Kumori has been added to this wiki to help upgrade the standard this site currently imposes. Kumori is a character created by TSF member Arbiter. He has participated in few roleplays since his debut in 2006. He is seen more of a character in waiting for stories, instead of roleplaying, and may well be seen in fan fictions within the future.

Kumori Keiteki Taiyou
Name Kumori Keiteki Taiyou
Age 36
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral (Chaotic Neutral)
Occupation Traveler, Skilled Elementalist
Birthplace Mobian Forest
Birthday 06/06/73
Starsign Gemini
Height 3 Feet, 7 Inches
Weight 56lbs


Kumori's family consists of three members, two of which he has never met, only heard about and one he got back in contact with very recently.

Kerasul Taiyou

Father: Alive, but whereabouts unknown. Occupation unknown. Little is known of Kumori's father all that is though is that he is able to manipulate certain elements.

Monafet Taiyou

Mother: Alive, but whereabouts unknown. Occupation unknown. Little is known of Kumori's mother all that is known is that she is a strong woman.

Hakujou Bisu Taiyou

Sister: Alive, currently traveling. Occupation: Former G.U.N Covert Operations Team Leader.

Details: Hakujou is a very strong female hedgehog and is very sneaky. Part of the reason she has such a high position at G.U.N. Hakujou doesn't act like a female as she is tomboyish, even at the age of 38. She tends to try and hide her gender by wearing clothes that hide her chest and hips. However one of her weaknesses is that she can be subdued easily.

Character Description

Kumori sports two primary fur taints of cobalt Blue and Crimson Red, contrasting up and down his body. His iris' are a blood red and compliment his fur. He boasts thin spines, which lay in a messy layout around the back of his head. Noticeably, Kumori's head shape isn't even and is often mistaken for an oval. He, like many other hedgehogs, has a small black nose atop his muzzle.

His torso is toned well and is a nice, even shape to his legs. His stomach fur is a noticeable feature, as the fur switches sides momentarily. He wears a pair of dark purple, cloth gloves which show a little wear and tear. He wears golden wrist bracer's to ensure his gloves are tight around his wrists and hands.

Kumori also wears a pair of cardinal red sneakers. They boast a lime green stripe running horizontally round the shoe. The souls blend with the shoe due to the same cardinal red tint. Finally, he wears a pair of gold socks, matching the gold shade of his wrist bracers. The tops of these are on show at his ankles.


Family Guy

Kumori is sweet and affectionate when around his family. It shows completely when around his baby boy and his loving wife. His voice is soothing, calming and understanding.

He is more likely to have a laugh with with his family than anyone else.

His body language is assertive, like the alpha-male dog. He isn't aggressive or defensive when talking with his family, he only takes initiative with his wife and son to make sure that everything is fair and stable.


Kumori is very cruel and passive-aggressive when teaching people. He is very likely to openly invade the person's mind to find ways to cause an emotional breakdown to make them learn a lot swifter with him, especially if he is teaching them to use an element.

He is never in the mood for lighthearted things, or people acting up during his lessons.

His body language is passive-aggressive, and is ready to swipe at someone if they disobey him with one of his elements even if they pass the line by a millimeter.


Kumori is quiet and passive-defensive when neither of the above situations present themselves. He will have a laugh when he can with friends, or will be very likely to laze around in the air watching the sky.

It always depends on how Kumori feels at the time whether or not he will take a joke.

His body language is either passive or passive-defensive, depending on whether he is out on his own, or with friends. He will act like an underdog, always letting his friends take the initiative, letting them decide what to do. He is very docile.


Birth and school

Kumori's history is different from many characters' histories. Born to a wealthy hedgehog family, he was unable to live with them as they couldn't take a male into the family. They only wanted girls. Taken in by a man called Sensei Tenhorem at the age of 6 months, Kumori was brought up at the hedgehog's residence and work place. This place was called Sanctum of Erothia in which students of great powers are trained.

These powers are what Kumori possessed in order to gain access to the school. The first sign Kumori gave of containing these powers, was his Telekinetic powers in which he used in his sleep. Many years of befriending current students of the school taught Kumori more things, like basic controlling of minor elements like air and water. This solidified his position in the school. Shortly after Kumori's showing of these powers to Tenhorem, he was enrolled as an elemental user.

Many years of hardship and training ensued. And Kumori's powers were tested to the limits. He became adept at using fire, light, water and air energies. However, Kumori showed a weakness at this time. It was nothing to do with his physique or unwillingness of using the powers; it was to do with his past. Why he was abandoned by his parents.

Even with these set backs Kumori progressed through the ranks. On his seventh year of enrollment at the school Kumori was already in the tenth year.

He was a special student in his and many others ways. On his final week Kumori was tested with one final thing, even though he couldn't be trained the use of elements anymore. Kumori was taught the art of mind reading. This took him few attempts to complete, but at the end Kumori was a fully trained elementalist and mind reader.

New powers, new horizons

On his journey from the school to the city Kumori encountered a strange energy signal, one that he had never felt or wielded before. This was darkness. On a journey through the woods everything became dark and Kumori was struck by a dark energy. He was knocked out for hours on end. He finally awoke to see lightness once more but sensed a difference in him, a corruption so to say. He shouted out to the gods, about why he was destined to hold holy and dark energies but he was not listened to. He was ignored. So he pressed on with his journey.

In recent years Kumori became acquainted with his sister once more. The Covert Operationalist Hakujou Taiyou. She was a strong 38 year old Delphinium shaded Hedgehog and was very protective of Kumori when she found out he was her brother. Saving her from a deadly blast from a female human, of whom Kumori knows nothing about because Hakujou won't say a word; Kumori knew in himself something wasn't right as he normally can't do much for girls.

Finding lost sibling

Hakujou was greatly wounded and Kumori had to take her to the hospital. Hours upon hours of waiting Kumori had to go through while Hakujou was in the surgery room. When the doctors finally came out they asked Kumori for a sample of his blood. Not wanting to hesitate for if he didn't co-operate Hakujou could have died. Or that's what Kumori thought. What the doctors did with Kumori's blood was put it through tests and they also used some of Hakujou's blood too. At the end of the testing their results came through. Both Kumori and Hakujou were brother and sister.

When the surgery was over Kumori was allowed to see Hakujou when she woke up. It was then that the doctors told the both of them the news. When Kumori heard this, he looked like he would faint. Hakujou however yelped with joy and kept saying that she finally found him and gave him a hug. This was the last straw with Kumori as this made him faint right there. He woke up hours later in the same room in the chair.

Ever since then, the two have found out great deals about the other. Hakujou found that Kumori could wield the elements of the world and read minds. Whereas Kumori found out that Hakujou was very strong and worked for G.U.N. All Kumori found out about the job was that she was a covert operationalist team leader. He found out nothing more.

The final straw, the final corruption

Months later, when Kumori and his sister were fighting two other hedgehogs who showed great promise with hybrid energies, he was struck from behind by his sister and was knocked out for the remainder of the battle. What he did not know, was that Hakujou had changed at that point in time.

He was brought too soon enough in Station Square and recently found out about Hakujou's surge of power. He knew that the Commander would not have died from something any normal person would have; he knew deep within his mind that Hakujou killed him, only because of her dark turning during the battle.

He and Chara Anestine Arietta teamed up with many crossbred furries that Hakujou was campaigning to kill. With these new found allies, Kumori and Chara demolished Hakujou's reign and caused peace to erupt once more around the globe. It was decided that Chara should take the new seat of power within G.U.N and look after the world.

Every now and then, Kumori has had to step up and stop Hakujou from completing her plans in which she so loves to formulate. Kumori has always stopped these works of art dead in their tracks along with the help of G.U.N and their wonderful leader, Chara.



Heal: Halbrede is Kumori's "Heal All" defense. He uses this when he is badly hurt to recover himself. This can also be used on friends too. When they are badly damaged he will say Halbrede to bring them from the brink of fainting. This can heal everything, to minor cuts right up to ruptures on the inside of the body.

Berettigelse Angrep

Light: Berettigelse Angrep is Kumori's naming condition of his Holy or Light attack. With this attack Kumori channels the light energy from a nearby light source or angelic person. However unlike most of Kumori's attacks, this does not come from his body. This comes from the sky. When called upon the sky rains down lightning fueled by holy energy. It will strike anything, friend or foe, victim or initiator. Also, unlike his other attacks he must hover into the air to become one with the light and then shout out the naming condition. To use this element there must be a high amount of holy or light energy available in the vicinity.

Ild Angrep

Fire: Ild Angrep is Kumori's naming condition for using the fire element. When he uses the this element it causes approximately four to seven fireballs to come out of both Kumori's out stretched palms. Just before using this element Kumori is often heard quoting;

"Things are just beginning to heat up in here!"

This tends to put his opponents off some times but they get used to it and just tell him to stop punning when using the elements. In order to use the fire element there must be a significant amount of heat or fire energy available.


Earth: Jordskjelv is Kumori's naming condition for using the Earth element. When this element is called upon an Earthquake starts up and causes everyone in a two mile radius of Kumori to stumble, including himself (Unless he is in the air). If used in a mountain or mountain side, the chance of a landslide is three to one. Normally before using this element Kumori is known to quote the following sentence;

"A little shake never hurt anyone, huh?"

In order to use this element there must be a considerable amount of Earth energy available.

Vann angrep

Liquid: Vann Angrep is yet again another one of Kumori's naming conditions for using the elements. This time it's for calling upon the water element. When Kumori calls upon this element he spouts two torrential flows of water from his outstretched palms towards his opponent. A quote that Kumori is most likely to adhere to saying is;

"It's about to get wet in here!"

For this element to even be considered there must be a significant amount of water energy available.

Orkan Angrep

Air: Orkan Angrep is Kumori's naming condition for calling up the air element to aid him in the battlefield. Upon initiating the element he can call upon one major tornado or hurricane, or he can call upon many small tornadoes to blow his opponent around. Often during battles when he is ready to use this element you can hear him quoting;

"Hope this doesn't 'blow' you around so much, hee hee."

In order to call upon the tornado there must be a certain amount of air energy available. And also the length of time the tornado stays on the battlefield depends on the overall amount of element available and Kumori's concentration.

Skygge Utbrudd

Shadow: Skygge Utbrudd is Kumori's last and most powerful aggressive elemental attack. It is a deadly attack that is only used in the most dire of instances. It is very deadly to all forms of life and elements. When he uses it he loses all control and his mind is taken over by a source no one knows yet. This is also one of the only elements he has a limit on using. He can only use it three times daily and that the channeling of the energy must still take place. In those times of dire need, Kumori is often heard quoting;

"You lead me no choice."

In order to initiate firing sequence of this energy there must be a lot of dark energy available.


With this ability Kumori can travel to any place he has been to before. He must have visited the place with in the last two years in order to teleport there again. Doing this however greatly reduces his stamina and he must channel and re-channel prior to and after successful teleportation. The greater the distance the more it takes from him.


With telekinesis Kumori can lift up any thing from an ant to a train. He can only carry a certain amount of things at a time. Eight to be exact. Also with telekinesis Kumori can hover in the air for a limitless time. He can even sleep while hovering in the air. His telekinesis has matured over time and is now able to withstand constant pressure from cars and his weight floating on nothing.

Shai Halusa

Shield: Kumori has two shields. One of them protects him from Physical attacks. The other protects him from elemental attacks. The Physical Defense Shield (Or PDS for short) creates a shimmering Earthy Brown shade in front of Kumori. This slowly takes shape into a spherical shape around him and any allies he may have next to him. The Elemental Defense Shield (Or EDS for short) creates a shimmering Amethyst Purple shape in front of Kumori. This slowly takes shape into a spherical shape around him and any allies he may have next to him.


With mind reading Kumori can figure out his opponents complete plans before he/she plays it through. The only downside to this is that Kumori passes on information about himself to the person. His weaknesses, his strengths, even parts of his history. If played through correctly Kumori can slip in and out without giving too much information to the opponent.

Experimental Forms

Kumori is constantly trying to better his use over the elements and is starting to combine them. So far he has only learned to control one form over it and is only able to use that forms attacks.

Mørke og Lys Skjema

Shadow and Light: Mørke og Lys Skjema is Kumori's only experimental form at the moment. In this form Kumori has three attacks, The Homing Beam, The Double Beam and the Mørke og Lys Hailstorm. However, in order to transform into this form he must merge with the dark and light elements together at the same time. Once he does so he will become a black and white hedgehog, deposed of colors. When he changes into this form he becomes fully healed has all his stamina increased to original levels.

The Homing Beam

When using this attack Kumori fires one beam of dark and light energy from one of his hands, preferably his left hand. While his other hand controls the beam. Over time the beam speeds up and thus can only be followed by Kumori. The beam can be sensed but very few people can do so. Kumori tends to toy with his opponent when using this attack, as he can make the beam go round in circles in front of his opponent making the feel intimidated.

The Double Beam

When using this attack Kumori fires a beam from each hand. The downside to this is that he can't control it with his mind. He has to point in the direction of where he wants it fired and hope one of them hits.

Mørke og Lys Hailstorm

To use this attack Kumori must do the same as the Double Beam but instead of aiming at his opponent Kumori must aim into the sky. When the energies collide with the sky, they became a hailstorm of dangerous projectiles. The Light side of the attack piercing skin with the dark side causing the wound to become a gash and causing pain. When the energies strike the sky they split up into thousands of fragments. These fragments can damage everyone on the battlefield, even Kumori himself will get damaged.

Chaos Emeralds


This blue colored emerald will give Kumori the extra focus to increase his ability to control the water element. It will cause his water based attacks to have more splendor and cause any damage done by them to increase up to 10 times more.

The downside is the effects of his fire based attacks up to 10 times less effective.


This red colored emerald will give Kumori the extra focus to utilize his fire based attacks. They will take on a much higher splendor than normal and can cause up to 10 times more damage than normal.

The downside is that the effects of his water based abilities will be up to 10 times less effective than normal.


This yellow colored emerald will give Kumori the extra focus to further expand his light based energies and healing abilities. The effectiveness can increase up to 10 times it's normal value.

The downside to this is that effectiveness of his darker abilities will be substantially minimal.


This green colored emerald will give Kumori the extra focus required to increase his ability in utilizing the Gaian Element of Earth. This would cause the effectiveness to increase up to 10 times it's normal effective ratio.

The downside to this is the power to control the Air will be weakened and will require a lot more focus.


With this emerald, Kumori can use his Tele- abilities with more ease and less strain on his system. It will allow him to read people's minds without them reading into his own mind.

It will allow him to pick up as many objects as he wishes without causing a burden on his mind, and near enough any objects that aren't rooted to the ground due to a formation.

It will also allow him to teleport at will, without needing to train his mind or without creating a tear in the air to indicate he teleported. Giving the impression that what the other person was looking at was a hallucination.


This light blue emerald represents the air element for Kumori. It gives him greater hind sight as to how he can utilize the element to his cause. It makes the energy seem less chaotic to him than normal, which will then allow him to use more of the element. It will also allow for the element to be 10 times more effective than normal and will make it seem more realistic in the case of wind formations.

The downside is that it will cause his Earthen abilities to be up to 10 times weaker than normal and will be near difficult to control.


This purple emerald allows for Kumori to control the darker side of his elements and makes it less likely for him to lose consciousness after the use of it. It will give him an increase in effectiveness for the ability and the damage will increase by as much as 10 times.

The downside to this is that his light based abilities can have an effective ratio of 0.01%

Holding two or more Emeralds

If Kumori is holding two or more emeralds, the effects will join together and will allow him to utilize both the strengths and weaknesses that the emeralds give him.

If he holds an emerald that opposes the strength of another emerald in his possession, the weaknesses of both will disapparate and only the strengths will remain.

Possession of all seven Emeralds

If Kumori possesses all the emeralds, he will be able to utilize all the strengths of each emerald and will be nigh on unstoppable.

Other Information


Kumori is a skilled elementalist and is able to manipulate the five elements of the planet, though, he is often weakest with manipulating Water and Air, due to their weightless nature. However, he has a strong ability in Light Manipulation, though Light is also weightless. He often considers his constant focus on a particular goal one of his biggest strengths; he rarely gives up hope.

His telekinesis is the first ability that Kumori discovered he had, and since, he has had time to "mature" it. Improving his ability of lifting more than one object up at one time and increasing his Mental Strength, thus causing him to do more damage with this when he decides to hurl things at opponents, and depending on how full his Mental Strength is after he has picked up the objects, the strength in which the objects are thrown is powerful, but not as powerful as his other skills.

His shields are his main defence, from Physical and elemental attacks. These protect Kumori from one attack from whatever the shield protects him from.

When in his experimental forms, Kumori gains more strength, automatically heals to full strength, regenerates faster and can see more clearly.


Though Kumori is able to manipulate the elements, he must channel the majority of his energy into it. This often results in a need to acquire more energy before he can manipulate another element, or repeat the attack. He may well be a hedgehog, but his speed tends to say otherwise, as he is so slow, a tortoise has a chance of keeping up with him. Since he was trained in special attacks, he cannot used hand to hand combat abilities, thus making him weak in that area. Each time he teleports, he must channel the majority of his energy into his first teleport, thus making him have to re-channel the energy in to him again, before he can teleport again, due to still being young.

The only way for Kumori to use his elemental abilities, there must be a significant amount of energy available, thus, if there is none, or little, he cannot use that ability. Since his spines are thin and spindly, they are weak, and don't offer for much protection for his spine, thus, in striking him at the back of the head will render him unable to attack for a certain amount of time, due to the fact that he will become paralyzed.

If he runs out of "Mental Strength", he will be unable to use any one of his shields or his telekinesis. When using his telekinesis, he cannot defend against lasers or physical attacks, and he has a limit of how many things he can carry, about a maximum of 10 objects. When he uses his shields, he will not be able to use any attacks that that shield protects against, in doing so, he negates its powers. If he uses his Mind reading ability on people, he will pass on some/most/all of his weaknesses and some/most/all of his strengths to the person he is being nosy with, and would mean that he could be in trouble once he comes out of his trance.

When in his experimental forms, he is limited to using that forms associated attacks, meaning, he can't use a specific energy, or a particular one, he must use that energy.


  • JD & Coke
  • Spaghetti
  • Friends
  • Life
  • Milk


  • Hakujou
  • Crossbreed haters
  • People causing pain to others for fun.
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