Name Kumiko
Nickname(s) Miho, Lupine, Michiyo, Miko
Age Unknown.
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Birthplace Earth
Residence Uknown planet
Occupation Ruler of her world
Social Status Highest there is in her world
Alignment Good
Hobbies Fighting (martial arts), reading, writing, art, anything involving nature and/or animals.
Talents Fighting (martial arts), reading, writing, art, anything involving nature and/or animals, understanding peoples feelings.
Weaknesses(Fears) Fire, lightning, and guns(slightly), spiders and most bugs.
Dragon Form Cynder the Dragon
Fursona Miho the Fox
Intelligence Pretty smart. When learning about things she enjoys she learns very quickly. She is very clever and is almost imposible to beat in a battle of cleverness.

Kumiko is basically Gingalain's self, with some differences(such as her age, and story).


Kumiko grew up on Earth, living with her family, but without a father. She did have a mother, however, she never seemed like a mother to her. She never had a father figure either. She had always wanted a best friend, or even a friend, but people, adults and her age, never seemed to like her, even though she was very talented and was very polite and friendly. For the first few years of her life she tried to make friends, and failed at it. When she was about ten, she had pretty much given up on making friends and stuck to what few things brough her any amout of happiness, such as her art, stories, and animals. Over the years she began to feel more and more distant from people, even her closest family. She tried to distance herself from others unless they needed her because being around others only brought her pain, depression and sadness. One day she found a way to another world where she could spend all her time at, years even, but come back to Earth whenever she wanted, still being the same age as she was when she left. She later became the ruler of her newly discovered world although she never does anything that a leader does; the only thing she does is oversee things. No one knows that she is the leader but a few people, who are not allowed to say anything. Kumiko now can go wherever she wants, and will constantly fight for any innocent person, even though she really doesn't like most people. She is constantly stopping poachers from hunting animals; she has always felt like animals are her only friends, since she has as special connection with them. She later found a way to other worlds, such as Sonic's.

For more of Kumiko's life on Earth, see Miho's story.


Kumiko is always polite when spoken to, unless it is an enemy. She is mostly dark, mysterious, semi-moody, quiet, and cold. She usually tries to have nothing to do with anyone else unless they need help or saving, due to the fact being close to others hurts her.

She is sometimes very shy when she is around people she looks up to, and finds it hard to look at them while talking. She can't keep her eyes in one spot unless she stares at the ground, and she is always fooling around with her fingers.

It is very had to become her friend, because she always has a hard time believing you really mean it, but if you are her friend, you have a loyal friend, and a fierce protector. She often never trusts anyone except herself, and it is hard to earn her trust. Kumiko ignores people when they taunt her, but will instantly put an end to it if they are hurting her friends, by simply glaring at them, or by showing them how bad she could hurt them if they don't shut up.

She tries not to bother people with her problems, but some of her friends can get her to talk easily. Her main wish is to have a friend who understands her, and will always be there for her. She is very cheerful and friendly only when around her friends. She can be very playful and occasionally loves to talk. She is often said to be two different people since she acts so different when around her friends than by herself. She cares about her friends and family deeply, and wouldn't think twice about putting herself between them and danger to save them, even if it cost her her life.

She also loves animals more than people in general, since they've always been there for her and seem to listen to and understand her. She has a seeming special way with animals too, she can "communicate" with them, although she can't read their minds or understand what they're saying.

She is in no way like most other girls, she loves to be outside doing crazy adventures, playing with her "pets", or fighting with someone, and cares nothing about how she looks, she doesn't like dressing up or painting her fingernails, it's "a waist of her time" as she puts it; she'd rather be out doing something, she hates being "girly". 

See also Miho, her animal form.  


How Kumiko dresses usually depends on her mood. Since Michiyo's favorite colors are are black and red, so that's what she usually wears, something black and red, especially when she is depressed, then her bangs will often cover at least one eye. She has long blackish-brown hair that just passes her shoulder, but it's usually pulled back in a ponytail or something. She has long bangs that are either covering her face mostly when she isn't with her friends, or they're swept off to the side. When she's aroud her friends even if her bangs are covering her face, they seem to stay completely out of her eyes. Being a ninja, Kumiko always has some sort of weapon on her, from her katana to her various throwing knives like kunai. She always has kunai or shuriken, which she seems to pull out of nowhere. She never wears dresses or skirts really, since she's more of a tomboy. she is often seem with one of her pets, like her tiger or red panda(which is usually seen sitting on her shoulder or head). She can half of the time be seen with cat ears and a tail since her animal form is a cat, although it is unknown how she does this. She also can have dragon wings, horns, eyes, and tail, (that look like Cynder's)since she has a dragon form, but it is unknown who she does this as well.  

Abilities and Fighting Skills

Kumiko is a ninja,and a very skillled one at that.Here is her chart:

Agility 95
Speed 95
Strength 50
Strength(AA) 75
Defense 60
Battle Skill 95
Cleverness 100
Bravery 100

This chart is based off her; it does not compare her to other characters or people, it only shows how skilled she is for her. For instance, she could go up against someone with the same exact numbers, but lose,since the other person's strength might be stronger for them, even though the numbers are the same. She is very good at dodging even the most hard to see attacks, but she isn't very strong. She is very clever, and if it is a matter of life or death, for her or her friends, she will fear nothing. She enjoys fooling around with her opponents like a cat would taunt her prey, but it her opponent means her or her friends serious harm, she goes at it a whole new way. If the person she's fighting is a serious threat, she instantly becomes very serious, she doesn't talk, and is very alert, making sure her opponent isn't planning something. She becomes extremely cat-like, she constantly stares at her opponent with her cold, threatening glare, (that makes most people run away, some have said it is as if she can see right into their soul.)which is when it is almost impossible to break her concentration on her enemy. She becomes very vicious and will stop at nothing to make sure that her allies will stay safe. As vicious and evil she might seem, she doesn't kill any of her opponents ever, but she will beat them enough to make them close to death only if neccessary. As for her ablities, she can control all the elements, but can only do this for a short period of time, until she wears out. She can control Fire, Water(which includes ice), Earth(which includes certain types of metal), Wind, Darkness(which is her main element), and can supposedly control Fear and Poison, since she can as a dragon. Her specialty is bloodbending, which allows her to gain complete control over her enemy by controling the very blood inside them, but like the other elements, she can't keep it up very long. 


Kumiko enjoys many things, she loves music, being with her friends, animals, being left alone(by people who aren't her friends), adventures, exploring new places, her hobbies, Shadow, Sonic and his friends, Gaara, Naruto and his friends, not being depressed, being high off the ground(such as up a tall tree or on top of tall objects), peace.


Most people(AKA people who are mean, rude, evil, or just plain stupid, not stupid funny, stupid as in IDIOT), when people bring up inappropriate topics, when people hurt her loved ones(physically or verbally, those also includes people who hurt animals), her fears, algebra and school in general(although she good at it), bugs(mainly spiders), Akatsuki, Deidara and Sassori(Occasionally), Sasuke,Orochimaru, chaos.

Dragon Form

Cynder the Dark Dragon is Kumiko's dragon form. She can use her dragon form whenever she wants, but normaly only does so when she has to. Cynder can use every element that a dragon can use, depending on the situation. As of now in her dragon form, she is never really playful, and is always serious. Her main attacks(besides her breath attacks)are quick but powerful tail wips, upward headstrikes(using her sharp horns), spearing wing attacks(with the blade on each wing), a snapping bite, and striking with her claws. All of her slicing attacks can poision her opponent if she wants to. Her stare can usually scare most opponents. She doesn't fly much, although her name is Cynder, Terror of the Skies, due to that fact she's afraid she'll fall. She is flying more often now though, and is learning to get over her fear, although she'll always be somewhat afraid of flying.

Fury Mode

Dark Cynder is Cynder's fury mode. She looks exacticaly the same, except she is surrounded by darkness, and her eyes are glowing completely white or gold/yellow. Her power depends on how she is feeling. If she is feeling extremely hurt, depressed, lonely etc her fury will be strongest. When rage and pain fuel her fury mode, she is most dangerous. She DID defeat her enemy and saved her world, but almost died doing so. She is sort of invincible while in fury mode, but when she's not in fury mode anymore, she could easily die from the beating she took while in fury mode.

Half-dragon Form

Kimiko's half-dragon form is when she gos only half-dragon. She does this using her own will. She stays human, but she has Cynder's six white horns, her spikes on her arms, her large wings, and her long tail. Her eyes also turn into dragon eyes, and her fangs are more visible. She can fly, fight, and defend with her wings, and she often uses her tail like a sharp whip.

Cynder's Nicknames

Cynder, Terror of the Skies

Cyndi (used to tease her)

Dragon of Darkness

A Light in the Dark (as called by an unknown dragon)



I'm probably forgetting some, but oh well.

Cynder's Quotes

Cynder's voice will sometimes differ depending on her mood. Sometimes it will sound quite sinister or like her normal human self. 

  • "Aaahhhrrrrrr!!!!!" (one of her main roars, from Spyro: A New Beginning)
  • "Raahhh!!!!" (one of her main roars from Spyro: A New Beginning)
  • "Come back when you might actually win."
  • "Hmph,bring it!"
  • "This is were it REALLY ends!" 
  • "I admire you persistance, but not your stupidity."
  • "I am Cynder, Terror of the Skies!"
  • "Getting between me and my loved ones, you're asking for it!"
  • "Do you like having your face in one piece? Yes? Than keep your big mouth shut!" 
  • "Do you WANT me to chargrill you?" 
  • "I'd shut up if I were you."


  • "Hahaha NO."
  • "Heck,why should I care?"
  • "Yeah,I like being alone. Does that bother you?"
  • "Aah. The horror."
  • "Sweetness."
  • "If I were meant to fly, I'd have been born with wings."
  • "Yeah, sure, you do that."
  • "I'll just stay here..."
  • "I don't like being around others because it hurts!"
  • "I don't care what you, or anyone else thinks about me, it doesn't matter. I don't need your oppinion."
  • "You can try to hurt me all you want, but hurt those close to me, and I won't think twice about hurting you back."
  • "I'm Dark, deal with it."


  • Kumiko is Gingalain's(the user) real self, their differences are their age, life, occupation, abillities, etc.
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