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"This beast inside me, it's angry and hungry. It's eating away at my soul. It tears at my mind, demanding total control. The only way to keep it happy is to kill, but even then it's still unsatisfied. I just don't know how to control it. That's why I have to use this ring to keep it locked up."

Kurahk is a pyrokinetic and spectrakinetic echinda soldier from the Nocturnus Tribe and the fursona of Bloodnova.

Kurahk Dragonblaze

Kurahk New 2.jpg
Age Chronological: 4000

Physical: 18

Gender Male
Species Echinda
Description N/A
Attire Red undershirt, black pants with yellow loops, fingerless gloves, large black boots, headset with one earcover, goggles, a dragon tail ring with a large red jewel, black and red scarf, black coat
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Nocturnus
Nicknames K-1, The Emissary of Darkness
Quotes See the bottom of the page
Romantic Interests None
Weaponry The Bloodfang, The Huntsman, armed G.U.N motorcycle, Nocturnus armor
Abilities Pyrokineisis, spectrakineisis, teleportation, super speed, expert archer, double jump, channeling his powers through his weapons, Nova Blast, able to read and write Ancient Echidna
Super Forms Dragon Kurahk


Life on Nocturne

When the Noctrunus attacked the Knuckles clan, he wasn't hatched yet, so his mother had to take him to a safe place. When the Argus Event happened, he was taken into the Twilight Cage with the other echidnas. There he grew up, learning how to fight like a Nocturnus warrior. He quickly made friends with a girl named Kallen. When he graduated, he was at the top of his class, along with Shade and Kallen. After the Nocturnus tribe was defeated, Shade left the tribe, but Kurahk wasn't sure whether or not to do the same.


Kurahk's father always had shown interest in Kurahk's unusual abilities, and as such, sought to amplify them. Being a scientist working in the Lambda Sector, he worked with many different things, such as teleportation, weaponry, and even bio-genetic alterations. He requested to the science team for funding for a top secret project, which involved his son. Kurahk was taken against his will to the Lambda Sector, and was put into testing. He was to be made a super-soldier for the Nocturnus army. He was put in a large tube full of an experimental liquid designed to increase muscle growth and endurance. As the tube filled up, his natural powers reacted and caused the tube to explode, sending contents of the tube outward in a blast of searing materials. It killed every scientist expect his father, who had ran. Kurahk lost the memory of the event, and ran away out of fear. It was this that made him leave the cage.

A new problem

Some time later, he became a mercenary. Because of his new occupation, he has been tracked down by G.U.N., During his first encounter with G.U.N., he was asked to join as a special member. Kurahk said no, then ran. Ever since then, he has been registered as an enemy in the G.U.N database. Has had numerous encounters with G.U.N., all bad ones. Since his last encounter with them, he had stolen an armed G.U.N. motorcycle, and has called it his own. To this day, Kurahk has been hunted down by G.U.N.

Seeking help

Some time later, he had been losing control, and the beast inside him was coming out more frequently. So he had sought out help, but was only able to find one person who could. This person gave him a dragon tail ring with a large red jewel on it, and a pouch to put it in. The tail ring completely cancels out the powers of whoever wears it. So, naturally, Kurahk took it and the pouch and immediately put it on. The tail ring is currently being worn almost 24/7.

A new friend

Some time later, Kurahk had encountered a gray bat sitting under a tree, her head on her knees. Kurahk would have just walked on by, but, for some reason, was concerned about her. So he walked on over to the tree, and went to sit down on the other side. The girl lifted her head as he walked by, but then put it back down. Kurahk asked what she was doing out in the middle of nowhere, and the girl said that she couldn't remember. Kurahk, feeling sorry for her, asked her where her family lived. To his surprise, the girl said she didn't have a family. The girl told Kurahk her story, and Kurahk had decided to take the girl with him. When he asked if she wanted to go with him, the girl said yes, and introduced herself as GLaDOS, and asked him if he could get he other personalities out of her head. Kurahk said that he'll try, but he might not succeed. Since then, Kurahk has been traveling with GLaDOS, helping her with her dilemma.


After finding GLaDOS, the two where traveling along a seaside path when a girl ran up behind him and hugged him. Kurahk reacted by grabbing her and throwing her over his shoulder and pulling a knife on her. The girl told him she was Kallen, and he apologized. Kurahk introduced her to GLaDOS, and told her what he has been doing after he left the cage. Kallen did the same, then she forced Kurahk to bring her along, and the three have been traveling since.


He is a proud Nocturnus soldier, rivaling Shade. He is known for being seen dashing across rooftops a night, earning him the title of " The Emissary of Darkness". Kurahk has a habit of staying in the darkness, and then attacking his foes. He may attack his friends because of anger, or the start to annoy him. He prefers to keep to himself, fearing that his powers may go out of control and causing mass destruction. He also is very protective of his friends, and is quick to take the blame for something they did. He reacts strongly to his friends being hurt, and will attack without remorse until his target is dead, or he calms himself down.

He tries not to use his spectrakinesis, because he believes that will cause his powers to go out of control. He also tends to yell and break things when he's angry. Kurahk suffers from low self-esteem, often insulting himself when he does something stupid. He is slow to understand a new concept or idea, and often needs someone to explain it for him. He is slow learner, and it takes him longer to get things done. He also hates it when someone takes something his his, but then gives it right back. One more thing he hates is people touching his stuff. Even if it's just pencil, he will still freak out about it.

He will often chew on the closest thing to him when he's nervous. When ever he's working on something, he will often not want people to see what he's doing, and will tell them to get out. Because of his fear of the beast inside him breaking loose, he wears a dragon tail ring with a large red jewel on his wrist. The tail ring is used for canceling out his powers, just to protect those around him. Kurahk is convinced that when ever his friends are hurt, it's his fault. He also hates it when some one makes fun of his long, blond hair and his tattoos.

Kurahk greatly enjoys seeing others hurt, and will laugh when they are dying, proving that he is a little crazy in some places. He also enjoys seeing blood, and is often covered in it when he's on a mercenary job. Kurahk enjoys tinkering with technology, mainly his armor or bike. Kurahk always turns someone down when they ask him out, mainly because he doesn't know a thing about love. But, deep inside him, he knows that feeling.

Kurahk has somewhat higher respect to girls than to guys, and will often ask them about something first. Kurahk is secretive and somewhat cryptic, often reciting odd poems and sentences, and he won't tell people what they mean, often telling them to look it up. To go along with those odd sentences, he often carves them in Ancient Echidna on trees or walls. Kurahk grows worried when some one close to him goes missing or is hurt, and often will think out loud, wondering where they are.

Kurahk really cares for GLaDOS, protecting her from harm and slowly working on removing her other personalities from her mainframe. Whenever GLaDOS isn't around, Kurahk is concerned that she'll get into trouble. Kurahk has a good memory, but when it comes down to doing things, he remembers them. but never actually does them. Kurahk greatly enjoys music, especially hard rock or techno. Most of the time he will be listening to music when nothings going on, believing it will pass the time quicker.

Kurahk isn't afraid to work for the evil masterminds or do something that is sure to cause others to hate him. Kurahk can be quite foul-mouthed at times, frequently using words such as " damn" and " hell", among others. Kurahk is easily side tracked. Whenever he looks at something else for a few minutes, he'll forget what he was doing. Kurahk is a self described procrastinator, often saying he'll do something, but never do it until a week later.

At times Kurahk can be quite intelligent, figuring out complex problems with ease. However, that intelligence only comes out when Kurahk is in the most dire consequences. Kurahk rushes into things without thinking, only relying on his strength and powers to solve the problem. Kurahk is cold and distrusting of those he just met, often insulting and sometimes even hurting them.


Kurahk strikes an opposing figure, being tall and muscular. All over his body are scars from unknown sources, quite possibly from transforming, or from fights with G.U.N.. He also has natural, black tattoos on his arms and muzzle. Kurahk obtained those tattoos from an unknown source. His left foot is club-footed; meaning that its slightly smaller than his right. His elbows are quite boney, having a section of his bone sticking out at an odd angle. Kurahk has light blond hair that covers his left eye, and sticks up without the use of hair gel. His hair is normally greasy from not washing it, and then it turns a dirty blond. Almost unfittingly, his eyes are a light blue, clashing greatly with his black fur. His dreadlocks feature a red strip running down them, and hang down loosely. He also has a red stripe running down his tail.


Kurahk favors heavy and baggy clothes such as a heavy coat and large boots. He wears a baggy red tank top and heavy black jogging pants. Kurahk also wears a black and red scarf, along with a chain necklace hidden underneath the scarf. He wears a large black coat with the sleeves rolled up, and wears goggles and a headset. As for his gloves, he wears simple fingerless gloves.


Kurahk doesn't use energy weapons, which is unusual for Nocturnus soldiers. The main weapon he uses is a large scythe, made of a black metal named Protosteel. However, the middle of the blade is made of either a red metal, or lava contained inside the blade. Kurahk has named the scythe " The Bloodfang". Kurahk is able to channel his powers through his scythe, allowing him to either shoot arrows of fire or shadow, and cause enemies hit with his scythe to take fire or shadow damage. He also owns an advanced model of jet black Nocturnus armor. His armor is considerably bulkier than most Nocturnus armor, having extra plating on the torso, arms and legs. While the armor doesn't provide extra weapons, it provides extra defense. The visor in his hud provides and overview of his health, ammo, and natural energy levels. Think of it as a hud in a FPS game, specifically Metroid Prime. One down side to the armor is that it slows him down considerably. He also owns a stolen G.U.N. motorcycle, painted jet black. Kurahk is an expert with guns, ranging from revolvers, to handguns, to shotguns. He uses two strange looking revolvers of his own invention, called Triguns. They are sort of block-ish, and the barrel of the gun unclips from the top and hangs down, allowing access to the chamber. They are unique in the way that each bullet fires three, high velocity shells instead of the one. Think of it as a shotgun revolver. Hidden inside his coat sleeves, he has two large Tracker Knifes, ready for use.

Powers and abilities

Kurahk is a natural warrior, and is able to hold his own in unarmed combat. He is an expert with handling fire, and can even create flowers out of it, or juggle five fireballs at once. He is also spectrakinectic, but he is not as experienced with handling shadows as he is with fire. Kurahk is very skilled in using a scythe in combat, being able to swing it with great force. He is also able to jump, curl up into ball, and swing his scythe at the same time, resulting in a spinning vertical slice. He is also able to pull off a sort of double jump. By firing a blast of flame underneath himself at the apex of his jump, he can fly to greater heights. He also possesses the unique ability to channel his kinetic powers through his weapons, equaling in fire arrows or a blast of shadow out of his scythe. Kurahk is a decent runner, but because of his club-foot, he can't run for long as others. Kurahk is able to preform a Nova Blast, either fire or shadow based. Because of the nature of the move, he uses it as a last resort. Kurahk is able to load and fire a great variety of weapons, ranging from a simple pistol, to a large minigun. Kurahk is an avid tinkerer, often messing around with his bike or armor to improve on them. Kurahk is also able to teleport, being able to teleport great distances.


Kurahk for all his strengths, he has his weaknesses. For starters, he is club-footed, meaning one of his feet is bigger than the other. Because of this, he can't run as long as others. Another weakness is that because his pyrokenisis and spectrakenisis, he takes extra damage from water and light attacks. That is why he prefers to stay away form water. He is also claustrophobic, and hates being cooped up in small rooms. Because he is so quiet, he often doesn't tell anybody about his problems in his life, and that can lead to more problems. He also lives in mortal fear of his powers going out of control, or the demon inside him getting out. Because of this, whenever he's not wearing his tail ring, he often yells at people to get away. Extensive use of his teleportation power quickly drains him of his energy. Whenever Kurahk is using his armor, his kinetic powers are much less effective, rendering them almost useless.

Character Relations

Gwen the Mouse

Kurahk treats Gwen like a close friend, often hanging around with her whenever there's nothing else to do. Kurahk and Gwen get along well, despite their varying personalities. However, Kurahk has been somewhat concerned about her whereabouts, having not seen her in a very, long time.

Destiney the Hedgehog

Kurahk and Destiney have a sturdy friendship, and they often hung out together. Kurahk can get annoyed by her positive nature, but he ignores that, and continues to hang out with her. Kurahk has became worried about her, after not seeing her in a year or so.


Kurahk loves GLaDOS like a daughter, protecting her from danger and helping her through the day. He believes that GLaDOS can push past her other personalities, and can claim control over her body. Kurahk can relate to GLaDOS' stress, having some one inside him fighting for control as well. When ever GLaDOS gets enraged or depressed, Kurahk is the only one that GLaDOS will let near her.

Temporal the Cat

Kurahk see's Temporal as a good friend, both sharing some interests, such as gaming, doodling, music and seeing blood. Kurahk and Temporal get along nicely, often laughing and joking around. Kurhak and Temporal both play similar types of games, such as puzzle and others. Over all, Temporal get along well, despite not talking together much.

Shade the Echidna

Shade and Kurahk don't get along well, often arguing over the most trivial things. The two have a fierce rivalry, Kurahk believing he's the better warrior, and vice versa. However, when it comes down to it, the two can work together, albeit with some difficulty. Kurahk is somewhat respective to her, complementing her fighting style, before degrading her.


Kurahk hates G.U.N., and will even go out of his way to destroy something of theirs. Kurahk is constantly being chased by G.U.N., due to the fact that Kurhak can cause massive death and destruction. G.U.N. believes that the only way to stop the destruction, is to kill Kurahk. Of course, Kurahk doesn't take that well. Kurahk enjoys annoying G.U.N., only because he knows that they can't catch him.

Pir'Oth Ix

Kurahk initially served Ix with undying loyalty, obeying orders with out question. However, once Sonic and his friends defeated Ix, Kurahk wasn't sure to still serve him or to leave the tribe like Shade did.

Kallen the Echidna

Kurahk and Kallen get along quite well, being good friends. Kurahk respects Kallen as a warrior, and vice versa. Kurahk does get into fights with her, whether they be verbal or physical. Kurahk cares for Kallen, and has openly admitted that Kallen is the only warrior that he would trust his back to. Kurahk calls her 'Q-1', a term that describes the Queen in chess.

Moon the Echidna

Moon and Kurahk haven't gotten to know each other much, but the two are friends. Where Moon is nice and caring, Kurahk is the polar opposite. Despite their differences, Kurahk and Moon can work together to complete an objective fairly well. When Kurahk was thrown into the Twilight Cage, Kurahk and Moon both landed on the Kron colony. The two worked together to find a shuttle off, and the two have since become allies in battle.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Being alone
  • Drawing
  • Gaming
  • Tinkering with mechanics
  • Large guns (Miniguns, shotguns, etc.)
  • Chewing on stuff
  • Music ( Hard rock, instrumental)
  • Knifes and other sharp things
  • Scaring people
  • Anime
  • Music
  • Seeing blood
  • Annoying G.U.N.


  • Crowded ares
  • Running
  • Any work
  • Math
  • Socks
  • His club-foot
  • Small spaces
  • Aimbots
  • People taking his things
  • People looking at what his work


  • "Life is like a bed of roses, just look out for all the thorns."
  • "Don't knock of my headphones. I swear, you'll feel burns like no others."
  • "If you could leave me alone, that would be great."
  • "My boot. Your face. Let's make a date."
  • "Boom. Headshot."
  • "Professionals have standards. Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet."
  • "If it weren't for this ring, you would all be dead. And it would be my fault."
  • "I'll enjoy killing you! I love it when people put up a fight! It makes them seem less like a coward, and more like a moron who's in over his head!"
  • "Hate and madness given flesh? Yep. That's me."
  • "Heaven can't save us, hell is a joke, no place left to go!"
  • "I'm I they only one who thinks heavy metal can go heavier?"
  • "'766 hours? Pitiful."
  • "Think bullets."
  • "Should I still serve him, or leave like she did?"
  • "I swear I'm a hordika."
  • "Burn! Burn in hell!"
  • "Tell the devil I'm coming for him next!"
  • "I SERVE NO ONE! I'm a god-damn free agent, nothing more!"
  • "Press the retaliate button! Ah hell, press any button, they all retaliate!"
  • "Anger and rage are like fire: Unstable, extremely hard to control, threatening to expand and destroy at a slightest touch. Fury, though... fury is a cold force build inside, waiting for the perfect time to strike."
  • "What the Karzanhi..."
  • "A man can't change the world without getting his hands dirty, now can he?
  • "Only those who kill should be prepared to be killed!"
  • "There is always safety, IN DEATH!"
  • "Do you know why snow is white?"
  • "False tears bring pain to those around you. A false smile brings pain to one self."
  • "If ya order now, I'll throw in a second beating, absolutely free!"
  • "If there ain't room for one thing, it's everybody's grave!"
  • "One day baby, the world be no more!"
  • "Sympathy is never lasting, I hunger for revenge...."






  • His name means " anger" in Ancient Echidna.
  • Bloodnova is Multi-Souled. He has the soul of a dragon inside him. That dragon can take control of Kurahk, if he gets angry enough.
  • Kurahk's drawings are no more than scribbles made in pencil.
  • Kurahk doesn't work well with others, unlike his creator.
  • Kurahk has 10% dragonblood in him. That 10% percent is what the evil dragon inside him uses to control him.
  • Kurahk originally had a sword, and his bow was named " The Devil's Bow"
  • Kurahk is claustrophobic, unlike his creator.
  • His ability to create flowers out of fire was taken from Inkdeath. In the book, Farid is able to create flowers out fire.
  • His quote on standards is taken from Meet the Sniper.
  • Instead of writing in English, Kurahk writes in Ancient Echidna.
  • If he were to have a voice actor, it would have to be John Patrick Lowrie. He voiced the Sniper in Team Fortress 2, and some rebels in Half-Life 2.
  • Kurahk's personality represents half on his creator's personality, and the other half is represented by this guy.
  • His Triguns were based on the Triguns from some anime, what one his creator isn't sure.



Skillet - Monster

Monster, by Skillet.

The overall song relates to the fact that Kurahk has a beast within him, and is desperately trying to rid him self of it.

  • " I feel the rage and I just can't hold it" - The beast within Kurahk is so full of rage it breaks loose.
  • " I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin" - The beast is so close to taking full control of Kurahk.
  • " It's hiding in the dark, it's teeth are razor sharp" - Kurhak's transformation has razor sharp teeth.

Never Turn Back, by Crush 40


Never Turn Back by Crush 40

The song represents Kurahk's opinion of his job of a mercenary, and the burdens that he has to deal with. The piano in the beginning relates to the sadness that affects him when he causes destruction.

  • " It's been a long rough road" - Kurahk's feels as if his life goes on forever.
  • " Got a hounded thousand pounds sitting on my back" - The stress of having an uncontrollable beast within him.
  • " Don't know quite what to do, to get through" Kurahk is unsure if he should leave the defeated Nocturnus tribe or not.
  • " What will I become if I don't look back?" If Kurahk doesn't find a solution to his beast problem, he fears what might happen.

Electric Worry, by Clutch


Clutch - "Electric Worry" DRT Entertainment

This song relates to Kurahk's destructive personality, and his relationship to Kallen.

  • "Where I lay my head, that's where I call home." - Kurahk never staying in one place for long.
  • "Doctor or Lawyer, I'll never be." - Kurahk being a mercenary, nothing else.
  • "Life of a drifter, the only life for me." - Kurahk traveling around the world.
  • "Ain't room for one thing, it's everybody's grave!" - Kurahk being a mercenary, and killing prime targets.


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