Kyle "Gear" Miller
Late teens - most likely 17-19
Mother [Sarah Miller], Father [Rick Miller]
Paranoia, multiple fears, having never fought, toxins, fire, etc.
Theme song
Diesel Boy + Kaos - Barrier Break

Diesel Boy + Kaos - Barrier Break

Kyle Miller or as he prefers to be called, Gear, is a fan character created by Stitched Doc. Gear seems to have no family relations, canon interaction, and has a fascination with gears and cogs-- hence, his nickname as such.


Gear's species is a hedgehog - probably the most common, therefore giving him spines or spikes. His spines/spike aren't singularly space, they're most close together and bundled.. Gray's fur is colored silver - except for the crop of bangs he has, which are a dark gray. Examining his facial features, Gear's skin coloration is a rather pale one, and his eye color is a deep sapphire. If you look clearly enough, Gear seems to have a minor stubble - which can classify his age. Oddly, Gear is fully clothed unlike some other characters. His trademark outfit consists of a tree-bark brown hat, covered with patchwork stitches, along with a pair of goggles strapped on top - the goggles themselves are gear shaped. Further down, he wears an olive darb dress shirt, along with worn out jeans, and charcoal boots that unsurprisingly, have gears glued onto them.


Gear, Gear, Gear - what can we say about him? When you talk to him, he tries to feign this "cool" type of personality. In reality? He's a little odd. He seems to have an obvious obsession over various things - cogs, gears, anything mechanical or technology. In a nutshell? You could call him a nerd of sorts. He seems to as well, be rather nice - however, awkward in some instances, and even easily afraid of things, paranoid too. Though not exactly a genius and professional, Gear tinkers with mechanics of sorts, usually fixing things or just finding out how they work out of curiosity. He has a rather biased opinion on love, and is pretty stubborn about it - it doesn't make any sense to him, and he thinks it's down right stupid.


Gear doesn't exactly have a very unhidden backstory, and prefers to keep his past to himself. He states that it's not anything necessarily bad, just feels uncomfortable talking about certain aspects. For the longest time as he could remember when moving out and away from his parents, Gear has been seen living underground in a zone - most likely Green Hills. He hadn't remembered exactly how he found it, but he remembers simply falling into some odd little hole, and knocking his head onto a rock, rendering him unconscious. When he woke up, he found out it wasn't just a hole - not just a tunnel either - but a cavern. Gear was fascinated, and had no other place to go. So what'd he do? Basically live in there. Gear practically made himself at home - made wooden furniture-- while not exactly comfortable but-- created a latter to get out of here from time to time, and even constructed moving, wooden gears. He is however, afraid to stay down there too long during a day, as he fears he'll slowly crumble and become a tad sick in the head by talking to himself, alone, with nothing but creaking gears, regardless of getting out for food, fresh air, and what not.


Gear doesn't really have any special fighting abilities, as he's never run into a situation where he has to fight. Gear also, does not know of the Chaos Emeralds, or even the world revolving around him. As other hedgehogs seem to have amazing speed, Gear is a slow turtle compared to them - his maximum speed being a mere 10 miles per hour. However, Gear specializes in mechanics, often fixing things, or tinkering with whatever he can get his hands on at the time.


Mom / Samantha Miller:

Gear remembers fondly that he loved his mother to death - she was his best friend in a sense. However, after moving out and living in his cavern, he feels remorse of leaving her, often wishing he had a phone to at least call he after all these years.

Dad / Rick Miller:

Gear wasn't necessarily fond of his father on all occasions. Sure, they had their moments - father son bonding, but as he grew older, he just didn't want to listen to his father have control over him. Now that he thinks about it, he misses him a bit.

Other fan characters;

Gear has not yet interacted with any other fan characters!


- It is unknown why Gear has such an obsession with gears, nor where he got his nickname from, but maybe he called himself that during a rebellious young teenage age.

- Judging by his stubble, Gear is possibly in his late teens - probably 17.

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