mythology, had passed, sacrificing herself to send all demons to Tartarus. Because of her sacrifice, her magic was still there, and could be accessed by spiritual training. After telling Kyle this story, he was very pumped up, and though he was only five years old, he was sure he would succeed.

All of his confidence was met with cold, hard rejection, however. Accessing Rakek's magic required a great amount of focus, and Kyle's mind kept jumping. He tried, and tried, and tried, but he just couldn't do it. Cassie, disappointed but unsurprised, went to comfort him when Kyle yelled in frustration, releasing an outburst of flames before knocking Cassie to the wall, allowing her to dodge the fire. After he realized what he'd done, Kyle was very apologetic: however, for one of the first times in his life, he'd seen Cassie happy and excited. She revealed to him that he was special, for he had both psychic and fire-related abilities!

Kyle, however, didn't understand why this made him so unique. Cassie explained that throughout their father's family tree line, you either had fire powers, or you didn't have any. It's a similar case with their mother's - either you had psychic abilities, or you didn't have any abilities. As Chrissa was born with fire abilities, and Cassie was born with psychokinesis, it was theorized that the children would only be able to inherit one kinetic ability, but Kyle had just disproved that. Cassie also thought that it was possible the reason Kyle's body took so long to demonstrate any powers was because his body was just developing both. Though Kyle was kind of confused, he was also proud, about to rush off to his mother to tell her the news.

Cassie stopped him, however, and told him to not do so. If he didn't have proper control over his skills, then he would endanger their mother, or even the whole kingdom. Cassie told him to hone his skills over a long period of time, and when he felt he was pretty good, he could officially show everyone his powers. Kyle agreed, and told her that the next time she'd see him doing that, he'd be a master with it!

Kyle didn't waste any time. Over the next two years, when the first battles of war, when Chrissa was starting to appear in battles as an amateur soldier and Cassie was being trained, Kyle began to practice with his powers, and though he destroyed a couple of things, he began to get the hang of it. At age seven, he was pretty skilled - skilled enough that he decided to show the kingdom. Asking his mother to arrange a kingdom-wide meeting for a "game-editing demonstration," Kyle was on top of a stage a month later to show the kingdom what he had got.


First, Kyle showed off his pyrokinesis, and the kingdom wasn't all that impressed, but then, he started presenting his psychokinesis. The kingdom was amazed! After the "show," Kyle said that he believed he was ready to do more to benefit the kingdom, and that he wasn't going to allow the Dadirri Tribe to win the war. He said he would avenge his father's death, and assist leading the kingdom to victory! Kyle's speech was met with an uproar of positivity, and Chrissa, proud of her brother, decided to give him some... presents.

The first present was a thousand-piece puzzle, as Kyle had always liked brain teasers. However, the other present that Kyle received from his sister was a sword called Rakusa. When Kyle asked why it had a name, Chrissa explained that in myth, Rakek used the sword in her last battle against the deadly horde of demons, and that it had been gifted and passed down through the Camalire family ever since. While Kyle was annoyed to hear the topic of mythology and Rakek again when learning something important from his older sisters, Kyle was very happy with the gift, and promised Chrissa that he'd practice with it.

Over the next five years, Kyle would find himself doing a lot - practicing his pyrokinesis and psychokinesis along with swordsmanship skills, actively helping out in the kingdom's community with work to help the soldiers' training, learning how to ride a horse (with much teaching from Chrissa) and going to school. Things just seemed to be the same a lot of the time - maybe once a week, there'd be an update on the seemingly-eternal battle, but other than that, things seemed to be going fine. Kyle worried that the war would be over before he actually got to contribute, but that wasn't his biggest fear. Life was going along fine.

That is, until Calamity was kidnapped.

A Regal Rescue

Everything was normal as it could be when, suddenly, Calamity mysteriously disappeared. Chrissa was the first to notice, as she was introducing Calamity to someone (she strangely didn't specify who when talking to the rest of the family) when, a few moments after, Calamity was nowhere to be found. Kyle was surprised, and worried Calamity ran off for some internal reason. Tyra sent forces all around the kingdom searching for Calamity, along with putting a lucrative prize for the person who could find her daughter, but no one succeeded.

After a week, the king of Dadirri, Sedunso Croy the Raccoon made himself known to the kingdom. Kyle, ever the optimist, thought that he was going to announce that the Dadirri Tribe would help them in looking for Calamity, but things went far south from his imagination - instead, Sedunso said that he had kidnapped Calamity, and he'd return her if Camalire swore that they'd give up their Yuruite to the tribe.

Tyra was going to respond to his request peacefully, desperate to get her daughter back, but Kyle was consumed by rage. He yelled that if he didn't give them Calamity, then he'd personally go into the tribe to rescue her and finish the stupid war all by himself! Sedunso laughed and told him that he had too big of a mouth for his own good before heading back to the tribe.

Afterwards, Kyle was scolded endlessly by pretty much everyone. His subordinates, his sisters, his mother, and some people even sent letters just to tell him how stupid he was. As you can probably imagine, this really made Kyle self-reflect... however, all of the messages people sent to him were just pushing him in the wrong direction. With every lecture, he was more and more sure that he was going to head out and try to retrieve Calamity. Eventually, sick of waiting, Kyle equipped Rakunsa, put on gear he could fight in, and head out of the kingdom.

It wasn't too long of a journey - being the kingdom's prince, he knew his way around, and also knew the best hiding spaces if you didn't want to be found. Though there were quite a couple close calls, with stealth and speed, Kyle was able to make it into a forest - the line between the kingdom and the tribe. Without fear, Kyle crossed it, determined to rescue his sister.

Once he got into the Dadirri Tribe, Kyle gained another objective - not just to save Calamity, but also to beat the crap out of anyone who got in his way and/or looked like they could've been a part of the Dadirrian government. And, with his powers, that's what he did - sneaking around civilians and attacking officials with his powers. Overall, he had a pretty good run, not even knowing that Sedunso and the rest of the Croy royal family were preparing for him.

When Kyle reached the castle, Calamity was lying on the ground, tied up and with a sealed mouth. She seemed urgent to try to tell him something. Cutting off her ropes and ripping the seal off her mouth, Calamity was finally able to get her message out - "It's a trap, you idiot!"

The Punished Prisoner

Predictably, Kyle has apprehended by the handsome Jin Croy who was able to defeat him with ease when Kyle realized that his recklessness with his powers caused him to not have any energy left to battle Jin, who he knew was a skilled opponent in combat. Not able to use his strengths as much as he did against others, he was kidnapped and thrown into a jail inside of the castle.

Time passed as Calamity as Kyle waited, worried what would happen. This time in Dadirri prison gave time for Kyle to self-reflect - and really self-reflect this time. He realized something that would affect his outlook on things - life isn't easy, and you have to grow. He knew that if he ever could do this over again, he'd have to be smarter, and more realistic... because even though there's time for fun, some things are just meant to be fantasies if the dreamer doesn't think it through. After several days passed, he was fully prepared to spend what might be the rest of his life in his arch-enemies' jail...

However, after two weeks of jail time, a blue light shone in front of his cell, and a mythical Mobian kitsune appeared! With a brown bowl-cut, a white robe, shining blue eyes and three tails, the kitsune slashed the bars keeping him in once, and they were down. Kyle escaped, only to find Calamity already having escaped... confusing him.

The kitsune, introducing herself as Scratch (something that made the royals laugh), told them that she had been living in Camalire for a couple years after having been mysteriously teleported there, and that when Kyle said that he was going to try to save Calamity, she knew he wasn't joking and was preparing to save him, knowing he'd fail. Though it stung for Kyle, he didn't have a lot more time to talk to Scratch as armed forces of the kingdom showed up.

Scratch bared her claws and sent them off, telling them that she'd already dealt with all of the guards on the way out, so they would be able to escape. Though Kyle worried for Scratch's safety, Calamity definitely didn't, and she dragged him out of the castle, and more importantly, out of the tribe.


Kyle's talents in elemental and psychic areas are fairly impressive. While not a true mage casting spells through incantations, gestures or simple words, Kyle's ability to manipulate fire is something of note. Kyle's control of fire is refined to the point of allowing him to even be able to manipulate flames that weren't generated by him.

Similarly, the child's psychic might is fairly accomplished, with both telepathic and telekinetic skills in his repertoire. While still learning to improve both powers, he meets every expectation of many of the residents of his home for what a traveling mage-child would be like.

However, in the chance that a fight gets physical, Kyle wields the mythic Rakusa sword, one that has been passed down with legend. Kyle wields it with a bit of skill, but he usually must utilize his magic with it to really do some good damage.

Fire Abilities

  • Combustion: Kyle charges up fire before firing a beam of pure concentrated heat. Kyle is pretty skilled with this technique, mostly because it is quite simple.
    • Flame Cage: Kyle uses Combustion before splitting the beam into even more beams, using it to confuse/overwhelm/trap the opponent. Kyle still must practice with this ability, for using it can take a lot out of him.
  • Scorching Wing: Kyle creates a large wing out of fire before using it as a melee weapon, a projectile, or a tool. He can use it to slash at his opponents as a melee weapon, fire it as his opponents as a projectile, or use it to assist him in flying. Kyle is most skilled with the flying aspect, though he still needs some practice.
  • Line of Fire: Kyle literally creates a line of fire on the ground. This technique is used less for damaging the opponent and more for throwing them off.

Psychic Abilities

  • Psyshot: Kyle fires a simplistic ball of psychic energy forward.
  • Defense Destroyer: Kyle snaps, and if his opponent was defending, they will find that they have stopped, allowing him to attack. However, this attack requires three seconds to perform.
  • Gyro Ball: Kyle fires an orb of psychic energy, and if it hits the opponent, Kyle can move them wherever with his psychic abilities for five seconds. After landing the move, Kyle can use these two moves.
    • Raise the Roof: Kyle uses his psychic abilities to send his opponent into the air.
    • Silent Sweep: Kyle uses his psychokinesis to sweep his opponent off their feet.
  • Psychic Burst: Kyle's most powerful psychic attack, he charges a little pink orb in his hand before punching the opponent and firing the orb, causing a large explosion. Then, Kyle can do whatever he wants with them in his psychic grasp for seven seconds, similarly to Gyro Ball. However, this move uses a lot of Kyle's stamina, and he hasn't mastered it just yet.

Rakusa Abilities

  • Tri-Slash: Kyle rushes forward and slashes through the opponent, sending them upwards. Then, Kyle jumps up, flips and slashes twice in a Spin Dash form before kicking the opponent downwards.
  • Stab Flurry: Kyle stabs forward rapidly. This is less used as its own move and more of a combo starter or finisher. Kyle can end the move there and transition into a different attack or he can do one final powerful stab that sends the opponent forward.
  • Top Combo: Kyle spins around rapidly with Rakusa drawn, which can bring the opponent into an attack loop until he stops.
  • Sword and Sheath: Kyle uses his sheath as another sword, allowing faster and more powerful attacks.

Combination Abilities

  • Burner Shot: By focusing his fire into a concentrated bolt and coating it in his telekinetic might, Kyle is capable of launching what is essentially a homing fireball at a target, often using it in ways to disorient the foe before it hits. This attack requires his full focus, however, and is easily interrupted by physical contact with the boy.
  • Singing Rain from the Heavens: Considering the fanciful name; Kyle's technique is fairly simplistic. In a manner similar to his Burner Shot; he creates multiple psychically controlled fireballs and launches them into the air, though in this case each one is a fair bit larger than his simpler technique. In this case, once the fireballs are above the target area, Kyle simply uses the psychic coating to divide each fireball into a swarm of smaller orbs and drops them on the enemy like a meteor shower. While devastating, the amount of time it takes for him to set up the initial attack means that his protectors have to be over him at all times, keeping him safe so that the attack isn't unleashed prematurely.
  • Flaming Double: Kyle creates a clone that is made out of fire before using it to assist him in battle or using it as a feint. If the latter, the clone will explode in a maximum of three seconds, but this technique is a bit of trouble for Kyle to use, for controlling the puppet with his psychic abilities can be tiring.
  • Fiery Flare: A rather simplistic technique, Kyle fires a flare of fire from his hand at the opponent, and when it nears them or touches something, it explodes. Kyle can also use his psychokinesis to have it home in on the opponent. Kyle is pretty proficient with this ability.
  • Infernal Stab: Kyle charges fire in Rakusa and stabs forward, similarly to Stab Flurry but with just one strike. Like the move mentioned before, this is either used as a combo finisher (where it sends the opponent flying forward) or a combo (re)starter
  • Great Blades of Fire: This is one of Kyle's most powerful techniques (but also one o his most draining) where he uses all three of his combat-related attributes - pyrokinesis, psychokinesis, and swordsmanship. He creates eleven swords out of fire while using his psychokinesis to carry them all. After doing this move, he can perform any of the following:
    • Discus Cutter: He puts all of the swords together and fires them like a discus as they fly forward and come back.
    • Trinity Trap: Kyle uses three of the swords to slash at the opponents many times before putting them all in separate places and firing them at the opponent again and again.
    • Wheel Thermo Darts: Kyle lines all of the swords up into the sky before firing them at the ground.
    • Whirling Shield: Kyle has all the swords circle in front of him to act as a counter and a shield.
    • Umpteen Circles: Kyle slashes forward with Rakusa, sending the opponent into the air. Then, he sends all of the fire swords to slash at the opponent before they all explode.
  • Psycho Slice: Kyle charges psychic energy in his sword, giving it a magnetic-like pull and Kyle the ability to change things like how far he jumps. When he slashes, a pink blade beam is fired.
  • Flame Blade Song: Taking out Rakusa and its sheath, Kyle inserts fire into them both before slashing at he opponent quickly, similarly to Sword and Sheath. For the final attack, Kyle can either cancel into another move or fire a combined red blade beam to launch the opponent.
  • Falling Firebird: Only usable when airborne, Kyle stabs downward after surrounding himself with fire in the shape of an eagle, and when he hits the ground he creates an explosion.
  • Flame Whirl: Kyle uses Combustion, but then uses his psychic abilities to manipulate the flames and create a whirl of heat that acts like a fiery tornado.
  • Exaclibur Gracious: Kyle's hands-down most powerful attack that does not include Rakek's Magic, he inserts psychic energy and fire into Rakusa, causing it to glow yellow and grow larger. Kyle is very inexperienced with this move, as he can barely wield it like this, but if he swings it, it will surely be a heavy blow.

Rakek's Magic (must be w/family or other RM users to perform)

Banishing Spells

  • Impurity Incinerator:
  • Rakek's Tip:
  • Heaven's Storm:

Binding Spells

  • Rakek's Ribbons:
  • Tartarus Vacuum:
  • Chained Jailing:

Bearing Spells

  • Rakek's Guidance:
  • Outerrealm Assistance:
  • Solaris' Arrival:


Kyle is a very determined boy, always aiming to impress. He is a very hard worker, always putting up expectations for himself and trying his hardest to accomplish them. However, this can backfire on Kyle's social life, as he lives by the "put first things first" rule - thus, he always tries to get everything done, and he ends up not really having enough time to have fun with people who aren't members of his family.

This does not shape Kyle into a dull person, however. He is very extroverted, and always tries to light up a situation with light jokes (even though most of the time, they really aren't that good). He is definitely someone who usually wears a positive expression, trying to find the light in situations.

Kyle also enjoys a challenge, not wanting to put any of his potential to waste. Due to this, Kyle doesn't really take danger badly... for better or worse. On one hand, he won't shake up, and you can bet his determination will allow him to plow through anything that's in his way if he can. On the other hand, this means that Kyle can appear tactless when looking at a threat, and he could fail to recognize something that could actually cost him.

Kyle is also humble, not really looking at how good he is and moreso looking at how he can still improve. This is mainly the cause of one of his internal issues when he worries that he'll always be a disappointment and that he can't live up to anyone's expectations - much less his own. Though most of the time, he hides this part of him, this is not to say it isn't there.

Kyle is also idealistic, looking to the future and how things could be changed. Though a lot of the time he doesn't really think his thoughts through and they are either lucrative or impossible, Kyle is still always thinking about new ideas. He also likes writing as an outlet to his large imagination. And while he will at first react strangely to ideas that are, well, strange, we will try to think it through and let his own mind take over. This may cause him to seem controlling at times, but he really just wants to help.

Kyle will always try to preserve his family's honor above all. He always thinks about his father - not about the part where his dad was betrayed and how that was the cause of his death, but the legacy the former king left on Camalire. Along with the fact that he holds his mother and older siblings in very high regard, this means that Kyle doesn't want to bring shame to the Camalire name.


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