A famed mercenary-smuggler and captain of the corvette Starfire, Kurt the Shiba Inu is known as a neutral being towards most governments, as well as his tendency to ignore his contract and refuse to risk running supplies in systems patrolled by the Reaper.

Kurt the Shiba Inu

Biographical Information
AliasCommander Kurt Shiba - rank
Romantic InterestsGeorgi the Hedgehog
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Dog (Shiba Inu)
  • Fur: Dirty blonde, w/ tan belly fur.
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Green & gold bodysuit
  • White fingerless gloves
  • Tan vest
  • Brown belt
  • Brown boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Possesses the genetic ability Spooky Whirlpool
  • Skilled geokinetic
  • Trained in naturakinesis & some psychic abilities.
  • Experienced hand-to-hand combatant
  • Talented strategist
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Kurt has a warm, country-weathered appearance, with dirty blonde fur marked with tan fur from the lower part of his muzzle down to his groin, a distinction between the two areas. Likewise, his brown eyes are warm and compassionate, although on the few instances where he's been angered to an extreme degree, his eyes seem to burn from within in his rage.


As with most other bridge officers on board the Starfire, Kurt dresses in a green and gold bodysuit, the same color scheme that adorns the ship itself. Likewise, he follows the same principles as his crew, and adds to his day-to-day uniform with a few personal touches. In his case, Kurt wears a tan vest, white fingerless gloves and a matching set of brown belt and boots.


Early History

Born into a rather standard family in the outer regions of Westopolis, Kurt was well looked after and cared for. That is, until his parents passed away. At that point, with no interest in living with relatives, Kurt entered a world of crime. Recruited into a band of orphans and street urchins, the youth rapidly showed his skills by co-coordinating other orphans in their pickpocketing and in street fights, where Kurt's skill with his genetic ability and the few combat techniques his parents had taught him payed off, as well as the almost feral close-combat style he preferred. By his teenaged years, Kurt had reached a high-ranking position within the gang, and as such started to shift it's focus from a wide-spanning target to a more defined path, focusing more on the idea of transferring high-priority and restricted goods from one point to another - smuggling. As it happened, an old pirate corvette had set down nearby for refit, while a number of his friends had contacts from the Smuggler's Guild willing to teach the teenagers how to fly and use a corvette to it's maximum. As the person pushing the idea, Kurt was the greatest supporter for stealing the vehicle, and turning it into a smuggling ship capable of running blockades and fighting off pirates or government forces if needed. Finally, the others came to a consensus, and while the youths with the training contacts left, Kurt lead the rest towards the mechanic's bay.

Stealing the Starfire

Kurt's team quickly established what they were looking at - an old Hammerforge Industries Renegade-type Corvette, a unit that was rather uncommon to see, let alone in the hands of pirates. On top of that, there was also a rather small number of guards, and an equally small number of technicians & crew around the ship, suggesting that it was being put into storage. After two weeks preparing, and with the two tutors drilling the fifteen-man crew in how to fly the craft, they were ready. Taking his personal position at the front of the force, Kurt lead his team into the hanger. Despite only being sixteen, he was one of the eldest as the crew knocked out the guards and stunned the technicians, powering the ship up and launching before any land-based reprisals could be launched.

As the ship's commander, Kurt gave the order to head for a space station in the Harko Star System a point where they could activate the warp drives and head for a freelance repair depot he'd been informed about, one capable of preparing the ship as a blockade runner and smuggling ship, a triad of armed freighters owned by the same pirate band attacked. Forced to trial the weapons fitted to the ship as they flew, the gunners quickly showed just how powerful the ship was, using all twelve laser cannons to destroy the trio of freighters, while allowing the ship's shields and high-grade armor to easily sustain the enemy's fire. Finally, navigation had the course plotted, and the helmsman launched the ship forward into hyperspace. While there, the crew massed in the communal dining hall, to decide on a name for their craft. One of the gunnery crew suggested the Starfire, which beat out the other suggestion, Scorched Plate.

Rapidly, upon arrival at the Smuggler's Alliance depot, Kurt introduced his crew, and requested to join the Alliance, with a reference letter from Mobius. Amused by the teenagers, the crew of the recently christened ship were given a challenge, a relatively simple run from the station they were on, to Star Station Alpha in the Ryla Star System, a two day jump. The task was simple - get there and back after making the drop, without assistance. However, this proved too much, due to a failure in the warp drive forced Kurt to call for help. His crew eventually tried again, succeeding on the second attempt.

Mercenary Career

After his entrance into the Smuggler's Alliance, Kurt and the rest of the crew of the Starfire simply vanished from G.U.N's notice for around twelve years, reappearing with the Starfire modified and now sporting a squadron of starfighters as part of it's complement, amongst other upgrades. Kurt, still only referring to himself as a captain, came to G.U.N's notice when he entered into communications with the Untied Federation, offering his crew's support temporarily as an armed transport to replace one of the normal convoy guards after a carrier was destroyed by pirates in an attempt to steal from an interplanetary convoy. With the experience of all on board, plus his tactical commands to his mercenary crew as the ship lead the convoy while loaded, destroying a pair of pirate corvettes. Indeed, after that point the crew of the Starfire became regulars, traveling between Mobius and numerous other star systems with goods, even though he was often forced to smuggle the goods onto the planet.

Over those two years, Kurt met and fell for another space-traveler, a woman two years his junior - Georgi the Hedgehog. A G.U.N. sensor officer off the prototypical frigate Reaper, Georgi was an experienced spacer, and returned Kurt's feelings. However, while the couple regularly meet up, neither is exactly willing to retire to start a family of their own. Kurt admitted that as a mercenary, there was a small but possible chance that he may have to fight against Georgi, something that had him concerned.


Kurt possesses the genetic ability known as Spooky Whirlpool. With it, he can create a void of energy capable of sealing a couple of the target's techniques. However, while he can use it well, he hasn't mastered the technique due to a lack of training, and as such it has been known to affect his allies as well.

However, despite his lack of formal training, Kurt is reasonably skilled in Earth-manipulation, with a few Psychic and Nature-based techniques under his belt as well. In conjunction, he also has a taste for close-range combat, although his skill is rather bestial and wild, a feral fighting style full of scratches and bites.

While on board the Starfire, Kurt fills the role of the captain. As such, he is in charge of coordinating his forces and making split-second decisions on the ship's actions, as well as some of the actions of the single squadron based on board, Raptor Squadron.

However, aside for the obvious elemental weaknesses that he has, including Chaos Energy, Kurt's biggest weakness is Darkness. Having grown up on the streets, darkness is something that he admits is heavy on his heart, creating a method for dark techniques to enter his system.

Earth Abilities

Nature Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Kurt serves as the captain on the modified Hammerforge Industries Renegade-type Corvette, the Starfire. When the team acquired the ship, it had already been modified slightly with modified armor capable of taking a severe beating, in addition to the moderate-strength shields normally boasted by the Renegade-type. However, over the course of his career, the ship was modified to a much greater level - the four rectangular engines were replaced with eight round ones, together providing double the speed and engine power. The ship had also been fitted with an advanced warp drive, increasing its speed in hyperspace. In addition, the ship is riddled with compartments only the crew know about, which they use to smuggle prohibited goods, store weaponry, etc. Finally, the Starfire has a single fighter hanger bay, capable of carrying twelve starfighters. Known for it's reasonably small crew, when fully staffed, including fighter pilots, Kurt is in command of twenty-seven beings, a small amount for a capital ship, no matter the size.


Stylized like Robin Hood, Kurt has the ideal of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, at least to a point. He has a defined idea of justice, and what it entails. As such, while he isn't afraid to rip off those who provide him with a goods load of stolen goods, any load that could better the children on the street, such as foods, clothes, etc, he ensures that it goes through. He is also highly protective of his friends and allies, one of the main reasons why he ensures that his crew maintains good relationships with G.U.N., aside for his girlfriend, a G.U.N bridge crew member.






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