Kuromi's a female cat mobian in her teenage years, with long black hair. She always wears rectangular glasses & elegant white gloves, while she usually wears blouses, ties, & pleated skirts. She has been known to wear a cyan or purple blazer whenever she feels like it (which is more often than you would think).


Kuromi spends much of her time reading, & is shy, often feeling awkward around people she doesn't know well. She prefers to look nice because it makes her feel more comfortable around other mobians. She has good manners despite being shy. She also is pyrophobic & doesn't like the bad luck she has sometimes.


As she was descended from 1 of the most respectable cat clans from Light Mobius, Kuromi had expectations placed on her from a young age. She started wearing glasses at the age of 6, & didn't really have friends for her early life. Kuromi would keep this preference of reading rather than being around others for many years. At an unknown point in her childhood she was trapped in a fire caused by savages & saved by a mysterious black hedgehog who killed them.

After King Shadow rose to power, Kuromi welcomed the newfound order even accepting the new forced religion. Kuromi had started to feel more confident around other people by this point. She didn't understand why people resented King Shadow & was treated badly for being in favor of his rule, which led to her once again retreating into books.

After her brother Aomaru left to serve King Shadow Kuromi felt alone, with only religion relieving that feeling. Kuromi would attend St. Maria's School at age 11 hoping that she would be able to meet others like herself.


Telekinesis: Usually used to carry books, however has been used other ways.

Cryokinesis:The method Kuromi develops to prevent getting burned involves her Cryokinesis being used to surround small flames or herself with freshly melted water. She can also use ice to increase her running speed, as well as use other techniques.

Umbrakinesis (After her tail splits)


  • Kuromi has poor physical strength
  • She often gets nervous & lacks confidence
  • Fire & Heat, although her pyrophobia helped her develop ways to get around this weakness.
  • More Coming Soon!


  • Kuromi's name contains the Japanese word for black "kuro", while her surname contains the Japanese word for cat "neko".
  • Kuromi's surname sounds similar to a term for girls who wear glasses.
  • When Kuromi met Shadow, she believed him to be much like Lancelot (her favorite character) from 1 of her favorite books. This is a reference to a certain game.
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