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Kyle is a well trained Magic Swordsman. His abilities range from a vast variety of spells, and many unique fencing skills. Though these are listed under Kyle's name, Anyone can cast the spells from the Gemblade as long as they wield it and know the incantations. The first step to casting a spell is to get the gem to respond to the user's call. This is generally done by holding the sword close to you, its tip facing the sky, and saying aloud "Gem of (insert element here), Lend me thy power...". It's possible to call to more than one gem. However, when casting a spell that requires all the gems, the call is changed; "O sacred Gems of the Gemblade, Lend me thy power..."

Skill List

Sword Arts


Power Strike

Cross Slash

Guillotine Slash

Rising Sun

Falling Star

Magic Sword Arts

Hurricane Thrust - Wind

Arctic Crescent - Ice

Fire Storm - Fire

Flash Strike - Wind and Lightning

Tiger Storm - Wind and Lightning

Mirage Cut - Wind and Earth

Multi-Blade Frenzy - Wind and Lightning

Hyper Blade(May Need a new name) - All


Eruption - Fire (Offensive)

Flare - Fire (Offensive)

Spiral Flare - Fire (Offensive)

Stalagmite - Earth (Offensive)

Healing Herb - Earth (Defensive)

Arctic Bind - Ice (Offensive)

Glacier Storm - Ice (Offensive)

Ice Slasher - Ice (Offensive)

Overflow - Water (Offensive)

Aeroga - Wind (Defensive)

Cyclone - Wind (Offensive)

Thunder Bolt - Lightning (Offensive)

Lightning Strike - Lightning (Offensive)

Turbo Charge - Lightning (Offensive)

Indignation - Lightning (Offensive)

Guardian - All (Defensive)

Guardian Field - All (Defensive)

Supreme Elements - All (Offensive)

Non Canon Skills

Sword Beam

Tiger Blade

Dragon Swarm

Sonic Thrust

Sword Rain Alpha

Sword Arts


Kyle jumps up into the air, performing multiple somersaults to repeatedly slash an enemy. This could be used in place or while jumping a distance.

Power Strike

Kyle puts all of his strength behind a three hit combo. Though there's a bit of a delay between each attack, it's powerful enough to pierce one's guard. He starts with a powerful thrust, then a downward slash from there, and finally bringing his sword up for a diagonal slice.

Cross Slash

A relatively newer skill. He diagonally slashes the enemy twice, forming an X, and stabs through the center, shattering it in an explosive shockwave.

Guillotine Slash

Kyle leaps up high above the enemy, and then thrusts himself downward in a spinning slash. It's stronger and deadlier than Tempest.

Rising Sun

Kyle jumps up while slashing his target, bringing them into the air with him, and does a 360 spin with his sword, creating a shockwave that blows them away.

Falling Star

Magic Sword Arts

Hurricane Thrust - Wind

Ice Crush - Ice

Fire Storm - Fire

Flash Strike - Wind and Lightning

Mirage Cut - Wind and Earth

Multi-Blade Frenzy - Wind and Lightning

Hyper Blade

Kyle's most famed skill. He goes all out on the enemy in a long chain of combos, consisting of nearly all of his regular and magic sword arts combined, as well as a chain of several medium leveled spells of each element. Halfway through, the Gemblade emits a powerful aura, causing each attack to let out a spark of power upon impact. When Kyle has finally finished attacking, he backs away from the enemy and immediately unleashes all the elements at once, swirling around and gathering at the target, before exploding in a blinding flash of elemental power.

Because of the length and sheer power it takes for him to use this skill, it leaves him very fatigued in the end. This is always saved for a last resort.



A moderately strong fire elemental spell. He swings his sword in the direction of the target, and causes a pillar of flames to shoot up from under it. This is good for knocking the target airborne as well as damaging it.
-"Destruction of Nature, gather from the ground and awaken! Raze all greenery with Flame! Flare!"


A powerful fire elemental spell, and an upgraded version of Flare. He stabs the ground, causing a fissure, in which a blast of flames erupt from. He can also direct the spell to travel over to a certain area before erupting, which causes the ground to crack as it moves.
-"Fiery malevolence who dwelleth in deepest earth, linger not to savor their suffering... Burn! Eruption!"

Spiral Flare

Another powerful fire elemental spell. He aims his sword at the target like a gun, and fires a massive blast of flames in the form of a spinning fireball. The blast is enough to push himself back. It deals massive amounts of damage in that not only does it scorch the enemy, but also slams into them and explodes.
-"O incandescent locus, annihilate the vulgar before me! Spiral Flare!"


A powerful earth spell, depending on how it's used. When cast, an enormous stalagmite shoots up from the ground. He can call up from one to a few, and has often used this skill for more tactical purposes other than plain offense.
-"O sharpened rage, run through that which blocks our future...Stalagmite!"

Healing Herb

An earth elemental healing spell. In the form of magical herbs and medicinal plants, Kyle moderately heals himself or another. This spell also helps with abnormal ailments as well as healing wounds.
-"Come O natural power to expel the unclean...Healing Herb!"

Ice Slasher

A moderately powerful Ice elemental spell. As he recites the incantation, several thick but sharp icicles begin to form and swirl around him. When fully prepared, he points his sword towards his target, and fires them all at an impressive speed. The icicles are sharp enough to pierce most thick surfaces, and thick enough to withstand slamming into their target without shattering. This is also useful at close-range, as the swirling icicles can damage anyone close by.
-"O frozen blades, fly sharply across the heavens...Now Strike! Ice Slasher!"

Arctic Bind

A powerful Ice elemental spell. Upon casting, several sharp icicles launch up from the ground beneath the target, and began to fall back down and cover it in ice. To further immobilize the target, a large, jagged icicle forms around them, freezing the target inside.
-"May the merciless embrace of frost take you. Arctic Bind!"

Glacier Storm

A deadly Ice spell. When cast, Kyle summons three enormous icicles down from the sky, threatening to crush the target and shatter upon impact for wide ranged damage. This is possibly his most powerful ice based spell.
-"Freezing wind, speak of forgotten truths! Glacier Storm!"


A moderately powerful Water elemental spell. Upon casting, a large spring of water bursts out from the ground below the target, much like a geyser. It's powerful enough to launch the enemy into the air. This is useful for him to follow up with another attack.
-"O Violent torrent, grant them thy undefiled purity...Overflow!"


A defensive Wind elemental spell. When cast, the user is surrounded by a sphere of swirling air. The sphere blows away most projectiles, pushing back anything that gets near. Because of this, it lowers the amount of damage taken by anything that manages to get through. It's possible to use this on more than one person at a time, or make a large sphere surrounding a set area rather than a person.
-"Gentle winds, be our armor to protect us! Aeroga!"


A powerful Wind elemental skill. When cast, a large tornado forms near or around him, sucking up anything nearby. Aeroga is automatically cast on himself, and whoever else he intends to keep out of it. The cyclone makes it extremely dangerous for flying enemies, and given it's tendency to suck up and toss debris around, it could be very dangerous for anyone to go unprotected.
-"Benevolent wind that encircles eternal time, gather before me and become a dividing blade... Cyclone!"

Thunder Bolt

A moderately powerful Lightning elemental skill. Upon cast, a single bolt of lightning strikes from the sky onto a single target. Though it's dangerous for anyone to get struck by lightning, it's fairly weak in comparison to his other spells.
-"Strip away the ground with glistening blades! Thunder Bolt!"

Lightning Strike

A powerful Lightning elemental skill. He raises his sword above his head when cast, and shoots a bolt of lightning into the air. It collects into a spherical orb of electricity, and quickly travels towards his target. It then begins firing several bolts of lightning at the target, mercilessly.
-"Swirling bolts, gather and strike with power! Lightning Strike!"

Turbo Charge

This skill actually doesn't have an official name. It is actually possible to do this with any element, but this version was the only one seen. The spell causes the caster and anyone else close to him to be struck by harmless lightning, which temporarily gives them electrical powers as well as a great boost in energy.
-"Let thy power course through our veins..."


A deadly spell that might just be the strongest single elemental spell the Gemblade has to offer. As he recites the incantation, He slowly spins around, seemingly using the Gemblade to draw on the air with with streams of electricity that would stay in place. He'll then stop spinning after making three complete circles. Soon, the electricity he created from the blade would rise above him and vanish. Soon afterwards, three rings of light then appear in the sky, hovering above his target. Sparking with electricity, the rings would have collected so much power within them that the sky began to darken. He would then stop with his sword at his side, with the blade brimming with power. After the final parts of the incantation, he raises his sword above his head to finally cast the spell. Through the rings, Large and powerful bolts of lightning strike through them at full force. The bolts of lightning would tear through the ground, nearly obliterating anything under the rings. Even one with lightning elemental powers would have a hard time not taking any damage from the sheer force of the attack.

The main weakness with this skill is it's long casting time. It may be possible to stop him before he finishes.
-"I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, command thee who would open the gates of hell, to unleash thy fury of thunder! Come forth divine lightning! This is the end! INDIGNATION!!"


This is one spell that doesn't requite magic words to be cast. He creates a spherical barrier composed of all six elements of the Gemblade around him, protecting against nearly everything for only a few moments.

Guardian Field

Guardian Field can only be cast if he is already using Guardian. The barrier expands to defend a set area around him. The more it expands however, the weaker the barrier gets.

Supreme Elements

A powerful, possibly deadly spell. This is actually the last portion of the Magic Sword Art: Hyper Blade. It is possible to cast it alone, though whether it's in Hyper Blade or alone, the incantation is the same. When cast, the Gemblade unleashes all the elements at once, swirling around and gathering at one specific point, before exploding in a blinding flash of elemental power.
-"O power of all elements combined...O memory inscribed in ages past...O Origin of truth, hear my call and arise before me! Supreme Elements!"

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