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Cquote1 My duty as a guardian is not restricted to my village only. It is my personal duty to protect those around me, wherever I may go. Cquote2
Kyle Tyris

Kyle is a 25 year old hedgehog who lives in a small, rural village on Angel Island. Kyle lives with his mother and his twin sister, Keela . He is a very well behaved gentleman who is very mindful of his duties. Kyle wields the legendary Gemblade, a magical sword that draws power from 6 small gems, which fit into the handle of the blade. Each gem has its own element: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Water, and Earth. With these gems inside of the sword, the blade glows a golden color, brimming with power. With the sword in his hands, Kyle is the guardian of his village, and strives to protect those around him with his life.

Character © to Yusef1992/Smash The Echidna/Frost1992. In order of the usernames on Youtube, Myspace, and Deviantart, respectively. Smash The Echidna is also a member at


Kyle Sprite2
Kyle - Neutral High Res

Art by Flame-Eliwood

Kyle's fur and hair are cyan, as well as his eyes. His hair is short, slick, and stops just above his shoulders in length. It somewhat conceals his very short, but sharp quills. Kyle is first seen in a tattered, ruined outfit after his defeat on Angel Island. Since beginning his travels on the mainland, his outfit consists of basic brown trousers, a light gray shirt with a thick white collar and cyan sleeves with a white stripe on it that connects to a white ring at the end of the sleeve, and a brown leathery vest to complete the look. He dons blue gloves, black socks and light blue shoes with a red patch on the top.

Since beginning his journey to restore the broken Gemblade, he has begun wearing Tillian light armor. A simple short sleeved chainmail covered in the front and back by blue, leather padding, blue pauldrons and wristguards with gold colored linings, a gold belt, flowing red scarf and a brown leather strap to hold his scabbard. He wears the same trousers, but his shoes are a darker blue with a red stripe going down the center. He carries his sword on his back, and often a leather satchel over his shoulder.


Kyle by lolcraft98-d9qeml8

Credit to Chames

Kyle is a very noble, diligent and honorable person. He has a great sense of justice and a strong heart. He believes everyone should have a second chance sometime. Kyle cannot stand to see anyone around him being hurt for an unjust reason. He will fight for the sake of everyone around him. He's a bit of a naive idealist.

He is duty-bound to protect his people, but feels that he should look out for everyone around him. If trouble brews somewhere, he won't sit idly by while it happens. If it's possible that the trouble will reach his village, he may ask his sister to watch over the people for him and take them to safety while he sets out to confront it. When regarding any sort of danger, he will become serious and focused, never losing sight of what must be done.

Kyle mugshot

Credit to Flame-Eliwood

Kyle is very well mannered and kind towards others. He speaks very formally, and chooses his words carefully. He tends to use old and/or big words. He can also be a bit of a sweet talker, and tends to be flattering towards those he is especially fond of. He is chivalrous and will always step in to help a lady in need, though can respect that a trained female may not need his protection. (His sister is his back-up guardian, after all.) At times, He can be unintentionally very dramatic. He doesn't really notice unless one of his friends points it out.

Tillia does not use modern technology; it is more akin to a feudal age village.This often leads to Kyle being fascinated with modern technology. Throughout his travels he has seen a lot of modern and even advanced technology, and has become somewhat accustomed to it. Regardless, he still finds it all very intriguing.

Strengths and Powers

Kyle is a skilled swordsman, and uses a two-handed sword style with a single-handed sword. He was trained by the late Kyle Tyris the Third, his father and the previous wielder of the Gemblade. After his death, Kyle found himself wandering the world for some time. During that time, he trained on his own, and developed many self taught skills; most of which require the power of the
Kyle The Hedgehog Battle Stance

Kyle drawn by Zetsukaikero on Deviantart.

Gemblade to do.
He is quite agile when it comes to swinging his sword around, but he lacks a bit in speed when it comes to running. Kyle's physical strength is surprisingly high, as he would strike a "Power Type" position if anything. His main strengths in battle are with his sword, The Gemblade.

The Gemblade is Kyle's main weapon. With it, Kyle can perform many skills normal swordsman wouldn't even be able to begin doing. The sword draws power from the 6 gems inside. Each have a different element and color to go with it. Fire = Red, Ice = Cyan, Lightning = Yellow, Water = Deep blue, Wind = White, Earth = Green. Each gem is sphere shaped, and exactly the same size--Just the right size to it inside the handle of the sword, which has 6 slots for the gems to fit into.

The gems are magical, but it is extremely difficult to harness their power. The Gemblade was forged specifically to utilize these gems. With the gems inside, it allows the user to cast magic spells, as stated by the villagers of Tillia. It is true in a sense, for the wielder has to chant the magic words in order for the spell to work. The first step to casting a spell is to get the gem to respond to the user's call. This is generally done by holding the sword close to you and saying aloud "Gem of (insert element here), Lend me thy power...". If done properly, the gem of the corrosponding element will glow in response. It's possible to call to more than one gem. However, when casting a spell that requires all the gems, the call is changed; "O sacred Gems of the Gemblade, Lend me thy power..." The magic words to cast the spell follow up afterwards, and vary from each spell. It is possible to infuse the gem's power into the blade itself, allowing for an elemental strike. It is still possible to have more than one element in the blade for the attack. Thus is how Kyle pulls off most of his self taught moves. His most powerful attack, in which he goes all out and uses
Kyle after a battle

Kyle drawn by Huski the Fox

all of the skills he has learned (including quick and weak elemental spells), and then casts a barrage of powerful spells all at once in a disastrous explosion on a single enemy, is called Hyper Blade.

With the 7 Chaos Emeralds, Kyle can perform a super transformation. He becomes a very light and pale cyan color. His quills grow just a bit longer and take an upward arc, while his hair flows gracefully as if he were standing against the wind. In this form, his physical power increases greatly and he gains the ability to fly. The name of the form is "Super Kyle", as one may expect.

Kyle also has another superform, with the Gemblade. It is a fact that anyone can gain this super form with the sword, as long as they know how to do it. The process is done in this way exactly: The wielder holds the sword high above their head with both hands and brings it down with such force which drives the sword into the ground around halfway. They then whisper the magic words "O sacred Gems of the Gemblade, Grant me the power to purge this world of the evil that dwell within, to shine the light upon the darkness and spread peace and prosperity around the world! O Gems of the Gemblade, Grant Me Thy Power!" In response, the entire sword glows, and floats out of the ground. The wielder lets go and floats up with it. Once the user and the sword are at the same height, approximately 5 feet off the ground, all the gems separate from the sword. They all began to glow brightly, one by one, and then shoot back into the sword. The user then grabs the sword and completes the transformation in a brilliant flash of light. At the end of the transformation, the user is shrouded in an aura of varying colors, but the only physical change is the color of his eyes: Pure golden. The colors of the aura are the same as the Gems. In this form, Kyle has the ability to float for short periods of time and jump higher than normal. The spells he can cast with the Gemblade increase in strength and intensity. The name of the form is "Gem Kyle", taking after the gems of the Gemblade.

Kyle has one last super form, and it is his most powerful one. It is a combination of the previous two super forms. The process starts out like Gem Kyle, and as soon as it finishes, Kyle draws power from the Chaos Emeralds to transform yet again. Physically, he takes on the same appearance as Super Kyle, but he has a powerful and colorful aura flowing around him from the Gemblade. The form's name is Super Gem Kyle.

General Info

Gift kyle the hedgehog by flame eliwood-d3i7xab-1-

Older version of Kyle Tyris by Flame-Eliwood

Kyle lives in his small 'feudal age' type of village on Angel Island, Tillia. Since his father passed away a few years ago, he is now the appointed guardian of the village. With the Gemblade at his grasp, he tries his best to protect his home. Usually though when a threat comes to his home, its a threat to the entire island. Despite that fact, Kyle takes the job to look after the village, even at an early age for the title of "Guardian". The Gemblade has  been passed down in the Tyris family for four generations. The Gemblade is the symbol of the Guardian of Tillia. Kyle is the 4th Kyle in the family. All his forefathers bore the same name, up to the very first one. There is a story behind it: A legend. Kyle's grandmother used to tell it to him when he was a child. He doesn't usually see his friends much since he lives far from most of them, but on a nice day with no danger in sight, he will come down to Station Square or Greenflower City to visit. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family, work on repairs to the house, take walks during the morning and the evening and watch the sunrise or the sunset. He loves peace, and he loves nature. He is sometimes found tending to the garden at the side of his house, before the time his mother usually goes out to check on it. By the end of the day, Kyle usually finds the time to hone his skills with his sword, the Gemblade. While he is sometimes coached by his grandfather, he mostly tries to develop his own unique skills and form his own style based off his father's teachings.
Splice The Hedgehog Theme of Kyle Tyris - The Guardian of Tillia

Splice The Hedgehog Theme of Kyle Tyris - The Guardian of Tillia

Kyle came out victorious as the champion of the Blitz Pit's 2010 World Tournament.

Kyle is currently in a relationship with Marina The Echidna, character made by Alestar13. (not a member on Sonic Fanon.)

Kyle's theme song is a remix of Terra from Final Fantasy 6. He has 2 separate versions of it. The most well known version is in the video. "The True Guardian". Credit to for the midi, and DJ Daz/Supersonicremix for the remix.

Items Currently In Possession

The Gemblade (with all 6 gems): Kyle's main weapon, and the family heirloom passed down throughout his family. Also a symbol of the guardian of Tillia. With this sword, he is able to cast magic based on the elemental gems inside. Each gem is inlaid into the handle in pairs of three: Three gems on one side, (Fire, Ice, and Lightning,) and three on the other, (Wind, Water, and Earth,) both aligned in an upside-down V shape. (though this is mostly ignored in the sprites of it)

Training Sword: Kyle's very first sword. Before he took the Gemblade into his possession, he used this. After he had learned the basic's of using a sword, he was given his own for training. Lightweight and durable, but not very strong. But it was perfect for beginners such as himself at the time. He now keeps it around for backup, in case something should happen to the Gemblade.

Glass Bottle: He generally brings one with him whenever he's going somewhere, except it's usually full of water. It's almost always empty when he comes back home, though.

Trophy of Champions: After the Blitz Pit's 2010 World Tournament, he was awarded with this. He keeps it in his bedroom, along with his few other prized possessions. (He had to return the Champion's Belt to the new champ then next year, however.)

Back Story


History - Author's Notes

Kyle in Plains (STE)

Kyle in the plains

Kyle started out as a cyan Sonic recolor. This was actually my first step in good sprite editing, believe it or not. Especially because he was to appear in an RPG fangame of mine, (which got cancelled but later I started Splice The Hedgehog which is still in the making) Kyle was the first character in the game, and the first out of my Sonic fancharacters, to ever wield a sword. It was indeed the Gemblade, but the sword looked like a cutlass, and the handle wasn't big enough for the gems to fit on. To make matters worse, Kyle was out of character. He was supposed to have the same personality he does now, but somehow I went completely out of character with him. He wasn't the only victim to this, as I had made a terrible mistake with another character. Later, I remade the Gemblade, but somehow I screwed up the quality of it, so even then it looked pretty crappy. It wasn't until a few months after the beginning productions of Splice The Hedgehog where he got his big remake. His entire character changed dramatically. He was back to his originally planned personality, his looks were tinkered with and he got a very fitting outfit, the Gemblade was remade, and his entire style of fighting had changed, complete with a set of custom edited sprites and stances. Kyle is now even better than originally planned. He shouldn't have any more problems from now on.

Also, In his story, he originally had a horse friend, who for some reason looked like a regular horse. That idea was soon scrapped, but he made a shocking appearance in the RP "Dimensional Disaster" as the main villain...
...which ironically wound up becoming a lost episode.



Look Here for the Roleplay Series.

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Relationships with Other Characters

Family Members

Kyle is very close to his family. He does his best to keep in touch with his grandparents and other relatives, and tries to take care of his mother and sister at home. He gets along very well with his family, and rarely has any conflict going on between him and a relative.
Kyle and Keela

Kyle and Keela, by Kira

Keela Tyris The Hedgehog

Keela is Kyle's energetic twin sister. With her hyper and outgoing personality, She's always raring to go off on some sort of adventure, even when nothing's happening. Kyle loves her enthusiasm, but he is rather concerned about her behavior, as she acts nothing like a graceful young lady. Although she doesn't mind dressing like one at times. Nevertheless, Kyle loves her as his sister, and takes care of her the best he can. They work well in dangerous situations. He trusts her on the battlefield more than anyone else.

Keija Tyris The Hedgehog

Kyle's mother is the perfect example of a graceful woman. She was a big influence on Kyle, which is why he is always careful of his words and gentle towards his friends and family. Kyle loves his mother very much, past the point where someone may call him a "Mama's Boy".

Kyle Tyris the Second

Kyle and Keela's grandfather, and the son of the very first guardian of Tilla. He is old and wise, his age showing in his pale blue fur and weary eyes. After his son passed on, he took it upon himself to complete Kyle and Keela's training. He is firm and strict, and may seem like a cranky old coot during training, but is actually a lighthearted man and a loving grandfather. He knows many stories from the past generations, and is always willing to spread his wisdom. He can still wield a sword quite expertly.


Kyle has made many friends outside of his village. He doesn't see them very often, though, as they don't come to Angel Island very often.

(Official Characters)

Sonic The Hedgehog

Being the famous hero that he is, Kyle holds Sonic in high regards, though does not know him well on a personal level. They have, however, traveled together on a mutual quest.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Like Sonic, he has journeyed with him once before. He is generally fascinated by technology, and showed great interest in Tails' knowledge in mechanics.

Knuckles The Echidna

Kyle and Knuckles live somewhat close by, and have a few things in common. They are both guardians. Although Knuckles takes up the task of guarding the entire island as well as the Master Emerald. Kyle respects him for that, and sees him as an ally as they both want their homes to be safe.

(FC's by same creator)

Smash The Echidna

Smash was one of Kyle's first friends outside of the village, and they often keep in touch by letters. They get along very well, and also see each other as worthy opponents after their famous battle in the Blitz Pit World Tournament. Though unfortunately, they often only usually meet up when they have big problems that need solving, due to the distance they live.

Pearl The Echidna

Kyle and Pearl are fairly close friends. Pearl is the one friend outside the village who comes to see him the most. He gets most of his news on the latest happenings in the city from either her or Gizmo, who also occasionally visits.

Violet The Hedgehog

Kyle and Violet are okay friends. They don't have anything special in common, but Kyle still treats her like a good friend.

Splice The Hedgehog

Splice and Kyle get along rather well, but little do they know that their past is intertwined. Their good blood with each other may have something to do with the fact that both of their fathers were friends.

Thunder The Hedgehog

Another one of Kyle's earliest friends outside of Tillia. Kyle knows Thunder rather well, and has accompanied him on his voyages across the sea often in the past. Thunder is also responsible for helping him return to Angel Island after he recovered from his amnesia. They are like old friends.

Lightning The Hedgehog

Kyle and Lightning get along okay. Lightning keeps his spirits up with hearty jokes and general goofiness.

Electric The Hedgehog

Electric is another good friend of his. They like to share stories with eachother about their past journies. Of course, he likes to do the same with Thunder, as he is the leader of the four brothers.

Zap The Hedgehog

Kyle is one of the few people Zap will open up to. Once he got to know him, Zap was actually rather talkative. The two are good friends.

Crystal The Fox

Kyle has had to travel with Crystal in the past, but he doesn't know her too well.

Gizmo The Cat

Kyle respects Gizmo for his intelligence. He is often very fascinated and awestruck by his inventions, and always is anxious to see what new thing he's created. Gizmo is also one of the few people who visit him from Greenflower City; with his Magic Wings and/or his Jet Board, flying to Angel Island is a breeze.
The two get along very well.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Speedy was one of Kyle's first friends outside of the village. The two ventured together for a while when Kyle was trying to recover his memory after he had gotten amnesia. They get along very well.

Luna The Hedgehog

As Smash's wife, Kyle shows her his respect and is very careful to mind his manners around her.

Lily The Hedgehog

Lily is a strange one indeed. Kyle often sees her when he is with the rest of his friends. He refrains himself from asking her why she is as insane as she is.

Marina The Echidna

The first and only person to win Kyle's heart. The two met when Marina took Kyle in after he had lost his memory, and she traveled with him all over to help him recover it as well as the lost gems to the Gemblade. Kyle loves Marina with all of his heart, and does everything in his power to keep her safe and happy. He has a tendancy to flatter her, and sometimes finds himself doing things he wouldn't normally do around her, which apparently only makes her love him more. They are a happy couple.

Rock The Unicorn

Kyle thinks of him as a friend and a comrade. He noticed something strange about the way he acts around him when Marina is with him. He appeared to be frustrated and stressed, which worries Kyle. Little does he know that Rock is actually jealous of his relationship with Marina.


She resembles a mobian, but she can transform into a powerful sword. It is unknown exactly what she is, but she has feelings and personality. She has a soul, yet she is a sword. During the events of the RP, "The End of the World?", Amerie appeared to be falling for Kyle. Kyle thinks of her as a good friend, and is grateful to her for saving his life by transforming into the weapon that could destroy the beasts. He promised her a home in his village.

Tab The Cat

Another one of his many friends. Kyle is polite towards her, but is careful not to question why she is so quiet most of the time.

Shade The Dark Chao

Shade is a very spiteful and rude guy, but he's pretty good when it comes down to it. Kyle doesn't think very highly of his "Uncouth behavior", but he knows he's a good person deep down. He has worked with him before and has seen this.


Kyle has few enemies, but they all were ruthless and threatening.

(Official Characters)

Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik

While their encounters were few, Kyle is very weary of this man. He knows what he is capable of, and what lengths he'll go to for his selfish desires. More than anyone is he not willing to underestimate him.

(Characters by the same FC)

Darkyle The Hedgehog

The relationship between Kyle and Darkyle is a mystery to many people. In fact, the only ones who know the truth behind Darkyle are Kyle's family, and Kyle himself. Kyle had a duel to the death with Darkyle, and came out victorious.

Fun Facts

  • Kyle was made on the same day his girlfriend was. An RP happened at the same time, and they got together on either the same day or the next day.
  • Kyle can be unintentionally dramatic, as stated above.
  • Kyle is easily fascinated with technology. Some of his friends call him an "Old Timey" because of this.
  • Kyle has an unusual fear of horses, up to the point where he occasionally has nightmares about them.
  • Kyle is not good at using a shield, because he fights with both hands on one sword. He has one, but he just hangs it up in his room.
  • Kyle has an extra sword that he uses in case something happens to the Gemblade, which it does often. The sword is actually the sword he trained with before he got the Gemblade.
  • The stance that Kyle is doing in the first two pictures (and sprite) of this page is a running trend about him. Since the days he had been freshly made to now, he has very often been seen making that stance. It is one of the most noticeable things that hasn't changed about him since he was fixed. It is his official trademark pose. Though it was slightly altered in the first pic to show off the Gemblade.
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