Kunero Hayate, or simply "Nero" for short, is a lone wolf vigilante with a strong sense of justice. While he himself openly admits that his methods are very cold, brutal, and sometimes unorthodox, he ultimately has good intentions with everything that he does: to rid the world and beyond of darkness.


Nero is a scrawny black cat with a golden-brown trim. He has crazy neon red eyes and two wide pointy ears. His right ear has been torn halfway due to a gang-fight he was involved in a couple of years ago. He has very thick, furry, brownish gold eyebrows, as well as a rough patch of similar colored fur on his chest and stomach. He's always seen wearing a pair rusted steel shoulderpads and some ripped up blue jeans with a brown leather belt. His shoulderpads and jeans are decorated with a series of rusted steel chains that hang downward, and his belt comes with a pair of leather gun holsters. He also has a pair of brown leather gloves and biker boots. He's often noted for his crazy, seemingly bloodthirsty grin, and when you combine that with his demonic-looking eyes, it usually tends to cause a lot of a general unease with those that are around him, as well as a strong feeling of distrust. He occasionally smokes a cigar, which often leads to a large amount of coughing on his end.


Years ago, Nero used to be a very bad individual. He was raised into a life of crime and bloodshed, and for most of his life he only really cared about himself. He would kill for the sake of killing, and steal for the sake of stealing, just for the fun of getting away with things and showing off his perceived dominance. However, one event in his life ended up changing him forever. In recent years, while he may still seem very insane, cold, and brutal to those around him, all he wants to do is bring justice to bad people, and forever rid the world and beyond of darkness. He's occasionally known as comic relief character, always seen casually mouthing off to his enemies, even those that are significantly more powerful than him. Even during intense, serious situations, a lot of his effort simply goes towards showing off, often performing insane daredevil-like stunts that serve no actual purpose in combat, other than just to look cool.


Nero has a number of different weapons that he uses on a typical basis. His signature weapon is a pair of kukri knives which can be used as a melee weapon or as a projectile attack. These kukris are technologically enhanced so that they deal electric splash damage on impact with any surface. Also, when thrown at an enemy, they will immediately teleport back to his hands upon contact with the floor. He's also uses a. To rapidly weaken enemies from a distance, he often finds himself using dual automags, stylized with a black polymer finish and brownish-red, wooden pistol grips. When using his automags, he often chooses between the typical armor-piercing rounds or the ever so deadly incendiary ammo. Speaking of firearms, he's also used a double barrel shotgun on occasion, typically loaded with buckshot ammunition. Last but not least, to deal critical blows or finish off his enemies he often uses an unusually large cleaver sword.

Nero also uses a variety of different explosives, including standard fragmental grenades, energy-based grenades that stick to foes, molotov cocktails, smoke bombs, satchel charges, trip mines, and at one point, he even used a lock-on missile launcher.

Despite all the different ranged weapons at his disposal, Nero is primarily a melee-based fighter who only uses ranged attacks to weaken or stun his enemies.

Aside from weaponry, Nero also has used a grappling hook, jet shoes, cloaking device, and hologram projector. While he may seem to be vastly overpowered due to the sheer size of his arsenal, he can't really carry all his equipment at once because the sheer weight would kill him. He has to pick and choose what he wants to bring into battle. There's only so much he can carry at once.


Nero doesn't really have any actual super-special powers that differentiate him from others, rather he simply uses his natural speed, agility, and reflexes alongside the equipment he brings into battle. He is very fast and nimble, but not to superhuman levels, rather it's just something he's gained over time. The only real "special ability" he has is that he can see well in the dark, but this only comes from him being a cat, as well as his experience with battling at night.


Nero is a glass cannon, meaning that although he can move fast and hit hard, he's insanely weak when it comes to actual durability. He always has to wait for an opening or use the element of surprise, because going in too aggressively could cost him his life.

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